January 9, 2013
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Sony Xperia Z sample photo
The Android-powered Sony Xperia Z is the first Sony smartphone ever to be released with the Sony Exmor RS camera sensor. It has the ability to capture 13-megapixel photos and comes with both HDR photo and HDR video options to ensure excellent picture quality every time the camera is used.

A lot of people are therefore understandably eager to find out just how good it really is when it comes to taking photos. If you’re one of those people, well, today is your lucky day because the first set of Xperia Z sample photos — photos taken with its 13-megapixel camera — have been posted on the Internet.

Sony Xperia Z sample photos (1)

Sony Xperia Z sample photos (1)

The Xperia Z sample photos were taken by the gang at Engadget during a press briefing at CES 2013. The photos taken show nothing spectacular, but offer a glimpse at what the Xperia Z can do as far as suboptimal conditions and unglamorous subjects are concerned. Go ahead and have a gander at all these photos yourself via the source link posted below.

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