Releasing a flagship phone with an outdated version of Android was one of the factors that led to a not-so-impressive Sony Xperia Ion. But to the delight of owners of the phone, Sony is making good on its promise to provide a swift upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. After we saw the Android 4.0 firmware hitting the LTE variant of the phone a few days back, the update is reportedly coming to the Xperia Ion on AT&T.

You should already see the update notification on your Sony Xperia Ion LT28AT.  However, the update may only be downloaded and installed when you connect the phone to your PC and run Sony’s PC companion software, SuS.

It looks like there are two updates available: build 6.1.c.1.105 and .107. Since there’s no official change log yet, we can’t tell the difference between the two at this time. Some folks have reported that they were able to go to .107 without a hitch, while some said that the .105 update keeps popping up even when they’re already on .107. Hopefully AT&T can clear this confusion by the time they make the update official today.

Regardless of the not-so-smooth roll out, it’s an update that’s worth the slight hassle. Aside from the smoothness that it brings to the Xperia Ion, there are also the many perks that ICS comes with. If you’re an Xperia Ion user, please do share if you have encountered any difficulties while updating the phone. How do you like ICS on your Ion?

Bams Sadewo
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  • Steve Marcotte

    Tried three different ways to update my LT28at to no avail. Each time I get the message that there is no software update available for my model build number 6.0.C.1.257

    • Ryan

      I posted information on how you can manually update yourself. hope it helps.

      • Steve Marcotte

        Thank you, Ryan. I think I will give it a try.

  • still can’t update xperia ion. There is a download someone posted by I don’t know how to instill it.

  • Ryan

    I kept waiting for the update of 4.0.4, and found I can update it myself. using a flash tool and downloading the build online I flashed it, and have enjoyed what I have seen so far. My only complaint at first was locating the menu for settings. Once I did a power cycle on the phone I was able to see the settings option in the app drawer and in the notification bar. The Phone is running much smoother, I like the visualizer in the sony walkman app ( Music is replaced with “Walkman” ), Timescape is much better, the sms has new features, new apps are appearing that I could not use before, and so MUCH more!!! if you are tired of waiting for the OTA, or PC Companion says you are still up to date, and want to see ICS on your Ion. Read this post Here ~~~> and follow the instructions with the link to the guide provided. Need more help email me (

    • Steve Marcotte

      It worked great for me however, after my computer restarted, I believe the check boxes got checked or unchecked in the Flashtool Kit and lost all my apps. Only had two paid apps so no big deal. The rest was backed up three ways. Thought the apps were too. oh well. Thanks for the post and info, Ryan. I like what I see so far

      • Ryan

        You are welcome! I am also enjoying the features of this update. I find more and more I like off and on. If this OS runs this well I cannot wait to see how Jelly Bean runs. I read, and have been told by AT&T and Sony Jelly bean will be released. They said not too far off after ICS, but we will see.

        It is expected that you “Will” lose all apps. It’s why you need to backup everything you can. all paid for apps can be reinstalled without having to pay again. Go into google play, menu, then my apps and all apps you have downloaded are there including paid for apps which will say “Purchased”

        • Steve Marcotte

          Thanks again. My phone is back to the way it was except I have ICS. I like the mail interface and the sleeker look to just about everything. Seems to be more efficient with the battery as well. Gallery is changed to Album and getting to the settings is stuff I will get used to, at least until Jellybean where I hope we get to be updated again. Pretty happy with the Ion. Better now with better battery life. The only real drawback with the phone is the WiFi reception. Not so hot and no OS can fix that.

  • The update got pulled. I guess there were some issues. I read that it SHOULD be ready by Tuesday.

    • Alberta Godfrey

      I got mine today (9/26/2012) build 6.1.c.1.105 … it will take me a few days to see what all is better or worse.

  • I tried updating it through the PC Companion , and it takes forever to Comeplete the Step 2 in the upgrade process. I tried the whole night yesterday, its still not completed. Any idea how long it would take through the PC Companion ?

  • airyck

    ive tryed updating my ion but it just wont go i used my friends computer because i dont have on of my own is there a way i can update it using the phone

  • MNash95

    it only works on a mac for some reason, tried it on 2 different PCs and it didnt work. Use “bridge for mac” on the sony website and your phone will update!

  • deethele

    There is no flash player

  • asianuser

    I can’t update my sony xperia go android..

  • mario

    I updated and the only thing I have a complaint about is the screen shot. There is no screen shot. Or maybe Its in the different place

    • pepito Perez

      to take a screenshot I’ve read in other forums that you need to push the power button and down the volume button at the same time. After few seconds it will take the screenshoot but I’ve tried in mine without success

      • Yeah I figured it out a couple minutes after I wrote this. Both power and volume down must be pressed at the same time