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Although Sony Mobile may not be a stellar name in the United States, the company continues to tempt the market with new products every so often. Sony Xperia XZ, the latest flagship from the Japanese company, just went on sale in the U.S. for $699.99.

Sony announced a little more than a week ago that Xperia XZ was up for pre-orders, without relying on U.S. carriers to distribute the phone. Instead, the company partnered with online retail giant Amazon to market the handsets.

It is notable, however, that Amazon removed the Forest Blue variant from its offerings, despite including the model in its list during the pre-order phase. It is not quite clear why Sony or Amazon would narrow down the color options for consumers in the U.S., leaving only the Graphite Black and Platinum variants in stock.

As a reminder, Sony Xperia XZ sports a Gorilla Glass 4 5.2-inch full HD display and packs a Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage under the hood. It boasts a 23MP rear camera and a and IP65/68 water resistance feature.

The handset also features a USB Type-C port, though the fingerprint sensor that’s present in international models is missing in the U.S. version. As Brian Reigh notes in another post, it is quite odd that Sony would decide to leave out the fingerprint scanner at a time when almost all other phone makers are slapping it onto their products.

The absence of a fingerprint scanner, plus the hefty price tag of Sony Xperia XZ, might not help uplift Sony Mobile’s lackluster business in the U.S. After all, U.S. consumers already have cheaper options of devices with the same or even superior features.

Would you be buying Sony Xperia XZ now that it is up for sale through Amazon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Jay Decenella
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  • Ramtin Irandost

    It sounds like a piece of shit. The specs are too low for the 700 price tag. You can get a s7 for that price

    • Joonho Jung

      You can get the s7 for 500 dollars, so who would buy the XZ?

      • David Martrano

        Agreed, the s7 is a steal for 500.00. Sony’s newest addition belongs in the toilet bowl all you have to do is flush! Apple can get away with 3gb’s because of the ios 10 chip. Sony is pipe dreaming with this entry. I can’t believe their this stupid!! Talk about time to call it quits!!!

  • Crappleislane

    WTF is Sony doing? this phone is over price and average specs plus no finger print sensor

    • Carrie

      Sony phones are now on sale only at AndroidSmartphoneDeals;com

  • JamTes03

    Sony is retarded when it comes to mobile phones and U.S. markets. Their devices are a big “Fook You” (Austin powers pun) to the American buyers. They think we’re stupid.

  • Bryan Clark

    is Sony trying to commit suicide?

    • George

      No, was born dead

    • David Martrano

      No fingerprint scanner & 3gb’s. This phone should be priced at 399.00 if that! Sony should try the toy industry it worked back in the fifties. Anybody that spends 700.00 on this phone is an idiot! The op3 and axon7 will do circle’s around this piece of crap!!

      • Dusty

        You must have never owned a Sony Xperia phone. The user experience is flawless, there is no lag, no stutter, no freeze ups. In two years, I only restarted my Z3 Compact twice and only because of updates. I could only imagine how well it performs on the SD 820. Sony’s RAM management is incredible. I do agree, the S7 is a steal at $500

        • cristoux

          Keep telling yourself that

  • noh1bvisas

    hahahahahahha. good luck with that, sony.

  • tiger

    But but TouchID was marketing gimmick!!! Android does not need stinking fingerprint reader!

  • Abhyuday Krishna

    what incredible shit

    • David Martrano

      Sony better stick with TV’s!!

      • Joonho Jung

        but their TV’s arent super good either…..

  • RiTCHiE

    700? Sony seems crazy! And that for a phone with no RAW

  • Juan Ortiz

    Way over price. Even more so with the absence of the fingerprint reader. Sony needs to exit the U.S. Market at this point.

  • StandingO790 .

    And that’s the reason why Sony Mobile is nothing in the USA.

  • This phone rocks. I like its design and the specs

    • David Martrano

      The day this phone compares to the s7 series I’ll purchase one. Until then I have alot better things to do with 700.00 big ones!! The only place the Sony rocks is in the toilet bowl!!

  • Christian Crawford

    Maybe compelling at $299..

    • David Martrano

      The only way they will sell in the US is buy one get one free!!

  • yomama

    fingerprint scanner is due to patent issue here in the US. you can easily make it work by flashing the UK firmware no root needed as the hardware is there.

  • ajftl250

    Their finger print suck ass. I have the z5 premium and is definitely not good. Guess that’s one of the reasons it’s not present in this us version. I’m.soooo temped. I love Sony phones. And this one has a 5 axis technology.

    • cristoux

      A 5 shit technology you said?

      • ajftl250

        Lol. Shitty shitty shit it’s alright. I’ll get it. U don’t.

  • Dusty

    This is really a tempting offer. $700 is steep regardless, maybe they’ll have a black Friday sale.

  • Brandon Nel

    If I had to buy this phone, I would buy the Internation Version with the fingerprint dcanner

    • Brandon Nel

      *scanner. And wait for it to come down in price.

  • Jake #

    I ordered from Clove UK. International verion is going for 620$ shipped with a Sony XB950BT EXTRA BASS Bluetooth® Headphones (which is about 150$). That’s how I justified it. The phone + fingerprint + headphones.

    Also for US version, the fingerprint hardware is ALREADY inside the phone. The US stock roms wont run it due to patent issue. So your logic of a $700 phone with NO fingerprint is quite inaccurate. It takes less than 10 min to flash EUR roms….

  • TnTonly

    Strange. In my country most $700 devices from US cost around $820. However the XZ only costs $520 including gifts.