Sony sends out invites to its press conference at IFA 2013. Is Sony bringing the Honami with it?

by: Adam KoueiderJuly 11, 2013
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Sony has been very busy this year in both the smartphone and tablet markets, hoping to recapture its former glory. Now Sony is starting to send out invitations for its press event at IFA 2013 on September 4 (2 days before the official event begins).

Remember how Sony had an event in Paris earlier in the month, and we were all adamant that the Honami (Xperia i1) would be announced at the event. Well that event came and went, and we were still without the Sony Honami.

With Sony holding a press event at IFA 2013, it would be the perfect time to launch the Sony Honami and possibly take a bit of shine off of the other big smartphone release at IFA, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Sony IFA press event

By all accounts the Sony Honami will be a beast of a smartphone, and is rumored to feature a quad-core Snapdragon 800, a 20-megapixel back facing camera, 2GB of RAM, a 3,000 mAh battery, and a 5-inch Full HD display.

If the Honami is launched at IFA 2013, the normally calm floors could turn into a battleground for two titans of the smartphone market in the Note 3 and the Sony Honami.

Would you like to see the Sony Honami unveiled at IFA 2013? Sony Honami or Galaxy Note 3?

  • najiy91

    honami,please get out from your cage! kill note 3!!!:@

  • King-Podigy-X

    About Damn Time For Honami.

  • CRiTiCaL_FLuX

    If even half the rumors about this phone are true, it will definitely be worth buying.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    I am expecting Sony Xperia Nexus :D but really just my wishful thinking

  • spade

    Hope Honami rumours are true, battery 3,000mAh sounds promising.. Anyway, Note 3 still got their diehard fans.

  • Lil bit

    I’m not so hopeful about this phone anymore, Sony is returning to their old ways with very eccentric product philosophy. Xperia Z was just a flash of genius and Sony does not follow up to continue the success. Making the Z Ultra an incomplete unit is inexcusable, they will do something to fukk up the Honami as well I’m afraid.

    • lil bit

      No card slot, or no video light, or a weird design a la Tablet S, or whatever, they will surely do something to screw up this one as well.

      • Ashley Otu

        What do you mean, it the Xperia tablet Z does have a SD CARD slot, looks like someone just Couldn’t be bothered to read instructions or look properly, so until proof about how Sony screw up on their final product shut it lil bit you seem to just make up ball crap out of nothing!

    • najiy91

      from my opinion, z ultra is just market test to see users love the pencil-stylus,large thin screen,fast snapdragon 800 and the ir. if does,sony will implement all of those high end specs in honami thus realising the one sony(please read about it) concept(“,)

  • Endinsight

    I predict Honami will outsell the Note 3.

    • GAGA


    • najiy91

      true,like the xperia z outsell s4 in two months!

  • klb

    I Would like to see the Sony Honami , Note 3 not interested me

  • sbm

    Honami all the way!