Sony QX Lenses

While Sony readies a 20MP shooter for their upcoming (and beautiful) Z1 Honami, they haven’t forgotten the rest of us. Their QX lenses are widely reported to work with just about any device via NFC and/or Bluetooth, and have the ability to work while detached from our phones or tablets. We’ve already seem images — even specs — but nothing like these.

A ton of images have been leaked by a Korean tipster to Photo Rumors, and give a bit more info about the lenses. It appears there will be a case (we assume proprietary to a Sony device, probably the Z1) as well the familiar clip-on holder for the lenses. Interestingly enough, the clip-on or case are separate from the lenses, according to these pics. That would be a good choice, and leads us to think there will be more lenses in the future, if these prove to be popular.

If you’re concerned about the blurred portion in the center of the pics, don’t worry — nobody is hiding anything. It seems the helpful tipster plastered the images with some anti-Japanese rhetoric. Thanks for the images, but no thanks on the hateful speech.

If Sony can turn your current (and all future devices) phone into a 20MP-plus shooter, are you interested? Would you drop $400 or more for the hardware? Seems like a good choice for the serious photographer on the go.

Sony QX10 (1)


Sony QX100

  • Maher Salti

    I have a feeling that no one will buy this..

    • Renaud Lepage

      You’re the only one.

      • Maher Salti

        so you’re buying it?

        • Andreas


        • undeadwolfy


        • Joshua


        • carlosfrancoz


          • redbaronmia


        • dfsef

          buying it.

          a good lens-sensor combo that is separate from the smartphone does not suffer from consequent obsolescence or becoming outdated the same way most smartphones do.

        • kimjongil

          yes, better idea than a bulky samsung galaxy camera

        • Gaiak Lamaze

          I’ll buy it twice !

      • Guest


  • JimAlaska

    I’m definitely interested. I wish it was wider angle, but it looks defiantly useful for my real estate work.

  • End in sight


  • haha

    It’s perfect for sony xperia z ULTRA!!

  • najiy91

    separate zoom lens will help users use less weight with their smart phones.

  • Eatmyshorts

    I really can’t see the point of this for anyone really into photography this is a joke most people who use high end smart phones for photographs like the convenience of having a decent camera built in which is usually adequate and not having to strap on a huge lens whilst those who are more into proper photography would buy a proper slr or stand alone camera my wife is a professional photographer and finds this hilarious

    • Counterpoint

      Professional photographers also found all digital photography to be a joke and hilarious 10 years ago…….

  • masshuu

    I’m very intrigued to see how this is going to be. Otherwise I will buy a rx 100.
    This idea of not having to carry a pocket camera + phone, seems great.

  • This will be professional enough for those who care more on portability.

  • Maher Salti

    So if you’re getting this thing, what will you do when you require a flash?