Sony lens accessories reportedly will launch under SmartShot brand, will support a wide range of Android devices

by: Andrew GrushAugust 31, 2013


We’ve known for a while now that Sony is preparing two unique lens attachments for mobile devices, the Sony QX10 and QX100. So what do we actually know about the accessories? We’ve seen official looking images of the attachments, heard rumors regarding the pricing and have reported on details regarding some of the specs. Today we are learning even more, as a new rumor has brought forth quite a few juicy new details.

According to sources reporting to Sony Alpha Rumors, the QX10 and QX100 will actually launch under the new “SmartShot” name, basically taking the Cybershot brand name and mixing it with the word smartphone.

The SmartShot series is shaping up to be pretty impressive, and certainly an out-of-the-box approach to creating a powerful cameraphone.

That’s not all, SAR also brings us the first look at a new white (seen above) variant of the SmartShot, as well as some new details relating to specs and device compatibility.

We had already heard the QX-100 lens accessory would feature a 20.2MP sensor, with f/1.8 aperture, and 3.6x Optical Zoom, as well as a zoom ring.

As for the QX-10, reports claimed it would feature an 18MP CMOS sensor and a f/3.5-3.9 lens.

Now we have learned that both SmartShot models will have lens stabilization, and that they can take HD videos at 1080/30p in the MP4 format. Additionally, the SmartShot lenses will work with both Android and iOS devices via an upcoming Playmemories app, and will automatically save any images taken to both the memory in the lens and to the smartphone.

The SmartShot series is shaping up to be pretty impressive, and certainly an out-of-the-box approach to creating a powerful cameraphone. When’s it coming? All signs point to an official unveiling at Sony’s September 4th press event at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

Be sure to stay tuned to Android Authority and we’ll keep you up to date as we learn more!

  • jake


  • Amadeus Klein

    Hopefully Sony is using better sensors for low light capture, 20mp with poor low light capability will render them no better than the everyday smartphone camera, give me near SLR sensors!!!

    • Ivan Budiutama

      f/1.8 is as far still one of the highest for lenses and better it can work with the smartphone. It supposes to be a near SLR in term of aperture. CMIIW, bigger aperture means better low light performance.

      • Amadeus Klein

        I agree the lenses are good but if they back them with a poor sensor then there is only a mild increase in low light capability, for example my
        Sony Alpha A65 has both great lenses and an excellent sensor and takes remarkably good low light pictures as a result, while I don’t expect pictures to that level, something closer to that rather than closer to my galaxy s4 or my HTC one would be a great thing, I’d rather just lug around my phone with or without a small attachment as opposed to my A65 in addition to my phone…

        Sony has the ability to make a great camera, i hope they actually do it…

        • ShaneJax

          Why on earth would they bring out these products if they were just a minor incremental step up in quality to the better smartphone cameras? I don’t think that S4 or HTC One camera quality will be even remotely close to the quality of these lens attachments.

          • Amadeus Klein

            I agree that shouldn’t happen, but Sony has made a few headscratcher choices with smartphone tech, so I have to wonder… honestly if Sony can pull these and the z1 off correctly I will consider replacing my one or s4 with a Sony phone

  • Phaze0085

    So can I put this on the Xperia ZU and give it FLASH capabilities?

  • Rohit Naik

    There will be good phones in future

  • 300+ bucks for a phone’s camera upgrade. Lol ironically you can get 14 mp +digital cameras for that price.

    • dfsef

      well those camera clip-ons can also be used as independent cameras themselves. you don’t really need a smartphone to use them but you will have a proper way of framing your shots.

      they can also be used as spy cameras because they are wirelessly linked to a smartphone via wifi. they don’t have to be attached to the back of a smartphone to be used.

      • End in sight

        I had not thought of the spy camera aspect. Good point. I need a decent spy camera. But for no particular reason…

        • dfsef

          not necessarily a spy camera. just something to monitor something. you may want to catch a cheating girlfriend. you may want to glance at someone/something behind without having to turn your back. you can probe your mouth or look at your itchy back with this thing.

          • End in sight


            “probe your mouth”?


          • dfsef

            we occasionally have those moments, you know. i do that with my external webcam. hehe.

      • LOL now everyone can be a spy. Great idea

    • Guest

      Where are you getting the price from?

      • The what? Sony lenses or digital camera? For 270 bucks you could get a canon powershot sx500 look it up on amazon. Theres an article here on the price of Sony’s lenses. One was 300 something and the other was 400+ if I remember correctly.

    • Pradeep Viswanathan R

      ok that shows you don’t know what a Sony G Lens is.

      • Thanks for your opinion. My pov is because of the current information given. I thought of it as a budget minded individual who
        wants to take great pictures. Well we won’t know how much better or worse it is compared to similarly priced cameras until the device is reviewed. Oh well.

        • Pradeep Viswanathan R

          well i never seen Sony do anything for a budget minded individual and i won’t expect Sony to do so. Yes we will have to wait and see how it performs however Sony’s is being doing really well in the recent years in imaging market

  • Dean

    The QX100 accessory is basically an RX100 Mark II lens + sensor + OIS system. I guess the general public doesn’t know what that camera is, or why it’s special, but it has a large 1″ sensor and excellent image quality. It’s widely known as the best point and shoot camera available, period. Comparing it to $300 point and shoots with tiny cell phone-sized sensors etc. isn’t apt, but looking at how people don’t know the difference, I guess Sony will not move a lot of these things. They’ll probably wonder why they shouldn’t just buy (an inferior) competing camera.