Sony Xperia miro unveiled, not the flagship Android phone you hoped for

by: Chris SmithJune 13, 2012
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Sony put up a teaser for a new Xperia handset on its Facebook page a few days ago that suggested that in about 10 days from now we’ll see a brand new Android smartphone get official.

Then, the company decided to speed up the process, by allowing fans to virtually travel in time by pressing a “fast forward” button to see the phone earlier than supposed to. Just as expected, the power of the social network worked in our favor and the phone has been unveiled well ahead of its time: the Sony Xperia miro.

Unfortunately for anyone expecting a new flagship Xperia device capable to fight against the Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X, you’re about to be disappointed. The miro is not a high-end device. Instead, it’s “all about helping you have fun.” The miro is a mid-ranged Android device that will come with plenty of Facebook integration. Here are the key features of the handset, as listed on the company’s Facebook page:

  • A slim and stylish smartphone in a fun range of colours – black, black/pink, white, and white/gold colours
  • Xperia with Facebook – easier and faster way to like, comment and share from your smartphone
  • Unique illuminations for incoming messages and social updates
  • 3.5-inch display for great browsing and entertainment experiences
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • 5MP camera and brilliant quality video recording at 30fps
  • video chat with friends using the front-facing camera
  • Sony’s xLOUD audio technology for crisp and loud sound
  • Easily view content on TV, tablet and PC thanks to DLNA contactless connectivity
  • Large battery for longer usage

We don’t have any details regarding pricing and release dates for the miro, but we’ll be back as soon as Sony and its carrier partners are ready to make further announcements.

Anyone interested in the Sony Xperia miro?

  • Guest

    I am. I don’t see the point of having a 4.5 inches screen so I’d definitely like to see what this one is worth. Plus I guess it won’t be the price of a full scale PC for a change.

  • Ayman Kouzayha

    Sony just released 10 new phone, they all looks the same with nearly same specs and none of them can match the best smartphones in the market, Sony Ericsson was doing much better than Sony alone

  • rebelz

    Sony is going the same strategy as Samsung did recently : flooding the market with smartphones of all price range and specs. It’s trying very hard to capture a bigger slice of the market after losing ground when it was still known as Sony Ericsson. This strategy worked well for Samsung but Sony would do well to avoid being overexposed and coming out with too many similar boring designs.

  • wat is the rate???

  • Looks like another phone marketed to women, assuming we only care about cuteness and accessibility, and not impressive specs.