Sony unleashes the Xperia Z in more European countries

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 28, 2013

Sony Xperia Z

Earlier in the week, Sony’s head honcho Kaz Hirai said that the company’s flagship handset, the Xperia Z, will be up for grabs in 60 countries very, very soon. If you live in Europe, today marks the day when the device is finally hitting more store shelves across the continent.

To be more specific, those in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, and Russia should be able to purchase the Xperia Z straight from Sony’s online shop and brick-and-mortar stores. The price seems to vary a bit, with the phone going for £529 in the UK and €649 – €699 elsewhere.

As for folks in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark — you’ll have to wait between 1-2 weeks more to join the Z party. Also, the Xperia Z reportedly will hit Greece on March 4. To keep yourself busy and entertained, you can check out the many ads that Sony has released for this beast of a phone.

Have you gotten your Xperia Z yet? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

  • Husy

    I am very sorry but I don’t know why everyone is thinking Sony is gonna sell these very well. I mean sure it’s a great phone with next-gen hardware and display BUT the CPU is outdated. I am not saying it’s a slow phone or the CPU isn’t good but when people/ tech people and don’t think there aren’t many in the world see a better phone with a better CPU on the market for 2013 they’re not going to get this one over better CPU. I wish Sony would of put Qualcomm’s 600 in it. Then it would be a better device.

    • d0ntbeefo0l

      if you’re going to use ur smartphone as a server, then sure its processor will not be enough. u will need a cpu with octa core or even 20 core. dont u? but for people whose gonna use their phone for day to day tasks, this is just the right phone.

      • Octa core is a joke. Considering only 4 cores can only work at any given time then it’s not truly
        Octa core cup!
        Best thing is tho Samsung fanboys will lap it up and believe they’ve actually got an 8 core cpu! Lol

        • saleensuper

          All 8 cores CAN work simultaneously !! So, technically it is an octa-core processor. However, the 4-4 core arrangement is designed to give best performance along with better battery life.

          Better do some research before spitting out your LOLish ignorance!

          “Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 is fully coherent through CCI-400 another logical use-model is to allow both Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 to be powered on and simultaneously executing code. This is termed big.LITTLE MP, which is essentially Heterogeneous MultiProcessing.” (Jump to page 7)

    • RarestName

      In actual seriousness, who really gives a sh*t about specs anyway? The general public won’t even care anyway.

      • Walter van Lille

        I have to agree with you: if it works great, looks great and is well built, it can run on steam power for all I care.

    • Walter van Lille

      I could answer that for you.. Everybody thinks it will sell great because everybody’s thinking of buying it, which in turn will mean that it will sell great.. Ain’t life grand?

    • lilboy

      PLEASE inform us what apps that will not run on the Z that will run on S600 phones?

  • Adrian Casillas

    This phone has sold out in most of the regions it has been released in. So many people are buying it, that it crashed the Sony mobile store website. So yeah, it’s selling pretty good…

  • Ignacio Martín

    I don’t know what to do. Xperia Z, HTC One or wait for the Motorola X-Phone

    • Elias Ortega

      HTC ONE… The specs are beyond that of the Xperia Z. I was about to buy the Z but I’ll wait a couple more weeks for the ONE. :)

    • RarestName

      Nokia 3310

  • Gosek

    Im from Poland. I get my Xperia Z on monday this week (25.02) from PLAY mobile:) to Husy: thers always be a newer CPU, newer grafics… Phone is great, and at the moment is one of the best. Dont be such a malcontent.

  • ryq24

    Sony better hurry up coz Samsung will surely try to release the s4 at a faster pace. I believe Xperia z was the reason why Samsung push for the early release of their s4.

  • Guy De Vos

    I think I’m gonna wait until the Galaxy S4 shows up.

  • Whateverrrr

    They seem a bit fragile compared to the Samsung galaxy range had a play with one today

    • Fragile? Compared to Samsung? Best joke I read this week! Lol

  • Eyas

    I got my xperia z today, in uae. For those who talk about the cpu, could you please tell me one application this phone can’t run, and the other phones can?!
    This cpu is more than enough. I had had s2 before, and i bought it in the first day. I wasn’t very happy with it. So why not give this one a try?

  • I had one at work 3 hours before I managed to drop it as it slid out of my hand and smashed to buggery on hitting a stone floor, not good luckily it was insured and now have a HTC, they are horribly easy to damage :-(