Glimpses of old Sony: 9.6 million smartphones sold, mobile revenue up 36%

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 1, 2013

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Sony has been through some dire times recently – the Japanese giant recorded a massive $4.6 billion loss in the fiscal year of 2011, the worst in the company’s 66 years history.

But things are changing, albeit slowly, under the leadership of Kaz Hirai, who took the reins in early 2012 and immediately began to stir the ship in a new direction, by cutting jobs and reducing operational costs.

Those measures seem to work: Sony just announced its results for fiscal Q1 2013, which is the April-June period, and there are some encouraging signs, especially for the mobile division. Overall, Sony managed a $35 million profit, which may not seem much compared to what Apple and Samsung rake in, but is nevertheless a good performance after years of losses.

Sony sold 9.6 million phones in fiscal Q1 2013, 1.5 million more than last quarter.

According to Sony’s filings, the increased revenue (13% over last year) is partially owed to good smartphone sales and a favorable exchange rate. Sony managed to sell 9.6 million smartphones in fiscal Q1 2013, which is 1.5 million more than the previous quarter. The average selling price increased as well, meaning that Sony managed to move pricier devices that bring in more profit.

While the smartphone sales numbers aren’t particularly impressive, they are an improvement over last year that lets Sony stay close to the current third place in the market, LG, which sold a record 12.1 million units in the same period. And regardless how puny these quarterly results may seem for a company of Sony’s stature, they seem to signal that a period of sustained growth is coming.

We loved the Xperia Z, and the Xperia Z Ultra looks like a compelling, if not very mainstream device. But probably the real game changer for Sony will be the i1/Honami, which we expect to see at IFA in September. Will the i1 one bring a new period of growth for Sony? We certainly hope so.

  • G2

    in terms of sales Only
    LG 12.1Million Smartphones
    Sony 9.6Million Smartphones

    its going to be a GREAT BATTLE between G2 vs. Honami?

    • Cao Meo

      The big battle now is controling the distribution channel which is dominated by Samsung. From 12 M LG sales a large quantity is Nexus 4 which is actually Google sales not LG.

      Frm innovation standpoint Sony is doing better than LG for now. We have to wait and see what LG will bring with the G2.

      • G2

        LG sold more L-II series phones.(L3-II,L4-II,L5-II,L7-II) WORLDWIDE!
        Optimus G PRO and Optimus G. WORLDWIDE!
        F-series and Nexus4 ARE NOT WORLD WIDE!

        • Luka Mlinar

          I have a big dislike for die hard fanboys like you.

        • briankariu

          3 million nexus 4’s, thats 25% of total sales. Nexus had a very large impact on their total sales. Minus the nexus, LG would have come in 3rd after Sony

          • lil but

            That was 2 quarters and o think it’s not confirmed sales. And the profitability of nx4 is low. Explains why they didn’t churn them out from the factories faster.

          • Dalian barons

            About to say that :)

          • G2

            YES Nexus 4 sold ONLY 3 Millions from JANUARY TO JUNE 2013!

            LG SOLD OVER 33+MILLION PHONES from January to June 2013!

            seriously 3million is the 25% of 33Million?

        • lil bit

          OPTIMUS G came worldwide too late and at a low price. Same with G Pro, late to the game, only now coming to SE Asia, wtf? Xperia Z and Galaxy S4 are already old and G Pro making an anonymous appearance now? Almost as slow and absent as their updates.

          • G2

            yes we know that,
            LG has poor in marketing strategy… IF THEY COULD IMPROVE ITS MARKETING STRATEGY THEY CAN BE ON TOP!
            but STILL THEY SELLS GOOD…

            i heard that LG will change their poor marketing strategy..
            .G2 WILL RELEASE ON TIME WORLDWIDE! S.KOREA next week and next month September to North America and follow to more countries worldwide…

      • lil bit

        Nx4 is a very small part of the sales. LGs problem is the low average selling price, for example the L series, unlike Sony with Xperia Z pulling the avg price very much upwards.

        Sony is not gonna do so great, the Z Ultra can’t compete with Note 3, and i1 is gonna cannibalize somewhat on the Xperia Z sales. Xperia ZR seems to be very famous now but at that price it should have been 16GB, then it would have been a true “reduced size flagship”. As it is now the ZR is simply the Xperia V2.

      • roeshak

        Exactly, I was just about to point out that nexus 4 sales make up the bulk of the LG figures. Sony has definitely occupied the number 3 spot.

    • lil bit

      Yeah, if same as G and G Pro then the G2 will compete worldwide with the Sony i2 and galaxy S5 in April/May 2014.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Their phones are not premium build yet have a premium look and feel. They run fairly ok and have a accessible price. If they continue this way, they will have a bright future.

  • Sergio Rainor

    Honami should come with 32 gb, not only 16.