Sony says it doesn’t restrict sales of contract-free Xperia T in UK

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 18, 2012
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So it looks like the uproar over Sony not making the Xperia T available for folks in the UK who fancy purchasing their phone contract-free until 2013 has proven to be – as the Brits would say – nothing but a storm in a teacup.

Android Central has received a statement from Sony about the fate of the James Bond phone, which effectively puts an end to the debacle that was started by Expansys UK.

A Sony’s spokesman said that the Xperia T will go for sale as planned according to the “timescales previously announced through Vodafone, EE, O2, 3, Carphone Warhouse, Phones4U, and Tesco.” One story that the company wants to set straight is that it hasn’t put any restriction on how retailers and mobile operators should sell the phone.

This means it’s likely you’ll be able to walk into stores and come home with a SIM-free Xperia T – at least on some of the retailers mentioned above. As a heads up, some stores aren’t shipping the Sony Xperia T until September 27. We suggest you hold off hunting out for the phone until next week.

Out of curiosity, mind telling us whether you prefer to get your phone with or without a contract? Please do so in the comments below.

  • SamsaraGuru

    The actual British phrase is not “Storm in a teacup” but “A tempest in a teacup”.

    Not a criticism, something I felt you would wish to know; I’m a collector of esoteric utterances and quotes!

    • Kassim

      Seriously? I literally never knew that (or at least my brain tells me so)! o.o

      Personally, it seems ‘storm in a teacup’ has evolved to utterly surpass the original (like facebook to myspace) since I haven’t ever heard it used as such in my 12 years here…

  • Is there any news when Jelly Bean will be brought to this handset?

  • Is Sony trying to wind everyone up or do they need to hire some new PR people. Every time I read something about Sony they to be back peddling with statements that sum up with “We didn’t think any of our customers would mind a big F.U. in the face. Sorr-eee!” I cant wait until my contract is up and I can move as far away from Sony as possible. They really dont give a sh*t about their customers at all.

    On a side note – a storm in a tea cup IS the correct term. “Tempest in a teacup” has never been uttered by any Brit EVER!

  • are there any news on the unlocked price?