New Sony Xperia Z sneak peek preview offers a glimpse at what to expect

by: Varun RajJanuary 5, 2013

sony xperia z yuga preview

A new leak supposedly originating from what appears to be a promo video – although the video is not available to us at this time – shows off the slick and sleekly designed Sony Xperia Z. A bunch of images present a classic view of the smartphone, which is also known as the C660X Yuga, probably denoting a new era phone. The images confirm several features like the welcome water resistant chassis that sports a 5-inch display screen.


The 13-megapixel camera comes with HDR photo and video options and the full HD Reality Display promises crisp and stunning images.  The flash is cleverly camouflaged by the shiny mirror finish on the back, which one has to look for in order to find. The quality craftsmanship is obvious with just a hint of a curve at the edges that add to the finesse. The sleekly designed elegant handset has an OptiContrast panel and a slick “Skeleton frame structure” that promises a firm grip while handled.



The images confirm that the handset comes with a Snapdragon S4 chipset and will probably run an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Set to hit the shelves in a couple of months if not sooner, the Xperia Z is expected to be priced over $650 and could have people queuing up at the stores, going by the sleek looks and unique features.

  • where is the flasher :/
    it was right under the cam

    • pics are screenshots from a rendered promotion video. Led flash is 100% confirmed, but the camera shutter/button isn’t.

  • Nebsif

    BOOORING. Sony always had a unique design with 6 month late specs, now they have up to date specs but no design? Put LCD in a box with S4 quad, kthnxbb?

    • goldenblls

      What planet are you on? The design is one of the best out there!!

    • raheemdot

      People like you are a disgrace to humanity.

  • I like it other than the power button. The button is too shiny silver and sticks out way too much when viewing from the front.

  • The Xperia ZL will be water resistant and dust resistant too, or only the Xperia Z?

    I don’t want a mini tablet in my pocket! But all the great phones now come in size XXL. The Xperia ZL at least is smaller!

    • InspectorGadget80

      from what i read on another site the say it might be water resistant i don’t care as long i can get the phone

    • raheemdot

      Presumably the Xperia Z is also dust and water resistant I believe with a rating of IP57. I totally agree with you phones are becoming way to big i’m sure back in the day it was all about making phones smaller but now it’s about making them bigger :/. Will definetly be getting the Xperia Z though.

  • InspectorGadget80

    SOO EXCITED. I can’t wait to buy the XPERIA Z!!