Sony Walkman Joins the Android Team with the Z1000

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 12, 2012
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Who could ever deny the immense success of the Sony Walkman line? This is why they have returned with a big bang, starting with the Walkman Z1000—the first ever Android powered music player.

Originally, the Z1000 made its appearance in Japan back in September 2011. However, the executives over at Sony agreed that the unit was nifty enough for the US market. Its size, however, is a bit bulky with a 4.3-inch display. It does make up for it by having extra functionality such as the ability to download Android Market apps as well as DLNA support for TV compatibility. Moreover, the Z1000 has a microHDMI port and Sony’s S-Master MX amplifier to boot.

The Android Gingerbread powered Sony Walkman Z1000 will be available starting spring 2012 at options 8GB ($249), 16GB ($279) and 32GB ($329).


  • Anonymous

    way overpriced..

  • D…

    First ever Android powered music player? Lol… Cowon D3, Archos & others are just electric toothbrushes, yeah…

  • ====D

    My phone can do this… and it costs me less for the same specs.