Sony Xperia Yuga specs and features leaked, Xperia Odin also mentioned

by: Chris SmithNovember 11, 2012

Sony Yuga

According to a variety of leaks and rumors, Sony is working on a couple of new Xperia flagship devices of its own, the Yuga and the Odin, although they’re yet to get official.

While waiting for the company to reveal more details about these devices, we have been pointed to a Sony-related conversation taking place on the xda-developers Forum, where senior member Spectre 51 had more details to share about the two devices.

Apparently the Sony Xperia Yuga is a 5-inch smartphone that will feature a 1080p display, 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM Exmor Camera sensor and 1080p HDR video recording and 2400mAh battery. The device is also going to be water and dust resistant.

Curiously though, the Sony Xperia Odin will share some of the Yuga’s characteristics. According to the same thread, the device will have the same design, and same CPU as the Yuga, while its battery will be slightly smaller at 2300mAh:

Okay got to see some info. The Odin is slightly smaller dimensions but barely. Same CPU. s4 Pro quad core 1.5ghz 2gb ram. Both will have exmor camera sensor and do 1080p hdr video.

Only real difference I could see was the battery elements resistance of the yuga and the yuga has something called digital touch that wasn’t listed for the odin. Not sure what that is. Yuga will be the flagship. These phones look amazing. So looking forward to them. Yuga is calling my name.

Both devices will apparently be made of glass, “front and back (shatter proof film both sides)” and they should be released at some point in March/April 2013, although it’s not known which model will come to the States.

We’ll be back with more details about the Yuga and the Odin the minute we have them. In the mean time, let’s hear it from phablet fans out there, are you looking forward for Sony’s 5-inch devices?

Thanks, tipster!

  • gary long

    Cool, gotta love a 5″ Sony! Our AT&T upgrade is due in March of ’13. Still loving my 2 yr. old X10 tho.

  • IncCo

    More back and front glass devices ? hm..

    • The same source confirms that it’s using dragontrail glass, which is amazingly tough. If you’d like to see for yourself, look up the Xperia Active on Youtube… there’s more than one video showing just how tough this glass is. Also on top of that, Sony is also putting shatterproof sheets on the front and back! As a person with the Xperia x10a, I can attest to the quality and functionality of these shatterproof sheets. I’ve dropped my phone dozens of times over the past couple of years on everything up to concrete and don’t have a single crack on the screen.
      Now we don’t know if this means the phone is drop proof, but it’s definately one step closer to it!

      • Gorga Naibaho

        That’s awesome to hear. Who knows, my first phablet could be an Xperia!

  • John Kang

    I know this is just a speculation…but ARM A15 chips coming out right now, eg Exynos 5, S4 Pro quad won’t be the fastest by next year. As a result, I think it would be a poor decision to name those two devices as the flagships for 2013 Q1.

    • DragonClaw

      Need not be. The SIII will have quad A15 processor. That will come Q3 next year. Q1 and Q2, S4 Pro should be the best processors available. HTC will also stick to S4 Pro with the HTC Delux. And same should go for LG.
      In the tablet department, we still have Nexus 10 running A15 dual core. Which marginally beats the S4 Pro.

  • Ray Hamilton

    Nice and I been waiting to get a Sony device and I have a galaxy note and I want something like this to support the PlayStation company. Oh yeaaa

  • jag

    really? will be released March/ April?.. or are they just going to announce these phones at those given dates?