Sony Xperia X (Odin) to be a dual-SIM version of Xperia Z (Yuga)?

by: Chris SmithDecember 29, 2012


Earlier today we told you that the Xperia Z – formerly known as the Yuga – could be launched in mid-January after being unveiled at CES 2013, if one rumor is to be believed. But it looks like we also have more news concerning the Xperia Z’s brother, the Xperia X (Odin), a handset that should also be unveiled early next year.

Xperia Blog via Vietnamese site SE-Cafe reports that the Xperia X is basically the dual-SIM version of the Xperia Z, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. After all, we’ve seen plenty of high-end Android handsets come with dual-SIM capabilities this year, so we should expect to see the same trend follow next year.

Here’s what the Xperia X will have to offer, according to SE-Cafe, which was allowed to play with the device but not photograph it:

  • Odin is thicker and heavier than Yuga (Xperia Z).
  • The back of the handset will have a textured (or even striped pattern) similar to the Sony Xperia E dual.
  • A small cover on the back of the handset will allow you to hot swap the microSD memory card and SIM card.
  • The front-facing camera will be placed at the bottom-right of the handset.

Obviously, nothing is official yet, and we’ll just have to wait for CES 2013 to get underway to find out more details about the Yuga and Odin flagship handsets.

  • When they will lose them in a bar? I’m curious!

    But the Top Xperia that arrived here in Brasil was the Xperia S… So I don’t think this one will show his face in our beaches…

  • th3d

    Nooooo, the front cam must not be on bottom, thats what was the horrible thing with Nokia N9, “nostril hair cam” i call it.
    I hope i never receive a video call from someone with a bottom-front-cam, so distgusting.

  • Where does it say dual sim in the xperia blog post?

  • arena

    of course none of these ridiculous rumors could be true. after reading yuga and odin rumors on a regular basis, i think i already have an idea of what the actual devices would be when they get announced. the yuga and odin are not as great as the more recent rumors but are certainly not as awful as these new rumors would like to purport.