Sony Xperia S Ice Cream Sandwich update to start rolling out in “latter part of Q2”

by: Kelvin ServigonMay 23, 2012

Sony’s current flagship phone, the Xperia S, was initially reported to receive the much anticipated Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update this coming end of May. But in a recent post from Sony’s support team on their mobile forum site, the Japanese just backtracked on their initial promise, stating that the Sony Xperia S will begin to get the ICS update towards the end of the second quarter of 2012. In other words, expect your desert sometimes in late June or even later.

The Xperia S initially shipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread on-board, making us wonder why would Sony launch a new flagship phone with an outdated operating system. The device was first introduced in the first month of 2012 and started rolling out to stores in February.

All disappointments aside, the owners of the Xperia S now have at least one reason to be happy – the ICS update for their devices is now almost sure to be coming in no more than five weeks.

From the same source, the Xperia Arc S, Ray, and Neo V are already enjoying their ICS updates, while the rest of the 2011 Xperia handsets will receive Android 4.0 during late May or early June.

Also, always keep in mind that, even if the ICS update will start rolling by the end of June, it doesn’t mean that your Xperia S will instantly get Android 4.0 in the said time period. It’s carriers that ultimately decide when the updates are rolled out, so your experience may vary. Patience is a virtue, isn’t it?

  • Eseng ng Tondo

    This is *******!

  • impatient phone user

    get on with it sony.

  • tBs_Battousai

    “Latter part of Q2”
    Q2 only has a bloody week left… And like motorola with it’s UK Xoom ICS update I think they’ll both miss these deadlines…

    • eV

      Q2 has 5 weeks left…

    • mreric66

      thats why i ditched the zoom and went with the ipad. looks like ill be ditching my xperia s also

  • Ist_florin1963

    If they don’t keep their promise ,I’ll never buy sony telephone!

  • Dimuthshanaka

    why the delay,,, ill start a fund if they are short of cash,,,

  • raj

    Bloody end of Q2 …. its only one week left….Does Sony stand on their promise atleast this time? What is their problem,…… Sony launched Xperia S as their most prestigeous smart phone… but still they could not give the ICS update for their prestigieous product… What the hell is going on….. Sincere request to Sony is that atleat give the ICS update with out any problems to Xperia S……

  • Lee

    Never surprised by Sonys lies anymore, went through the same with ps3, x10mp, theyre full of ****

  • Daniel Ansay

    make sumthin good SONY, i am SONY at heart even the sony erickson years. then you stop being awesome, i now have a samsung galaxy ace, why not buy a new smartphone? because i am waiting for a new and awesome smartphone from SONY. and now you are full of lies, (at least many people says your lying)

    please make it great.,.

  • AvinN…

    Sony never stood on their words.. they showed wat is sony.. im very upset buying sony xpr S.