Sony Xperia Z release date reportedly set for January, to beat Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S to market

by: Chris SmithDecember 29, 2012


We have recently learned that the Sony Yuga, one of the company’s 2013 flagship devices, will be known to the crowds as the Xperia Z and now we hear that the phone will be launched one week after CES 2013, where the device will be unveiled.

Next year’s Consumer Electronics Show edition will take place between 8-11 January in Las Vegas, so if this new rumor is correct, the Xperia Z will be launched sometime between 15-17 January.

The new report comes from ePrice, a Chinese website, that says the Android smartphone will be launched on January 15, which would make the Yuga the first flagship handset of the new year.

Sony is obviously interested in grabbing more smartphone market share and what better way to do it than by launching at least one new flagship device as early as possible next year.

By having the Xperia Z out and about from mid-January, Sony would be able to beat to market rivals like Samsung and Apple, which are expected to reveal their flagship devices only later next year. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is rumored to launch in April, if not later, while Apple’s seventh-generation iPhone (iPhone 5S?) is said to launch either in summer or fall of next year.

The Sony Yuga is already said to sport some interesting hardware including a 5-inch display with 1080p resolution, a quad-core Qualcomm Snadragon S4 processor with Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 13-megapixel camera and microSD support, but we’ll tell you more about it in the following weeks.

Anyone buying the Xperia Z as soon as it’s out in stores, or are you waiting for other Android OEMs to unveil their first 2013 flagship devices?

  • Something to take on Sammy n Apple coming from the SONY stables?…Yes Pls!!! Definte buy!

    • Aayush Dhuria

      Indeed, Samsung’s blinded by success and doesn’t care about customers anymore.

      • Ryanjayce

        Sadly I agree with your. Oh how the mighty have fallen and become blinded with so much success. I’m a 16 year old adolescent that has been playing with technology since age 5 and have come far. When I heard samsung was releasing 32 and 64 gb variants of the Note2 and S3 I was excited. and #1 quality of me is patience. Sadly it never came. So i just grabbed a 32gb variant. Why need 64gb internal? 2 sites XDA and Rootzwiki should give it away. Now to why I agree with you. Let’s start here :) I went to Samsung and a polite as possible believed as a customer I deserved an explanation of some sort as to why those variants never came out other wise its just false advertising on there end. YEAH WE’LL RELEASE 16 32 64 GB VARIANTS D:<! So they replied and said they can't say anything. Sorry Samsung looks like its by Samsung and Exynos Processors and back to anything else with Tegra/Snapdragon Processors. Sigh.

        • OR you could just buy an SD card for more capacity. Buying SD cards is a lot cheaper than paying extra for the variant with built in memory.

          • RarestName

            We all have this little fear of SD cards corrupting our data.

          • Which indeed happened to me with my xperia x10i, bought a new card class 10, for extra 16gigs mem and boom it gets corrupted in 3 months with no means of recovery.

  • ashishromea

    Ready to buy

  • kascollet

    What would this Xperia Z give that we don’t already have with a Moto DNA ?
    Again the same specs : S4 Pro, 5″ FullHD, 2GB RAM.

    • MasterMuffin

      Every android OEM these days do the same: 5″ Full HD LCD screen, snappy, 2GB of ram (as you said). That’s why I’m waiting for something different like Full HD AMOLED, new exynos or tegra!

    • SonyFan

      design, kamera, waterproof, maybe whitemagic, some other sony new technologies and so on, and of course sony new UI

    • Note2

      I believe thats the HTC DNA you are talking about. Its available only on one US carrier, not very interesting for the rest of us is it. And if you ment the HTC Butterfly then its not available in Europe, plus its a HTC, quietly defective phones, i have only bad experience with HTC but only good experience with Sony Ericsson and Sony android phones. Never again HTC, worst phones ever.

    • More than an embarassingly paltry 11 gigs of storage!

  • Michelle

    If they offer a 32gb version out of the box, I’m in! Samsung screwed the US, by only allowing us their 16gb Note 2.

    • I have the 16GB Note 2 with a 64GB SD card. That’s cheaper than buying the 32GB version.

      • bondx99

        No matter how big capacity SD card you pick, apps and games will work only the internal 16 (err 11 available) GB..look at games these days, crossing 2GB mark per 11 GB variants are not enough for us gamers atleast. 32 GB should be standard!

  • David Méndez

    I think Sony doesn’t have what it takes to build a phone to compete with Samsung flagships. And that’s because of their crappy software. It’s full of bugs and lag. I have an Xperia U and a friend of mine has an Xperia P (both very capable dual-core phones) and they lag like hell when switching apps or even when navigating your homescreens. How can such a fast phone lag there?

  • Zhanfeng Liang

    I hope it can beat S4 and Apple. My next phone have to be a A-15 core. And 440 ppi.
    And super stylish :D

  • design of the phone, it should be stylish… and do awesome commercials and launching… hehe…. :D
    that should attract the market

  • ryq24

    price will determine the success of this phone. sony almost lways is much more expensive than others. and good marketing too which samsung and apple are very good at also.

  • GregSki86

    price should be no more than 300$ on contract anything more and people would most likely hold out for the G4 or 5s. Sony needs to somehow inject themselves as real players in the smartphone market because right now Samsung and Apple are 2 titans

  • Madsham

    I’ve waited all year for Sony to finally bring out the mobile to kick the inferior brands out of the park, so top specks an early release and this may be the one, it is the one I shall be getting once it hits Irish shores.

  • jimmy jamal bucktoon

    Chris Smith I’m going to poop on your chest and boop your head and your going to go tittaly tee all the way home

  • Ciaran Shanahan

    never again will i get a sony. upgrade cycle is just too slow and in the case of me non-existant.

  • ToeB

    Sony needs to sell these unlocked in the U.S. with T-Mobiles 1700/2100 bands, that Sony has used often in the international market.
    Quit using AT&T which pushes the Samsung flagships, iPhone, and Nokia Windows Phones… ohhhh you didnt want to spend that much… well we have these Galaxies over here, near the Pantechs, and a Sony phone!

  • khalid

    Please release it asap this year.dont keep postponing as usual and stay a follower.take the initiative please.