Sony Xperia Z coming on February 28 in Ireland and Finland, sometime in March in Australia

by: AdrianFebruary 14, 2013


With HTC One’s unveiling just days away and Samsung Galaxy S4’s launch most likely set for March, one would think the headlines battle would be carried between the two and no one else. And yet Sony Xperia Z’s mojo seems impossible to disrupt.

The star of last month’s CES is the most sought-after Android smartphone these days, even though the 5-incher is only up for grabs in Japan. And if patchy availability is the only thing keeping you away from the Z-mania, your worries should be forgotten in a matter of days.

We have no less than three updates regarding Z’s launch to bring you today and all of them can be filed under good news. According to official sources, Sony will bring its latest flagship in Ireland and Finland come February 28 and Australia sometime in March.

O2’s Irish branch is apparently the first network you’ll be able to activate the Z on, with prices starting at €189 ($252). That’s for the on-contract version of the phone, while the prepaid variant will start at €579 ($772).

Xperia Z Ireland

Unfortunately, O2 pre-orders have closed soon after opening due to lack of stock, so if you’re yet to declare your love for the Z chances are you won’t be able to get it on February 28. Meanwhile, all other major Irish networks have confirmed they’ll be carrying the handheld, with Three also announcing a March 1 release date.

Vodafone and Meteor are only saying the Xperia Z is “coming soon”, so there might still be a while until pre-orders or actual orders will be welcomed.

In Finland, the waters are a little less troubled, but only as far as the SIM-free Z is concerned. The phone is to go on sale on February 28 via Gigantti and March 1 via Verkkokauppa for €740 and €730 respectively ($985 and $973).


Finally, today’s last tidbit is a second confirmation of Xperia Z’s Australian launch. If previous news were not enough to put Aussies at ease, we’re now absolutely positively sure the phone is landing down under by the end of next month.

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are all scheduled to get it, with off-contract pricing set to start around the AU $700 mark. The non-waterproof brother of the Z, the ZL, is also expected in Australia, but rumor has it the launch will happen no sooner than April.

Be sure to check out our availability roundup from a while ago if you’re yet to hear news about an official Z visit near you, as well as our more specific updates from India, France, UK, China, New Zealand and Germany. Is there anyone still left out of the equation (besides Americans)?

  • corona10

    Any word if its coming to US?

  • What is it with the HTC One X? So unclear on that.

  • Vicky Cruz

    Thats bull shit..what about India and China?? these are the two fastest developing economies of the world..i mean look at these countries for heaven’s sake…ireland!!, finland!! and australia!!! their combined population cannot equal a single state of Tamil Nadu of India.. really shame on you sony.. thats why u ll never be as popular as samsung

    • finish

      U MAD

    • sxs

      calculate the % of people in India who can afford this as compared to % of people who can afford this mobile in Ireland, Australia and Finland !
      Yes, Sony can never be Samjunk, holding press conf and releasing crap Rex series for India.

      • Vicky Cruz

        poda sunni vaaya

      • Vicky Cruz

        u think India is composed of beggars??!! At least I have the balls to disclose my nationality.

      • Vicky Cruz

        @sxs : where are you from?

        • Vicky Cruz

          35,000 iPhone 5{which 1st came to India} sold out on first day itself.. another 150,000 iPhone 5 sold out here in india till date.

          galaxy note 2, the smash hit phone of latter part of last year, first launched here in india, outside of s korea.. sold 50,000 units. Sure it may not sound huge numbers when comparing to say countries like US. some possible reasons are

          1] smartphones are sold out wholesale without contract ie NO carrier subsidy

          2] people are less brand minded and more budget minded. Its impossible to convince the people that a smartphone will cost same sometimes even more than an average laptop, because here everywhere size matters.

          SO as you think its not because Indians cant afford them, its because indians wont.

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      For the record, the Xperia Z is most likely coming to both India and China… You have links to specific articles towards the end of this post.

      • Vicky Cruz

        stop this “most likely coming” BS.. Last November, LG fcuking MD {or whatever} of India said Nexus 4 and Optimus G are arriving last week of Nov. Till date , neither of them is launched. If i remember correctly, your own ws published this. check out.

    • MasterMuffin

      Finland is just so good :P Seriously I think they’re testing their phones with smaller markets first

  • Kuladoz

    can’t you check the damn page of your damn country, you can se there what damn phone is coming to your country, i can see in the page that to MEXICO, only the ZL is coming.
    Is it that hard to check the damn sonymobile page?

  • Jc

    Please update when will it reach UAE :)