Sony posts up experimental Firefox OS ROM for Xperia E owners

by: Brad WardFebruary 27, 2013


Sony announced Wednesday afternoon on the Sony Mobile Developer Blog that owners of the Xperia E will get a chance to test out an experimental build of Firefox OS via a downloadable ROM. The company has also warned that the process is for advanced developers and it should not be tried by a consumer without developer skills.

Keep in mind that this ROM is labeled as experimental and will by no means serve as a daily driver. This means that there is a lack of cellular data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth due to a lack of radio connectivity. Sony has also warned that the SD card might be unstable and that touch sensitivity has not been fully calibrated.

If you’re still wanting to bite the bullet and take the early build of Firefox OS for a test run, be sure to head on over here where Sony has written up a helpful guide for developers wanting to flash the ROM via Sony’s flash tool, which will also allow you to easily revert back to Android.

If you’re not wanting to unlock the Xperia E’s bootloader and still want to take the Firefox OS for a test run, you can try out nightly builds on your PC, which can be found here with instructions laid out here.

It’s great that Sony is doing things like this considering that it’s almost unheard of for a company to willingly give you a ROM to try out on your smartphone along with giving you a handy guide to flashing it. The developer support coming from the company has been great and hopefully we’ll see that support continue.

Have you downloaded the ROM already? Are you enjoying it thus far?

  • SonyFan

    Sony has good Devs !! very good…but they should work on android instead of mozilla

    • Mike Reid

      Companies that don’t explore new options are dead or dying.

      It’s good for devs too, to try different things.

  • Peter Bognar

    The only problem is, power users, who are willing to jump in for such a challenge typically won’t own an Experia E. If they are low on budget, they’ll buy an older flagship, or a used GNex or anything, but an end-of the line low-midrange phone with low community support.

  • Hrt23534

    android gingerbread is better than this