Sony Xperia ion Jelly Bean update now available for download

by: David GonzalesJune 26, 2013

Sony Xperia ion update
The subject of the Sony Xperia ion‘s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update was first brought up about eight months ago, when Sony released an official list of handsets scheduled to get the highly-desired software change. Today we finally get to see the long-awaited update become a reality.

According to reports first gathered by Xperia Blog, the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Xperia ion — which is build version 6.2.B.0.211 — is now available at last. Sony has already started pushing out the software upgrade for Xperia ion users, which means they will finally get to enjoy the features that are already available in many of Sony’s other Xperia phones, not to mention the current flagship Sony Xperia Z.

If you have a Sony Xperia ion and your handset still hasn’t been updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean yet, your next move should be to get on the companion software as quickly as possible. Some users have reported that the update took care of the occasional lag while navigating certain parts of the operating system, while others say that some lag-related issues still haven’t been fixed.

In any case, the best way to find out what the new software really does is by experiencing it for yourself. Talk to us in the comments if you have any problems (only those related to the phone and the software, of course).

  • george13

    Not available in Greece yet :(

    • george13

      Two weeks I’m waiting and nothing yet in Greece ppffff!!!!!

  • JosephP

    not available in canada yet :

  • RINO

    Same here in the Philippines, sony company should distributed the update just for once.

  • notjose

    not in USA

  • ZEEshan

    not in pakistan i think its a lie there’s no update

  • Nathan

    Not in Viet nam why??????

    • Monika

      Many are facing problems after updating to jelly bean like it gets hanged suddenly and wi-fi problem and battery problem many more .. so just want to make sure before updating my phone.

  • Rolas

    not available in méxico either =S

  • Dwight

    not in belgium :/

  • Muhd Syahmi G. Chance

    No update in Malaysia too.why????

  • Macgreentea

    nope No Canada trying for 3 days now :?

  • myopickumquatrhodes

    No, it doesn’t seem that Rogers has yet added its bloatware yet.

  • Mihir Patel


  • Danial Jebart

    Got the update, but some bugs (especially Full HD recording lag) has not been fixed. Navigating the OS is also lag in some parts. From Malaysia.

    • P u v en d r a n A s a r i

      bro im from Malaysia as well, but haven’t received any notification from the pc companion or in my phone. hw did u update it, was it from the pc companion? thx

      • Danial Jebart

        Yes, it’s from PC Companions. Make sure the PC Companions are updated to latest version. If I’m not mistaken, choose US server not Malaysian server (Malaysian server not receive the update yet). It will detect automatically the update.

        • P u v en d r a n A s a r i

          oh ok bro, thx a lot. will try and update as soon as possible. hope it works.. hehe. fingers crossed..

        • P u v en d r a n A s a r i

          oh ok bro, thx a lot. will try and update as soon as possible. hope it works.. hehe. fingers crossed..

  • belgium

    still havn t got the update in belgium

  • nitish

    This is just a load of crap!!!! I dunno y i bought dis dumb cell phone der is no update available in India…….

  • Aishwarya

    not updating at all…!!!

  • hfgh

    not in bangalore

  • hfgh

    till now no updtes in bangalore. anybody got update from india

  • Carl

    very disappointing. is this what “Sony” is? SO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!

  • harry

    f*=-009-=, fake update fake company

  • Black Angel

    ITS REALLY FAST +HSPA in Germany!!!!!

  • Anc

    The update is available in India and it has made my fone drastically slow with lags and in addition problems like switching networks , headfones detection even though not connected, switching from wifi to data connection(i have to sometimes restart my cell fone).It ‘s really disheartening

    Only thing I liked about the update is its look.

  • Kumaresh J

    What is the size of the update…?

  • Monika

    How is new jelly bean update that is for xperia ion ? any one downloaded it – in bangalore.

  • Ailsia Lim

    It’s so horribly laggy after updating omg. Please how do I DOWNGrAdE back?

  • amin

    Can I update my phone software without using computer

  • praveen kumar
  • praveen kumar
  • yannaing

    cannot update my phone

  • nhilmar

    No updates from the philippines yet. Still waiting…. Hope it works fine.