Sony Xperia TX’s 13 MP camera underperforms against Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5’s 8 MP shooters

by: AdrianDecember 11, 2012

Despite being equipped with a dual-core processor when many of its competitors had quad-core power under their hoods, Sony’s Xperia TX (aka LT29i, aka T, aka TL) seemed to have at least one ace up its sleeve: the 13 MP rear-facing camera.

We know very well a snapper’s fineness is not determined (only) by its number of megapixels, but we all thought a 5 MP edge  would be enough for Sony to undercut the 8 MP shooters slapped on the backs of the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X or iPhone 5.

Oh, how we were wrong! Not only did our own Dan Evans found the 13 MP camera to be underwhelming in his very comprehensive Xperia TX review from a while back, but we now have conclusive proof that some 8 MP shooters are better than this cam.

Chinese website took the TX’s shooter for a quick spin, comparing it with the 8 MP cameras of the iPhone 5, 4S, Xiaomi MI-2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. Unfortunately (for Sony), TX’s cam didn’t manage to win a single battle in a very extensive shoot-out, being at best average.

By far the most painful defeat has to be the one in shutter speed, where the TX should have theoretically come out on top by a mile. But not only the TX failed to win this battle, it even came last, because of the constant focusing and re-focusing after the blazingly fast two-second access of the camera app.

Now, it’s not all doom and gloom for Sony’s high-ender, because, let’s face it, most of the shots taken by look almost equally as sharp, bright and nice. Then again, if you were expecting Sony to blow its competition away, you might have some more waiting to do.

We’re going to let you now feast your eyes with some of the photos shot for this comparison and what we’d like to hear from you is who do you think comes out on top. We’re torn between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, though some of the MI-2 pics look pretty darn good as well.

  • RarestName

    Purple flare!

  • MasterMuffin

    Mobile page finally back!

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      Luv it right

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        Except there is no pinch to zoom… Annoying when pictures are the main focus of the article.

        • Aj

          And now its gone..once again
          I want tge mobo site,why doesn’t Android Authority understand that

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            Fuu WHY THEY DELETED IT AGAIN!? :(
            I’m glad that I have a big screen…

  • ryq24

    china hate japan! :-)

  • Sam

    the one x photos are in wide angle mode, therefore the one x photos are just 6MP and not in 8MP as with to others. deliberate? maybe…

  • MasterMuffin

    Sony has made the cameras for iPhone and Sgs, right? So why they can’t make better for their own phone?

    • arena

      they’re doing fine. it’s just the biased reviewers doing their thing. see other xperia T photos shared online. they’re not this bad. it could also be in the basic photography skills of the one taking the photos. why would one snap a photo with that amount of glare going on? if you see that amount of glare on your viewfinder, you would most likely try to change position of your shot.

  • Clearly this is a propoganda piece. I have owed a lot of phones as of late and the current phone I have, the Xperia T, has the best camera of the lot (minus the Nokia Pureview cameras). Its a sensational camera. I will say though that its focus can take its time on occasions.

    Granted, its not all about megapixels, but its nice to chose between different megapixel numbers depending on the situation rather than being limited to 8 megapixels constantly, right?

    Sony make the cameras for apple so clearly they are a quality product, and in most non biased reviews you tend to find Apple and Sony camera phones coming out about even in results. Not only that but current Sony cameras have Exmor R, which does a great job handling the noise of high level megapixels. Sony’s cameras also have some fantastic settings on it which really add to the experience.

    • turner

      agree. the issue would be more credible if it concerns noise. the supposed “cons” apparently being peddled here are hardly believable.

  • Cole Raney

    No surprise. Unless you are making posters taller than a person you wont notice the pixel difference. That was probably the only thing they focused on with that camera too.

  • arena

    I don’t know but I have a feeling this is just propaganda meant to destroy sony. I’ve seen other Xperia T photos and they’re not as bad as what’s being shown here. Perhaps the settings were deliberately made in a way that would produce those unflattering results. Doesn’t really make sense. Look at the first two photos. They look like the camera is deliberately made to directly face income sunlight to result in that kind of flare. Look at how more light is being taken in by the camera.

    Not a Sony fanboy here. These images just seem unlikely considering how Sony camera sensors are also the same stuff used in the Galaxy SIII and iPhones.

  • Frankly speaking, I have thought a lot before posting this opinion of mine.

    Just because, some non-believers, brand fanatics and spammers might take this opportunity to blast open their biased opinions.

    I am completely unbiased while posting this. Firstly, I am comparing specifically the phones that I have used for past few years.

    I shall be comparing my current device Xperia TX and few of my older phones: Samsung Galaxy S2, Nokia N8 and lesser known Nokia N86.

    Here, I am utterly disappointed with the performance of my TX.

    Considering apple to apple comparison:

    Android flagships: SGS2 (8MP) Vs TX (13MP)

    – The pics taken from SGS2 are crisp and detailed vis-a-vis blurred images of TX.
    – In low light conditions, TX stands nowhere as compared to the night mode images of SGS2
    – Sports / fast moving images mode on SGS2 ACTUALLY worked. TX more often ends up shooting blurred scattered images.

    Mega Pixels: Nokia N8 (12MP) Vs TX (13MP)

    Does TX really have 13MP capability? I am not satisfied with the “YES” answer. Nokia N8 was a charmer and that is when I became a shutterbug. I shifted to TX after my SGS2 for just one reason. The much awaited 13MP Bond phone hype (I know Xperia T is the Bond phone but TX is just a variant).
    The image stabilization simply doesn’t work on TX. You might need a fixed camera stand to probably shoot a good image. Little bit of movement while snapping and boom… The pic is wasted…

    Xperia TX again fails to meet the expectations when compared to Nokia N8 (and I am not talking about quality. Otherwise, TX might take the beating to the hospital).

    Shutter Key: Nokia N86 (8MP) Vs TX.

    I know nobody can ever compare these two in any terms but I just put this point here as a point of shutter key experience.
    A (one time) Sony flagship with super-hyped 13MP shooter has a lag???
    That is simply not accepted.
    Even my vintage N86 took better shots than TX. N86 was literally epic when taking images of a moving object or using a sports mode. In addition, the night mode on N86 and shutter key response was miles ahead than I face today with TX.

    Moral of the story:
    Sony screwed it!!! I, an a Mobile Analyst by profession, am not at all happy. So might be a lot of people out there.!!!!

  • rayeed

    the xperia tx does not have a 13 mp cam.its a lie. i just checked it with system info droid app.