Sony Xperia S expected to get Jelly Bean bump in “a few days”

by: AdrianApril 3, 2013


Remember when the Xperia S used to be Sony Mobile’s top dog? Sure you do, it was less than a year ago. In the meantime though, Sony has really stepped up its game, both in the smartphone and tab markets with the splendid Xperia Z and ZL handhelds, plus the super-slim Xperia Tablet Z.

Naturally, with Sony’s sights now set much higher than before, the love shown for yesterday’s high-enders is gradually wearing off. But not completely, as the Jelly Bean upgrade for the Xperia S is right around the corner.

Android 4.1 was said to roll out to the S in “late March” a while ago, but that deadline hasn’t been met. Instead, word around the street now is JB will be buttering up the 4.3-incher “in a few days”.

Like that last ETA, this also comes from one of Sony’s regional Facebook accounts, so, while it is official, it’s not exactly rock-solid. The Poland branch is responsible for getting people’s hopes high this time around, so fingers crossed for Sony delivering once and for all.


Of course, even if the Xperia S starts getting JB butter in Poland in the next few days, that doesn’t necessarily mean the update will be coming your way globally at the same time. The fact Sony’s previously optimistic German arm is now talking about a far vaguer Q2 update is not the best sign ever, but maybe they’re just trying to make sure they don’t mess up again.

Anyway, you can’t be too angry with Sony even if the Xperia S Jelly Bean bump will keep you waiting for a while longer. After all, the Japanese have been working hard in rolling out as many 4.1 updates as possible, for phones like the Xperia TX, TL, J, T and V. The Xperia P and U are probably next on the list, but they’re likely to be stuck to ICS for the spring.

Any Xperia S users listening? Are you pissed with Sony or just excited your torment is set to end soon?

  • Been waiting for this since long. I’d been using the CM10 nightlies because the stock ICS was absolutely intolerable and shitty.

  • Yeah – me too – ICS stock, was not bad, but not really up2date and I’m tired waiting a vague ETA. Why is it that difficult to say “JB will arrive in week XY”? Anyway – thats a problem of all manufactures. I had also moved to CM10.1 – JB 4.2.2 smooth and shiny :-)

  • Rahul Ram

    i don’t agree with last paragraph, if sony was really working hard to push the update as soon as possible then they wouldn’t take a almost year (android 4.1 released on 27 june 2012) to roll out the updates, they really need to look at the competitor like samsung to push update to older devices as soon as possible not like keep them waiting for a year, i bet samsung will release 4.2 for s2 before sony releasing 4.2 for e.g. xperia s or don’t even bother to release update

    • Raul Alejandro Briones Rivera

      Man the difference betwen Sony and Samsung is that Sony put the personalization layer very deep instead samsung they only put a new set of icons is almost that, and all samsung personalization its not too complicated.

      • i agree with u dude

      • eric

        Well, if what you say is true that was a risky desicion to make so deep changes. Those who want quicker updates will end up going to Samsung.

        It would be nice to know how if this late update is a problem to Sony’s finance. It certainly would be worse if they just give up rolling them out.

      • OlegGontar

        Then they should make a fast OP system update, and then roll out they customized surface as an app. JB is a big step in multi threading etc. Utilize much better the given hardware.

        At least they should open the phone bootloader to be able install custom ROM on it, because others can make JB ROM in 10 days after the release, just for fun, while sony can not make it with payed people.

        Anyway, while I payed for the phone, I also payed for some services, and i thought for premium price I get a weaker hardware then s3 but I will have some premium service, and I just didn’t get it. From this point of view, this phone should cost third of its price.

      • oh phones have lot of options for personalization

        did you see sgs2 jb ?……if i still have it , i wouldn’t be different from sgs3 owner !

  • yassen

    It seems Sony usually does’t stand on its promises. So far we had the same delayed update for ICS which delivered a while later then promised date, my xperia S with ICS freezes sometimes and becomes very slow since a while i’m waiting for an update to fix it.hope it will be fix with new update

  • bugvey

    cant be too angry with Sony? why not? if they cant keep up with their own product line in terms of keeping them up to date maybe they should shrink the product line and increase focus on quick and concise updates that outpace and outperform the rest

  • bencealmasi

    Actually P should receive jb earlier than S. And it was told at the customer service that both S and P will receive soon this week or next week

  • Rahul

    Sony lacks the business sense, I must say. If they cant treat their yesteryear’s flagship device with due respect, it reflects their attitude towards customers. Nevertheless, the customer would end up thinking so (I do).
    If Sony tries to build an ecosystem of devices (looks so with their revelation of new XPeria devices like Z, TX, ZX), they ought to reach out to the customers who possess the older Sony devices to encourage them to buy the new line before reaching out to an altogether new customer.
    If they keep the old device owners tormented and waiting for updates, which are in fact delayed as per the market standards, they are not doing it right.
    Get your act right, Sony!!! Looks like you are losing one customer here, for sure!!!

  • Michael d

    Not HAPPY

  • Vinura

    Sony should have released the Jelly Bean update for the Xperia S before the Xperia TX, TL, J, T and V. It is very unfair for Xperia S users! Makes me want to question my brand loyalty.

  • Pratyush Pandey

    Well buying Sony Xperia S costs e a lot….and when a person buy it he/she wats worth …. The updates should be given to the Xperia S customers first than others….

  • bruce

    Sony is so good with games…even the waiting game…so yeah Sony is synonymous to delayed update…all i’m hoping for is for something worth the wait and excitement…I don’t mind waiting…as long as it’s “THE UPDATE” this time…if still the same as the ICS one…surely…minus 1 customer for Sony…

    • keep hoping buddy….with your blind love for sony

      im heading to htc….cuz im not that stupid to hope

  • Sony is a BIG disappointment! I cant believe that they keep on announcing dates and keeps on failing on fulfilling them! Hope they can fix this asap. They are simply showing us that they dont care that much after purchasing one of their products.

  • I bought the xperia s less than a year ago and I hate it…. It’s slow, it freezes, it’s unresponsive …. This phone came highly recommended from the phone warehouse and this was my first android phone due to being very happy with the iPhone 4S .
    Now that this update is being delayed because Sony will not announce a release date I have ordered myself a Samsung S4 ……….so goodbye Sony I can’t say it’s been nice knowing you.

  • Kabeer

    Because of poor support to their customers, even Xperia Z is not going to get get grip in market.

  • Cross

    Very very very pissed! I will never buy any sony smart phones ever again!!

  • Sykora

    Sure im pissed off…
    Everytime it´s the same with Sony. They say “than and than” we will have the update.
    BUT everytime it´s a few “Days” later. It was the same with the Arc s.

  • Heyran aka Hekiss

    The Xperia S hasn’t shown it self like i expected. I was working hard to get this phone and now as i can see that SONY does not give a fu*k, i must say that I’m very disapointed. It’s not good when you use a costumer and then let him run away. Samsung is like: using a costumer and doing everything what needs to be done just to keep the costumer in their hands. Very satisfied from samsung, and very dissapointed from Sony.
    Even if they release 4.1. why will i need it when every other device has 4.2.

    … for me, R.I.P. SONY!!!

  • Michael D Stewart

    WHERE MY JELLY BEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A HAPPY BUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • please im eagerly waiting for 4.1 just roll out the specific date for the os

  • It’s like when you’re a kid, and you know what you’re getting for your birthday, hut have to wait until you’re actual birthday.
    Except, in this case, we aren’t being told what day the ‘birthday’ is!
    personally, it’s the not knowing that pisses me off.

  • Pissed and Excited guy.

    Pissed and excited.

  • ryan

    Hi All

    i dont understand why all of you are getting so upset and rated over a few updates. yes we all want the latest and greatest from Sony and we got a brilliant phone with the introduction of the xperia s. so if they taking long so be it. they may be fixing something in the update before roll out but Sony has never dissappointed me with there updates being late etc… i have always gotten good feed back and support. so be patient

  • Daya

    Seriously, Sony is never meant to be into mobile. After so many issues in xperia series mobiles, Sony is still unable to learn lessons. Competitors like HTC, Samsung kicked on Sony’s @$$. If Sony don’t have enuf developers and testers to work on android, better hire them. The worst interaction between hardware and software happens only in Sony mobiles. I’ve used note, later fascinated by damn sony n bought Xperia S. Experience with samsung is magic, but with sony is tragic. 12MP camera is what those dumb @$$E$ designed which is nothing before samsungs 8MP. The best use of sony’s flash is using it as a torch. Full HD video is just to fill the shitty non expandable 25.6GB(32 theoretically). Camera keeps on focusing all the time. Finally you can’t enjoy the video rather you can see how hard sony’s camera tries to focus. You love holding sony in hand during winter coz its gets heat up so fast that if its water proof, juz drop in a bucket of water for 5mins and boiling water ready, TADA!!!! I enjoy 24hrs power in my home coz all the time i keep my mobile in charging. Wotta a terrific experience to be wired in this wireless generation.

  • 皓 無

    i just rely on xda, but i really hope that i can use the revision of 4.1.2 stock.

  • evildog51

    I hope that Sony do get the update released soon, i know shouldn’t compare different phones but other handsets have had the upgrade. It shouldn’t matter that the phone it “out of date” please it only a year!!! Anyway if it updates soon then great really need it phone is freezing with ICS, i guess the only thing to take away from this is that there should be no bugs ( in theory ). Fingers crossed its soon!

  • Bhavs

    they said that jb update will pull out in march its already april!!!

  • Marvin Droege

    I’m super pissed, Sony better bring out the (pro)missed update or they’ll lose me, and I’m sure a lot of other people as customers.
    I’m fucking mad at them!

  • Scott Briggs

    4/15/13 Still no jellybean love for Xperia S. Seeing as though this was a flagship device 1 year ago I really thought Sony would keep it semi-current. Starting to lose faith as my friend who has a galaxy s2 just received jelly bean. Maybe we should all stick with samsung if we want timely updates.

  • Place

    i am pissed !!! I‘ve been waiting for a whole month

  • Arash

    hi every body,recently I upgrade my smartphone xperia s to android 4.1.2( 6.2.B.0.200),It’s very good bud I have a big problem that ever I want to use my wireless on phone (I mean ever turning on) show me an error :
    “unfortunately …close the program?”
    I don’t know what should I do,I reset every thing but It’s nut working
    please help me…

  • arash.ghn71

    hi every body,recently I upgrade my smartphone xperia s to android 4.1.2( 6.2.B.0.200),It’s very good but I have a big problem that ever I want to use my wireless on phone (I mean ever turning on) show me an error :
    “unfortunately …close the program?”
    I don’t know what should I do,I reset every thing but It’s not working
    please help me.