Sony Xperia Z up for grabs in Russia already, starting on February 25 in Spain

by: AdrianFebruary 22, 2013

Sony Xperia Z

Phase one of Sony Xperia Z’s rollout seems to have gone according to plan, with French and Japanese tech users loving the heck out of the 5-incher. Naturally, it’s now time for phase two. Which will see the waterproofer take Russia and Spain by storm, among others.

Vladimir Putin and his compatriots can apparently get their grubby hands on Xperia Z today, courtesy of MVideo. The retailer has the unlocked, SIM-free phone in stock – for now – and shipping for 29,990 rubles (around $990).

Sounds pricey, we know, but it’s exactly what MVideo is charging for the 16 GB Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And that fellow doesn’t have a Full HD panel or water and dust protection. The Russian retailer only sells the white and black versions of the Xperia Z at the moment, with the purple edition supposedly coming “soon”.

Xperia Z

Ice cold Russia might not be very hospitable, but caliente España is. The Spanish Xperia Z will go for €669 ($880) via Sony Stores in Barcelona and Madrid starting Monday, February 25. No words on whether or not that will be the start date for online shipments too, but we think it will.

The €669 price is far more lucrative than the one in Russia, but it’s still not ideal. France got the Xperia Z for €20 less and several other European countries are expected to sell it for €649 tops. However, the first lucky 50 Z buyers in the Barcelona and Madrid Sony Stores will also be treated with a free SRS-BTV5 wireless speaker (regularly worth €50), so at least they will get a fair deal.

Will the Xperia Z be met in Russia and Spain with the same enthusiasm as in France and Japan? How about the rest of the world?

  • Master

    When is it coming here in Malawi Africa??

    • Walter van Lille

      I think most of the Africa countries will only see it in April.

  • Guest

    They always insist on saving the US release dates for last. I hope they sell it unlocked at the Sony Store. I do not want my Z tainted with a carrier’s logo.

  • SonyFan

    why not…it is going to sell well in Russia and Spain…German and Austria started today