Source: The Verge

Sony has officially spoken and it says the company, under the brand name Xperia, will provide quality products at a price it deems fit. In other words, Sony does not wish to be drawn into a bidding war between competition and itself;  it aims to entirely outdo competition.

The developing story of Sony and its second attempt at dominance in the tablet market is an interesting one. Suzuki, executive vice president at Sony, has been quoted as saying: “We aren’t considering competing on price in tablets. It is important to set ourselves the target of becoming number one.” How he plans to back this statement up with action is still a mystery to a worldwide audience. Last year in April, Sony tried to ignite interest but failed to do so in a market that sees Apple on top, with Samsung close behind. Microsoft has also entered the race with its tablet dubbed the Surface. As a result, the company saw a record net loss of 455 billion yen ($5.8 billion). Ouch.

With so much competition in tablets, Sony thinks it may be able to boost other sources of revenue, such as digital cameras and it’s flagship gaming console, PS3. But this doesn’t address the issue of just how the company plans to overtake popular devices like the Nook, Kindle Fire and Nexus. Truth be told, this writer thinks it may be false bravado in a time and place in technology, in which words are commonplace but actual delivery is rare.

It is up to the consumer to decide and while marketing is key to sales, we all know who the king of the hill is in that category: Apple. It will be a difficult task indeed to overcome a company which sues it manufacturer out of a sense of industry pride. Can Sony accomplish the task?

Do you think Sony is flexing to scare its rivals or does it really have a card up its sleeve? Let us know in comments below!


  • Ismail HA

    I love sony
    I would go for their devices all the way
    i just dont know why they are behind in terms of hardware while they should be alot faster than other makes .
    but truth to be told ,I have never seen gadgets combine with high quality structure and beautiful design from any other manufacturer
    people trusted Sony ,and they are trust worthy
    but they just need to be a bit faster in development .

  • tBs_Battousai

    Trouble is you can’t ignore price… it’s a factor, like it or not… they need to push the PlayStation link and get more PS1 titles (and PS2 if possible) onto Android then they will have something that can go toe to toe with the big boys…