Sony QX100 full size camera samples

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 9, 2013

sony xperia z1 lens qx100 aa 10

At IFA last week, we got to play a little with the QX10 and QX100 camera attachments that Sony launched alongside its new flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z1. While the Z1 is quite a capable shooter in itself, the lens attachments and especially the higher-end QX100 promise to turn it into a mobile shutterbug’s dream.

The Sony booth at IFA was obviously not the best venue to test out the QX100, but we shot a few samples anyway just to give you an idea about the level of detail you can expect from the gadget.

Without further ado, here are the samples (click for full size):

Sony QX100 samples (6)Sony QX100 samples (7)Sony QX100 samples (5)Sony QX100 samples (4)Sony QX100 samples (3)Sony QX100 samples (2)Sony QX100 samples (1)

As you can see from this limited test, the shots are quite decent. If only the price was a bit smaller.

Here’s hands-on video for more details on how the setup works:

As a reminder, the QX100 features a 1-inch 20.2 MP Exmor RCMOS sensor, combine with a fast, wide aperture Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens with 3.6x optical zoom, and Sony’s BIONZ image processor.

  • The Loyalist

    The price a little smaller? How much would u pay for the RX100m2? It pretty much the exact same thing..

    • turdbogls

      i believe this one retails for $500, the RX100m2 is something like $650 i believe.

      • dfq

        748 on amazon

  • Assa7in King

    WOW !!! JUST WOW ! SONY u won my HEART…… I cant wait to get my hands on these BEASTS…..

  • crickcrick

    Good optics cost good money and I believe sony has priced both the lenses quite reasonably. I hope the software on the phone does justice to the hardware and do not bog it down.

  • Dusan

    As expected, not even close to a DSLR camera. You can get a D3200 for that price. It’s an entry DSLR which can take amazing pictures.
    I see no use for this. Why get it? Because of the size? It’s not really that small.
    The price on it is ridiculous.

    • Afnan Muhammad

      Who said this gonna beat DSLR. Compare this to p&s like RX100

      • Dusan

        With that price it’s competing with DSLR. It’s just not worth getting.

        • Afnan Muhammad

          RX100 which is the best p&s camera cost $200 more than this lens. The best thing is it also gonna work with most androids and ios device.

          • Dusan

            Don’t know where you live, but $700 for RX100 is insane.
            Supposedly this lens costs $500. RX100 here in Sweden goes for $450.
            D3200 goes for……. $380.
            I know what I would get if I wanted better photos. And save money on it.
            Also, what I forgot is that if you’re willing to pay $500 for a phone lens to make your images slightly better, then you’re probably rocking a $600 phone too. Which brings the total price to $1100.
            Now, my D3200 can’t make calls, but if you’re willing to pay that much money then you’re either dirty rich or really stupid.

          • Ufupuw

            RX100 II is $750 on Amazon.

            D3200 does not fit in pocket. Rx100 II does. D3200 comes with pathetic plastic slow kit lens. RX100 II comes with very nice sharp built in Zeiss lens.

            But most importantly, Rx100 fits in a pocket. It’s a pocket camera. D3200 is big large ugly clunky and noisy DSLR.

            I will take Rx100 II over D3200 any day.

          • Dusan

            Yeah, the only difference is the better picture quality on D3200, lens customization, more options, etc, etc.

          • Ufupuw

            Last year the New York Times called RX100 the best pocket camera ever made. It was also in Times Magazine best inventions of 2012.

            The newer RX100 II is even a better camera. It’s simply an amazing camera and takes unbelievable low light photos for such a small pocket camera.

          • Dusan

            Just because it’s named “the best pocket camera” doesn’t mean it can beat DSLR cameras. Perhaps 10 year old ones.

          • pdqgp

            beating a DSLR has more to do with understanding photography and the shooter than the hardware. Ask me how I know.

          • pdqgp

            Only better IQ if the D3200 has a decent lens on it. The stock kit lenses are horrible and their bokeh is not comparable.

          • pdqgp

            Most people looking at this already “rock” a nice smartphone and you’re right, it’s not about price. I also rock very high end DSLR gear (which the 3200 is entry level crap) and yet this is a great hardware addition to my bag. If $1,100 of disposable income makes someone dirty rich then you must be very young. WOW.

    • pdqgp

      @Dusan; Do you apply your statement to all cameras of this price? Bottom line is you’re not going to get a D3200 with that lens on it for that price. Nor is it a replacement for a DSLR. The idea is to have a small size pocket camera that will work with your PHONE. It’s nice because it will work on BOTH my Android and my Wife’s iPhone too. The sensor and IQ is great for a camera of this segment. Perfect for taking a nicer quality camera with optical zoom capability and video quality to say a kids play or event. I’m a pro photog and certainly don’t like lugging my gear to an event such as that where my Focus is to be on my kids and the moment. Pun intended.