January 31, 2013

My Xperia

It’s never a bad idea to have a tracking service in place that could help you locate your handset, should it become lost. With that in mind, Sony is introducing a service of their own, dubbed “My Xperia”.

With “My Xperia” you simply link your phone up to MyXperia.com. If your phone is lost or stolen, you’ll have the option of locating your phone on a map, sounding an alert to get someone’s attention, locking the phone to keep information private, or even a way to erase the internal memory and SD card data on the handset.

The phone security service will be launched in phases, starting with the Nordic market. This region will first see the feature working with the Xperia Acro S, and then it will roll out to other ICS Xperia 2012 Xperia devices shortly thereafter. The idea is to have a full global launch of the service by Q2 of this year.

According to Sony, if you are eligible for the service you will receive a notification through the Update Center app. From there you will need to download an update to make the service work and will have to active it through Settings>Xperia> my Xperia.

It’s nice to see that Sony is taking security seriously by adding such a feature. For Sony handset owners right now, are you looking forward to seeing this feature hopefully arrive to your device or do you already have a 3rd party service in place for locating your phone?

Andrew Grush
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