Sony to launch the Xperia Z in India on March 6, pre-order is now live in Indonesia

by: Bams SadewoMarch 2, 2013


We told you last month that Sony’s behemoth of a phone, the Xperia Z, is likely to come to India. If you’re still wondering whether it’ll ever see the light of day, here’s some encouraging news that will put your doubt to rest.

Sony Mobile India has posted a photo on its Facebook page that teases the arrival of the Xperia Z in the country. The company has also created a new microsite complete with a countdown timer. It looks like we’re only four days away from the Z’s launch. To be exact, you can mark down March 6 on your calendar.

However, we don’t think that the phone will be hitting stores on the same date, seeing that the pricing detail hasn’t been shared yet.

Meanwhile, folks in Indonesia can already pre-order the Xperia Z from online retailer Blibli, where it’s being offered at a special price of 7 million rupiah ($725) or $50 cheaper than its regular price. All three color variants are up for grabs and the retailer said that it’ll ship out the phone on March 16.

Excited about the impending arrival of the Sony Xperia Z? Hit the comments below.

  • crown

    7+ mills rupiah is way too pricey for indonesian >,<
    but I'm willing to wait :)

  • Arya

    htc one is going to beat the shit out f this phone

  • Just a tiny correction. It will be ship on the 18th. Not the 16th.

  • Galaxy S4

    Sony Xperia Z? Forget it…i will buy Samsung Galaxy S4 for SURE!! By the way…. Who is the Winner of Nexus 4 give away contest?? o_o?

  • Dante

    Waiting for Galaxy S4 for sure.. Bye bye sony… o_o! By the way, who is the winner of Nexus 4 Contest?

  • Saroj Mahanta

    Welcome Sony Xperia Z .. I am eager to play with it. At present i am a proud owner of Samsung galaxy S3. My only concern is why the phone like Xperia Acro S is not lunched in the giant Indian market.

  • Whare can I get this.Iam waiting for this long time .I must but this best of sony