Sony Xperia L International Giveaway!

September 15, 2013


    Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway! This week we’re giving away a Sony Xperia L. But before we get to that, let’s move on to the winner of last week’s giveaway.

    HTC Desire U Winner: Margaret Elisabeth (New York)

    Congratulations Margaret Elisabeth! This week the HTC Desire U will be in the mail and on it’s way to you. For all of you who didn’t win, fear not, as we’ve got plenty more cool things to give away, like this week’s item: the Sony Xperia L!

    Sony Xperia L Quick Specs

    • 4.3-inch display (480 x 854, 228 ppi)
    • 1 Ghz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU
    • Adreno 305 GPU
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 8 GB internal storage (expandable via microSD)
    • 8 MP rear-facing camera
    • VGA front-facing camera
    • 720p video capture
    • 1750 mAh battery

    Sony Xperia L Review

    Read our full written review of the Sony Xperia L or check out the video review below:

    How to enter the giveaway

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    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.


    • brandon loo

      Hope I will win!

    • Ricardo Reyes

      I really hope I win this time

    • Jonathan Alvarez

      I really there’d to get rid of this almost 4 year old bb9700

    • jorge vega

      I need a phone hope to win!

    • Neil Lazaro

      Thank you android authority.

    • Thitsanu Angkapunyadach

      Hope I win this time :)

    • Axcel ctw

      please let me win i had been using poopy phone these time

    • lvs269


    • Russell Ridley

      Hope I win this time

    • Duc Pham

      Let me win please!!!!!!! i just wanna know the feeling that i’ve never had. not bc of the phone :(

    • LancerEX

      Fingers crossed! :D

    • Sankalp plaha

      i want to win this phone.

    • nesmemila

      gotta grab that

    • Emilio


    • Dmitriy Sukhanov


    • Doug Lowe

      I want it.

    • Timeka Vershae

      Pick me

    • Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto


    • Bogi Poosz

      wow this is awsome

    • Nathan Odong

      PICK MEH!!!

    • Luke Edgar

      pick me

    • Wan Arif

      i love you guys

    • aeryk

      Haha, amazing phone, good upgrade to my xperia arc, you know who you wanna pick ;)

    • Shah Mujahed

      Pick me

    • Kostya Finchuk

      I want !

    • Paarth Desai

      i soo wish to win this time atleast


      i am in

    • Edrees Siddiqi


    • Alex N

      I really want this phone please let me win

    • Shehan Liyanage

      I want it!

    • Shahar Balaciano

      Really want to win :)

    • Jaffa Mac


    • Christopher King

      I want it

    • Ben Higgins

      nice :)

    • Djordy van de pol

      Op man I want that phone.

    • Dhanish

      I don’t even have a smartphone …!!! Seriously… Pick me pls

    • ShanJie Tee

      yes i would like to win that :)

    • huiol

      Count me plssss

    • yelyel

      me , i need this one , to xperience xperia and upgrade from my sony ericsson mix walkman

    • Domen Šincek Nedeljković

      Would really like to win :D

    • Mensur

      Like !

    • sri

      I wish I can win this wonderful phone. I love sony products.

    • JonttuDesigns


    • Ruben Alicea Feliciano


    • Niew Yaw Hua

      I want it

    • destim

      I’m in :D

    • Diego Bottacin

      oh yeah i’m in

    • Ziich

      Im in

    • Suleman Shah


    • Bob cahill

      Yes pick me

    • Steven Cox

      Hope Iam lucky

    • siddhesh keer

      i love Android

    • dajef

      I am Trying…….

    • don

      birthday luck work just this once!!!!!!!

    • ProudToBePinoy

      Hope i can get it. :) this is my first time be good to me :)

    • Ksenia

      Ou! I want it!!!

    • Kyle Jan Morales


    • George Dakar

      I never win a thing..
      Doesn’t matter cause am doing it just because I like android authority!

      • John Bauer

        Same here…

    • gang

      i‘m in this contest

    • dee adams

      These giveaways are free to enter so why are folks complaining about NOT winning. When its your turn to be in the spotlight, you’ll know it.

    • John Bauer

      Sooooo want this one!!!!!!!

    • Rajan Kumthekar

      Great Site, great Giveaway !! I’m IN!!!!

    • Dawei Deng

      hopefully i get one for my mom:D

    • Loris Ayoub

      This phone looks amazing! Can’t wait to win it and get rid of my old BB :-)

    • Markos

      OK lets win this phone

    • Richard

      Awesome :]

    • Wes Ramírez


    • tony solinan

      I will keep on entering each week to try to win!here’s hoping!

    • Mr. BlackMan Magic!

      I hope I win :)

    • Klein Lin

      If I win I’m from Singapore, just saying…

    • Ali furkan Dağcı

      want it want it want it want it please :)

    • Eighn

      My Xperia U’s digitizer became unresponsive because of static electricity. This can be a good upgrade! :D

      • Luke

        I currently own an xperia u as well and I think this would be a worthy upgrade too.

    • John Sartain

      i need it

    • Benny Jackson

      i dont have an android device i wish i could get this phone

    • Mohammed Azoz

      1741 O.O wow
      lots of ppl wanna Get there hands on this phone ^^

    • Ivan Marincic


    • Wassim Mehanna

      This phone is wanted!

    • Cyra Denise

      Whoa <3 AA Rocks m/

    • Eric Basinillo

      I trust the robot will pick me. :)

    • A Zamari

      Reserve it for me…..

      Thank You

    • Guest

      I bless on me…

    • jacfirst

      Let the winning begin.

    • Todd Hochman

      nice phone!!!!

    • Vedant Singh


    • Sandi Shoemaker

      Subcribed I would love thispphone.

    • lucasarg

      oh my god, so much people, i need to win!

    • orlando

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    • ligth

      I have never win anything in my life please let me win this

    • Arturo Andres Zúñiga

      i wanna win this phone!

    • Chavez Y Chavez

      It world be nice

    • Hami

      I feel it’s me this times :D

    • Anand

      I so wanna win this!

    • Asim Tanduakar

      Please pick me !

    • Corey Burkhardt

      I’d luv to win it

    • Javier Salinas

      I want to win this week cuz I cracked the screen on my phone

    • Humberto Hernandez

      Clasic “pick me” coments… pfffffss…


      I have no phone… my GS2 died…

    • anais

      i enetered hope to win :D

    • Clyde Tedjoprawiro


    • Ben George

      Please help lift me from phone poverty. Thanks!

    • Shii Benavides

      me me.xD

    • Ashwin

      i want it

    • ProudToBePinoy

      Please choose me :)) Nelson Sanchez :)) it’s my birthday :))

    • saadiq

      it will be my real smartphone plz give me

    • Will

      I have never won a single draw in my life.

    • Michael

      Oh thats a good phone I should be the winner pick me

    • Azazel

      I know im not getting this one. Maybe ill win in 80 giveaways down the line….or maybe not. LOL

    • Abdullah Naji

      This is one of my favourite phones! Please let me win, it’s amazing and I need a new phone but I can’t afford one! *fingers crossed*

    • loop6719

      Thanks, i love free things

    • Luis Gomez

      lo quieroo!!

    • Twells01

      Please let me win tomorrow is my birthday and winning this Sony xperia L would just make my week (p.s. I turn 17 tomorrow)

    • Layn Huffman

      Great phone. It would be nice to win.

    • jeff willis

      Would love too win

    • Rahul Sharma

      Hope I win!

    • Matt

      I want to win one, so I can give it to a friend ‘as a gift’ who is less fortunate to own a smart phone. :) – But I swear, “” is a legit email address. I just use this email for sub feeds and stuff like this! :o

    • Syed Ahmed

      I am already a subscriber..I will be happy if I win. If not, that’s okay.

    • An OlFolk

      Thanks 4 the opportunity and ur generosity!

    • I S GILL

      I am sure i am gonna win this one

    • Frank Wang

      You guys are the best!

    • Lakh Jhajj

      Let me win Android Authority bec I am Canadian!!

    • Avinash Kumar

      yoyo :)

    • rich r

      Preordered the note 3 would like a cool backup phone. Hope I win. Huge AA fan

    • Darius T.


    • Darnell

      Please :-)

    • AgronSelimaj

      Count me in for next weeks draw.

    • deh2002

      Hope someone that really needs it wins.

    • shah rasool

      nice looking phone man i m in


      I’d give it to my son so he can upgrade his phone. His phone would be cooler than mine lol. He deserves it though. #GreatKid

    • CHILLiAM2

      Team Win!

    • Matthew Muysson

      This would be awesome, I am in need of an upgrade!

    • L.P.S.

      here’s hoping again…

    • Ivan

      Wow! I’d love to win a Sony Xperia, had no idea this one came out. I really want a cellphone, especially if it’s a “smart phone”. Although, I have no idea how people win these types of things, I hope I win!

    • jamalhck

      I want ittttt!!!

    • Gonzalo Morón Holzmann

      I want it!

    • simplycq

      I’ll take it.

    • Steve

      Entered the giveaway

    • Kaye Waller

      I so totally need this phone. I haven’t had a great phone in almost a year in a half. Because a college student, working as a delivery driver for Domino’s. Anything nice is out of my cost of living. And I can’t even play candy crush on my phone. Because it still runs gingerbread. Please please please hope I win.

    • Sky Ang


    • Josh

      I would like to win this dor my dad bc his work phone sucks

    • Ru Nguyen

      i wanna win

    • JimAlaska

      This is 2 Sundays in row I have been unable to enter. The area where it says,.”Enter to Win”, just says “loading”, with one of those spinning wait graphics…. Forever.

    • Ronn Del Rosario


    • Yajson

      Another Giveaway and another fail for me.

    • Muhammad Murdifi

      Hope I win it good luck!

    • Rodrigo Ramirez

      I hope I win this time…

    • Alex Rud

      Pick me! I will be eternally gratefull!

    • Emilio III

      GL everyone :)

    • Colin

      I love Android phones and phones in general and I love your channel so please pick me

    • austin arceo

      This would be awesome to win

    • Rosanna

      It world be nice

    • Ashish Sharma

      So sad to know that I wont win any giveaways but always filling entrys as a hope.

    • Vincent Wong

      I hope I win

    • Aleks

      I`ve been watching your review about this phone for days now! I desperately want it!

    • Hammad Baig

      I hope I win

    • Yogesh Dubey

      hope ….luck favour me this time

    • Francesca Furlan

      I want it!! Please :’)

    • Emmanuel Espinosa

      Give me my Phone NOW!!!!!! jejejje

    • Jheybhee

      Cool stuff again from Android Authority!

    • Ed Whitehead

      I would love to win a phone like that

    • Lawman

      Looking good AA. Keep ‘em coming!

    • Hello_Its_Me

      I WIN!!!!!!!!

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      its good to see these opertunities to win

    • Sevag

      i would be happy if i win :)

    • Assadollah

      I subscribed :) nex phone is mine :)

    • I S GILL

      Its me who gonna win this phone

    • Benjamin Zamora Alfaro

      Xperia L!

    • Johnny Carpio

      I am subscribed and I really want to win this phone.

    • Yazeed Swedan

      Android Authority is the best of the best..keep up the good work..:)).

    • Leif Michael Tesorio

      win it.

    • Pin My Style

      I hope I win, have always wanted to have a Sony Android!!!

    • Tobi F

      The Xperia L looks good.

    • Sharan Bahirwani

      I’m using a htc nexus I need a new phone plz!

    • Vigneshwaran

      Atleast this time let it be me.

    • Rhea Liza Lirios Munoz

      hope to win

    • Butterflyy Dimplezz

      I wish i can win it!

    • Pierangelo Munoz

      phone looks amazing

    • Say Yap

      Subscribed!Hope to win ♥

    • sequdaz

      awesome device, would love to win! =)

    • Bosco chia

      Please choose me. I really want to win and I didnt win anything b4 in my life

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      Dear comment let me win this time..

    • Rjohn Hurgoo Rodriguez

      done sharing :)

    • Adie

      great :)

    • David S.

      I NEED TO WIN!

    • Malhar Ujawane

      Thanks for the giveaway guys! I hope I may win :)

    • Manish Menghani

      nice giveaway!!

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      Nice phone!

    • Hassan Pathan

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    • I S GILL

      Its my 3rd day

    • Jeremiah Anthony T. Reynaldo

      Hope i win!

    • Leif Michael Tesorio

      i wanna win!

    • Elroy Dsouza

      I wants!!

    • niko matlouthi

      it is my birthday on the 21.9 but i am going to be working during weekend :’(
      so I hope you make my birthday a better day :D

    • I S GILL

      Its 4th

    • Krystle Gayle

      HOPE TO WIN! :)

    • Kaye Waller

      Hope to win

    • Peter

      I hope i win fingers crossed :)

    • I S GILL

      I kown that i gonna win this time

    • Fathimah

      If i was to win anything, Id’e chose this!! I soo badly wana win this time! Thank you soo much for the lovely giveaway! xxxx

    • Adarsh

      I don’t even have a smart-phone. . .can’t even afford one. . .hope i win

    • Adarsh

      Android Authority rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksss and i really love your reviews very much =)

    • Peter

      Fingers crossed hope i win :-)

    • elena anzalone

      I hope to win at least once a Giveaway

    • Guest

      Sony – xperia nice!

    • struggles

      Sure would look nice in my hand

    • Technoholic Treat shikhar kala

      Hey sorry for a delayed Response,

      I’ll Tell you why i want this phone, Cause i so want to have an android experience and i am having a Blackberry 9220.

      Let me also share the android experience.

    • Abdullah

      I’ll keep Trying!

    • Shyann Holder

      i would love to win :D

    • louis collier

      want to win

    • I S GILL

      Sony… I love sony

    • aditya sharan

      Want it plz…!

    • Don Edison Kim Bince

      hope to win

    • Hector Rivera

      Please baby jesus let me win this

    • I S GILL

      Cannot afford iPhone 5s, hope win this

    • Tayshaun

      why do all you people type “i want to win” and you know that it doesn’t helps you
      to win.

    • rowan_n

      yes please!

    • D’Andre Layne

      4852 people want an Xperia L lol

    • boniface castelino

      let me experience this Xperia!

    • Elisa Calzado

      hope to win :)

    • Destiny Loveyhu Jayden Ritter

      It would be alright to have a nice fone

    • Sita Madu-Wynn

      Thank you !

    • I S GILL

      Sony sony very sony

    • isiah

      Hi android authority I would like to win this phone because I don’t have anything I’M at the library typing this message to u and I can’t even afford a 65.00 iPod touch so please please I’M begging u please let me be the winner of this phone it would be my dream to have something so Thank you so much for having this opportunity and I Hope I win the phone

    • Joey

      it’d be nice to evolve from a flip phones…

    • Juan Revelo

      I’m crossing my fingers. :-)

    • Gurkamal Bedi


    • Shyann Holder

      want want want

    • Zac King

      So sorry for entering last minute .but plz pick me i need good phone..

    • I S GILL

      Hope to win this beauty

    • Adib Isa

      i want

    • I S GILL

      When winner will be announced?

    • I S GILL

      Who won

    • Matteo

      I would like to get this phone ‘couse i still have an old keyboard phone…Please..

    • Fernando Aguirre

      I want this phone so bad