Sony Xperia Z priced at A$749 in Australia, €739 in Finland

by: AdrianJanuary 14, 2013

Xperia Z ZL

It would take us all day to sum up all the questions, doubts and queries we have on the upcoming launches of Sony’s Xperia Z and ZL, so we would be better off listing the things we know. In a nutshell, the Z has been confirmed to land in Australia in March and parts of Europe by the end of February, while the ZL is expected in Canada soon.

As for pricing, Clove UK served us with the only tidbit so far, listing the Z for pre-order at a hefty, but not unexpected £528 ($850). Today however we have two new juicy pieces of pricing-related news coming from opposite corners of the world – Australia and Finland.

For some reason, Sony Mobile’s local branch in the land down under continues to be awfully generous with tech-savvy Aussies, revealing not only the carriers set to receive the Xperia Z, but also the phone’s off contract price.

Xperia Z

Sony Centres are thus ready to offer the 5-inch waterproofer for A$749 in black, white and purple. Of course, some sort of mystery has to stay around, so “further carrier information as well as price plans will be announced soon”.

Now, what can we make of that price? First off, let’s say it translates into around US $792. Pricey, but more than 50 bucks below the British price point. Which is odd, considering that most of the other Sony devices that can be found in both countries are more expensive in Australia.

Intriguing, eh? In any case, let’s get on to Finland as well, where Gigantti is listing the Xperia Z (just in black for now) at €739, or around $980. Ouch, that sounds like it could poke serious holes into some pockets, but, hey, that’s just how Europeans roll. Also, keep in mind that this is just one third-party retailer trying to win some points in Google searches, so that might not be the recommended retail price after all.

  • trying to understand Sony’s thoughts here… compared to the Nexus 4, the Xperia Z doesn’t really add a whole lot for the price… i mean it has LTE and .3 inches extra display, but the ram is the same, the processor is the same… The Xperia Z has an expandable memory slot, but surely having LTE and the option for extra memory don’t warrent a phone that’s over double the price of the Nexus 4?

    Sorry Sony, nice phone, but doubling the price of the Nexus for what is basically the same spec phone, but with the Sony logo on it, doesn’t make sense to me… i’ll stick with the Nexus 4 until your pricing people come to their senses…

    • Robert Caldecott

      Agreed. I’d happily trade my Nexus 4 for an Xperia Z but I’m not coughing up nearly £250 extra for one.

      • Exactly… i was hoping the Xperia Z would be my new driver for development and replace my Note 2… with Sony’s reputation for community releases, they’re doing a hell of a lot better than Samsung or HTC are lately… but i’m not willing to pay over double the price of a Nexus for basically the same phone with some extra branding… it’s a nice thought, but just doesn’t make sense with the economy these days :(

        • Joshua Effrece

          It’s the water proof and dust proof that is costing you that extra change. Well worth it, can’t wait till it comes to the states.

    • arcwindz

      I wish I could say the same thing. In my country, Nexus 4 is priced around $600…

    • daniel

      what are you talking about…
      it has a full HD display and it’s waterproof..
      that is more than enough for a replacement for a Nexus 4.

  • boone


  • Garry DeWitt

    Still no word on battery size?

    • Alen Kadic


      • Garry DeWitt

        Bleh, I suppose that’s acceptable, but I’d still like to see then roll out a 2500mah one .

  • Stvseijo

    Nexus 4 doesnt have a full hd display,, and i think thats the main spec in wich the xperia z makes a difference

  • yanex

    hmm, too pricy.. I guess I’ll wait for price drop.
    wont be long though, I’m sure when SGS4 out these xperias price will drop.

  • sito

    price is high

  • WASTE.OF.MONEY. galaxy s4 will be out soon!

  • SammyK300

    You can’t compare N4 price to other phones. In Aus this is around the same price the GS3 and One X were at launch.

  • will everyone stfu? the nexus 4 is made by LG, everyones comparing it to the nexus 4 yet the phone isn’t even available to purchase. Comparing the xperia Z to the nexus 4 is like comparing the note 2 to the nexus 4. Frankly enough what you are paying an extra £250 for (compared to the nexus 4) is a 1080P FULL HD screen, a 441 PPI! a waterproof phone (very handy incase it slips in water ect) and for a rugid robust phone. Are we also forgetting something here? Your getting a 13MP camera with a front facing 1080P camera @ 2MP with HDR VIDEO camabilitys, whats more you will be able to view it in real time after its shot! With the xperia Z you dont have to worry about “thermal throttling” or “heating problems”, either way say what you want but i will happily purchase the xperia Z when it comes out :)

  • qwerrtyut

    Yay, it’s pretty cheap in Australia :D $749 i can even preorder it now.