Sony announces global rollout of my Xperia remote security service

by: David GonzalesJuly 5, 2013

my Xperia
Some time earlier this year, Sony started testing its very own remote security service for smartphones, called Sony my Xperia. Fast forward a full five months, and now the company is gearing up to finally launch this service for Xperia smartphone users across the planet.

In case you missed it, my Xperia is Sony’s attempt at making sure that Xperia smartphone users have a sort of back-up plan in case they ever lose their handsets. It’s no kill switch, but it could still be very handy.

As the official home page of the my Xperia service states, “With my Xperia you can locate your device with a sound alert or display its position on a map.” And that’s not all. It adds, “You can also erase data and/or lock your device if you lose it.” Indeed, it can even be used to make a phone sound an alert and get a person’s attention.

The way my Xperia works is really simple — all it needs is a user’s Google ID and Internet access. However, it hasn’t been made available to all Xperia smartphone users as of yet. According to Sony, timing and availability may vary by model, market & carrier, but the rollout is scheduled to be completed some time within the next few weeks.

So if you’re still waiting for my Xperia access on yours, all you’ve got to do is stand by.

  • raj

    I love Sony

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Was my least favorite last month and now I’m buying Z Ultra. GO Sony !

  • Lil bit

    I got the final version already when I updated my Z to official 4.2.2. Sorry to say it’s no better then the Nordic beta, as it easily can be disabled in settings by Antoine using the phone. Why no security protection here? I’m happy that it’s so easy to set up compared to Samsung’s service that requires you to register a Samsung account and everything, but what if the thief/finder disabled the service before you can send a remote lock command?

    • We need to get Antoine before he disables this service in the settings then

      • slut

        Most people dont care about auto correct errors when posting from the phone because they trust the intelligence of others, and while I’m sure your parents are catering for your special needs I hope you understand that most here will not do the same.

  • Richard

    I wonder if the roll out will be as random and as slow as the 4.2.2 update which I still haven’t got on my UK unbranded. While I like Sony gear I don’t share raj’s love form them.

    • raj

      ok :)