Sony Xperia Z coming to 60 countries this week

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 25, 2013


Although it hasn’t been released globally, early signs show that Sony has a bona fide hit on their hands with the Xperia Z. No less than 140,000 units of the flagship device were sold in the phone maker’s home country in the first week alone, and it sold out in France in one day.

Wondering when it’ll be your turn? It looks like you’ll be seeing the Sony Xperia Z arriving in your country soon.

As announced at the Mobile World Congress 2013, Sony’s Kaz Hirai said the company is now rolling out the Xperia Z in more stores worldwide starting today. The phone will hit 60 markets this week via 140 sales channels.

Unfortunately, Sony didn’t mention the list of countries that will be getting the Xperia Z before the start of the new month, but hopefully we’ll hear something more specific in the coming days. In the mean time, you can always check your local shop to see if it already has stock of the smartphone.

Here’s a quick roundup of its availability: the Xperia Z has gone on sale in Russia a couple of days ago and it should be hitting retailers in Spain today. Folks in Germany and Sweden should already be sporting the handset as well. Meanwhile, those in Australia can expect to grab the Xperia Z in mid-March, though the date might be moved up.

Can’t wait to scratch your Xperia Z itch? Got some scoop on its availability in your country? Let us know in the comments below.

Show Press Release

February 25th 2013 0930 CET, BARCELONA – At Mobile World Congress, Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today announced that Xperia Tablet Z – the slimmest* and lightest** 10.1″  water resistant tablet available – will launch globally in Q2 calendar 2013. Additionally, Sony’s flagship smartphone, Xperia Z will roll out in stores worldwide from today. Since it was announced in January, Xperia Z has won 13 awards and received the widest ranging of any Sony smartphone to date with 140 sales channels in 60 markets across the globe. Both products combine premium specifications with the best of Sony technology, entertainment, design and connectivity.
  • @StacksTM

    I want this device, but I’m vary concerned about it lacking LTE Band IV or 17 for Art&t. T-Mobile will have band IV this later this year. Right now, 6603 won’t have LTE in the US.

    Has anyone heard if they’re releasing another version to the US? It’s of the ZL has the correct LTE bands for AT&T BUT the Z doesn’t.

    • Adrian Casillas

      I believe C6606 will support the AT&T LTE bands. That’s what I’ve heard anyways. I don’t think any of the carriers are going to get the phone though. I’m sure we would have heard something by now. So it’s probably gonna be retail price for us in the U.S. -.-

      • kajeki

        My rumor mill seems to indicate that t-Mobile might get the phone. I’d rather it have gone to AT&T cuz my family has that and it would be a cheap add on line. But Tmo is overall still an affordable carrier…

        • Adrian Casillas

          AT&T would have been perfect since that’s what I have. If any of the carriers got it, I would have suspected that AT&T would get it. Seeing as AT&T and Sony are very friendly with each other.

          • kajeki

            Yeah i am TOTALLY hoping it does go to AT&T, but at this point, I might get the LG Optimus G. I’m getting resentful at Sony Mobile for holding on to (or not negotiating?) a US release date on a carrier for this long. I mean sure, right now i could buy the phone unlocked for over $700 online but I don’t have that kinda cash for a phone right now. But if u google it, the CURRENT whitepapers for the phone and an industry insider on XDA developers named Spectre51 say something about the “bands” not being compatible with AT&T LTE. check out this thread:… sigh…Anyways, rumors are rumors and we are still stuck waiting for FACTS :(

          • Adrian Casillas

            Yeah, I had also heard that the Z wasn’t going to be compatible with the AT&T LTE. If that’s true, it really is a shame. Also, $700 for a phone, well, that’s a bit too much for me, but then again, Sony tends to really over price their products. At this point, I don’t think the Z really stands a chance in the U.S. anymore with the GS4 coming out in like 2 month’s. It looked as if Sony had FINALLY got everything right with one of their phones, and in my personal opinion, they’ve already ruined any chance this phone had in the U.S. So disappointing.

          • kajeki

            Ok, for me, this is the most realistic rumor yet…Bear with me… Sony can’t make an announcement until they get the carrier’s permission. Reading between the lines of what has been said AND omitted on the web, T-Mobile seems to have snatched some sort of exclusivity on the Xperia Z. Sony can’t make an announcement until T-Mobile readies it’s 4G LTE network in March! So we kinda can’t blame Sony for the slow roll out…we can blame them for not going with VZW or AT&T since they already HAVE a reputable LTE network ready to go. ;/


            I should be a detective…I feel like i cracked this case haha~ Read between the lines. I’m no longer holding out hope that it comes to AT&T. They would have announced it – no reason to wait. I’m gonna see what kinda plans T-Mobile has when they switch on their LTE. Might not be as cheap as they are now…

          • Christopher

            Hey there, I knew I wasn’t the only one researching US availability for Xperia

            Anyways I was wondering why you’re predicting T-Mobile’s exclusivity of the device? any links?
            Right now I’m only munching over rumors since that’s all there is for us in USA so I’ll take whatever info/rumors I can get it.

            I just really hope it comes to AT&T sometime very very soon since that’s my carrier so this is one rumor I strongly want to believe on why there’s been no info for us in the US on behalf of Sony or any carriers.


          • kajeki

            Hi Chris! well, exclusivity might not be the right word, but as far as I can tell from this insiders forum: it seems like T-Mobile is basically the only confirmed carrier by the inside source (he didn’t deny it, but he specifically denied that it would come to AT&T in Q1). A newer, faster phone might come to AT&T later in the year, so there’s hope there. If you want more rumors about THAT then perhaps its the C670X or C680X. Also, some have claimed to call Sony Stores and they are saying they’ll have phones on display March 15. Those will probably be Full MSRP and unlocked. But maybe at least one carrier will be on board by then? I think it really depends on when T-Mobile lights up their LTE network…that’s my hunch. My contract expired today so i am OBSESSED with getting this phone for only $200. (even though over the course of 2 years I might save about $250 if i bring an unlocked phone to a prepaid plan).

          • Christopher

            I how credible do you think Spectre51 is?
            do you know if he has mentioned his sources or method of obtaining inside info to make his advice reliable(or at least more reliable than others)? My best guess would be that he’s employed by Sony(USA) since he knows about both AT&T as well as T-Mobile and noticing the ample Sony products on his “About Me” section of the site.

            Honestly, I’m just trying to find any way possible to make his advice faulty. My contract with AT&T is up so I too am OBSESSED on getting the Xperia Z for $200 and just GETTING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE at AT&T. With my family also on AT&T, I cannot switch to T-Mobile or buy the unlocked version because as a middle-economic-class Senior in high school that’s about to start college next fall, i just can’t afford it…or wait to restart my contract until the fall to at least hope AT&T gets new Sony products.

            If it’s true however, it hurts me to say that I would have to SETTLE for the iPhone 5 because honestly…getting the Xperia TL would feel like a total downgrade compared to the Z and be a constant reminder of what could have been. :( lol “go big or go home” right?

            Besides, Sony would be the only one I would wait for (and have since January 1, 2013) to hear any news on an expected top-notch smartphone. So the Galaxy S4 is not in my likes already because what got me for the Z was the fact that its a Sony and has a very premium look. So even though the Galaxy S4 is sure to appeal as more premium than the S3, the S3 wasn’t premium looking phone AT ALL to begin with, for my likes at least..and I will not wait for the S4 to be announced on March 14 because this waiting has gone on for too long.

            Sorry for the length..i just thought Sony and AT&T had something special and it sucks to feel like I can’t count on the Z coming to me.

          • kajeki

            great post! honestly, it’s somewhat comforting to see someone else going thru a similar situation as me. I mean, i know there are thousands waiting for this phone but it’s here in writing that we are grasping at straws for info to finally get a phone we’ll hopefully love – and without paying $800 which i can’t afford right now either. I agree with you about the whole settling thing & the lack of enthusiasm for the S4 even though that should be great…But the Xperia Z (i’ve never even been a fan of Sony phones) looks really stunning and everyone gives it excellent reviews. My personal closest back-up phone is the LG Optimus G, but no phone’s look appeals to me like the Xperia Z does. If there is no news by March 20th or so…then I’ll probably get whatever’s out. At least you have time before school to see what develops here. At&T should get something good if not the Z itself. T-Mobile is relatively cheap but can’t beat a family share plan add-on i think…
            Yeah i think Spectre is affiliated with Sony in someway. Seems like he’s usually right on his predictions etc. Good Luck!

          • Christopher

            It’s a bummer..It seems like all we can do is continue to wait to see what’s gunna happen with the Xperia Z over here in US. You’d think with it being a “break through phone to compete with Samsung and Apple” most major US carriers would be least with AT&T due to Sony’s exclusivity with them in the recent past.
            Good Luck to you too!

          • Adrian Casillas

            I just saw that GSM Nation is selling it in the U.S for $849 (OUCH!) and AT&T works on frequency 2100 and so does this particular Z (C6603) Not sure how the frequency thing works but that was a bit of good news I guess Haha

  • Will it be avalible in India?

    • Ankit

      Most Probably will.Sony has a strong presence in India

  • hurric

    last I heard Z will not be available in Canada so I went ahead and bought Nexus 4 which is awesome and became available online and very happy with it.

  • Anyone know if it is coming to the US and if AT&T will have it? AT&T are clueless. I asked a few of sales people, and they didnt even know about it. Sad…

    • Barney Stinson

      No clue…neither AT&T or Sony have made any official announcements on whether or not Xperia Z will be in AT&T’s line of phones. Though AT&T has been Sony’s exclusive US carrier so I think there’s a pretty good chance if the Xperia Z comes to the US then AT&T is sure to get it, or maybe it’s the only US carrier to get it?

      However, we can’t know anything for sure since there hasn’t been any announcements or updates on availability in USA on behalf of Sony.

      It’s so sad…you would think the huge smartphone consumer population in the US would be some sort of motivation for Sony to at least let us know if it’s going to be offered here.

      I really hope the Xperia Z does come to AT&T and other US carriers and Sony doesn’t opt to only offer us the ZL model because there’s a big demand for the Z.

      But all we can do is wait for ANY type of updates on Sony’s behalf.
      bang up job you did there Sony..
      at least tell us if were waiting on something that won’t happen.

  • Barney Stinson

    For anyone expecting the Z in USA,

    no official news so far on the Xperia Z’s availability at AT&T or other US carriers…only rumors…and let’s face it they’re rumors, so there’s no honestly credible sources.

    And if you’ve done as much as 15 minutes of research on US release dates for the Xperia Z, you’ll find a wide range of rumors saying “surely in late Q1”, “all major US carriers”, “AT&T can expect in mid March”, “only the ZL model will be offered in US”, “the ZL or the Z won’t be offered in USA at all”, and a bunch of other combinations of these rumors.

    All we know for sure is that neither Sony nor a US carrier has made any announcements so far for Xperia Z’s availability in the US. So we”re left with the question of which rumors to believe, the logical one’s that say “of course, it’s Sony’s best/most worked on flagship breakthrough attempt to compete with Samsung and Apple” or the rumors that may seem “credible” and go against our hopes and to say “the US is out of luck in seeing the Xperia Z provided their local carriers”.

    However, here’s a link with one more rumor..just to help keep our hopes up and endure this time of waiting that Sony is making us go through.

    I honestly hope this is the reason for Sony’s lack of information on US availability because I’m getting worried. I feel like we should’ve known by now if the Xperia Z was going to be offered in any US carriers…you know, with the huge amount smartphone consumers and all.

    Fingers crossed everybody.

  • Eyas

    I have just gotten it. It’s available in Abu dhabi :-)

  • nich15984

    I have heard many rumors, is it true that C6603 will work on AT&T HSPA+ but not on LTE??? I really want to change my carrier to at&t, and it seems the best offer for Z is this, but I am still confused by other rumors, can someone help me with this?