Sony QX lenses highlighted in leaked YouTube video

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 3, 2013

Sony QX Lens video

If you were in doubt about Sony’s lenses, even after seeing the leaks and other info we’ve seen come out over the last few days, the video below should change your mind. Mobile Leaks has a posted a video to their YouTube channel, which showcases the upcoming Sony QX line of lenses.

It’s well edited, has excellent production value, and some trained talent — so we’re going to say this will be on your living room TV soon. In the video, we see Spike Jonze our hero use the lenses in all kinds of ways, and even independently of the smartphone. We are hearing the lenses will utilize NFC or Bluetooth connectivity, so we like that they can be detached for use.

From superior selfies to really nice food shots on social media, these lenses will definitely catch the eye of serious mobile photogs everywhere. Manual controls will appease the serious crowd, and mobile sharing will set your Google+ stream ablaze. Check out the video, and let us know if these have your attention yet.

  • Dallat2525

    I like it but can’t help thinking whats the purpose, you may as well carry an outright point and shoot… For not a lot more you can buy the first edition of the rx100 if the price for the most expensive one is 400 dollar’s?

    • Knightpt

      True, if you already have a shooter that is not overly big than this doesn’t apeal much to you, but if you didnt have a shooter yet and were thinking of having one soon, wouldn’t you consider having one of this for online connectivity on-the-go with a compact size and decent performance?

      I would consider it at least.

      • najiy91


  • Cecil

    Looks awesome

  • Lee

    Awesome concept.I’d love to have one for the nexus 4