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The Sony Xperia Z has been talk of the town for Sony fans since it was announced at CES. While most are still wondering where Sony’s latest flagship will be released, there are some others who are more curious about the Xperia Z itself. In a video, one guy decides to share more details about the Sony Xperia Z.

If you’re a watcher, the video is posted below. The man in the video gives us a 7 minute tour of the Xperia Z. He’s speaking Spanish in the video which can be unhelpful if you don’t speak Spanish. There are parts of the video, though, that are clear in all languages.

To demonstrate the durability of the Xperia Z, the guy in the video puts it through a few tests. In most durability tests, you see someone drop the phone from a variety of heights. This is to see how it fairs against the usual drop of the phone. This guy takes a different approach.

He starts by blatantly banging the phone against the side of a bath tub. There is no translation needed for that. After that, he takes a handful of sand and grinds it into the screen of the Xperia Z. The horror movie continues as the Xperia Z is then run under the faucet for a few seconds before being completely submerged in the tub. The last time we saw anything get this kind of treatment on video, it was because someone kidnapped Liam Neeson’s daughter.

So how did the Sony Xperia Z handle it?

In short, like a boss. The Sony Xperia Z didn’t seem to have any real damage. After watching it, we were more concerned that there is a man out there with the phone’s name emblazoned on the bottom of his bath tub. The phone itself managed to escape unscathed.

So it’s fast, it’s big, and it’s apparently indestructible. Does that make this phone a more attractive option when it gets released? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to the check out the video below.

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  • virt

    every news about Xperia Z makes me more excited to buy it! THE BEAST IS OUT!

  • Zappino

    I’ll buy it, if it comes to Canada that is.

  • Why oh why did LG get the Nexus and not Sony…

  • vosg


  • What’s good is that you can drool on it, and it will take no damage…

  • Smartphones done smart. Hope the sales match the Hype. Sony deserves it.