Sony teases tells us “something extraordinary’ is coming to MWC

February 21, 2014

    In a 15-second long teaser video, Sony promises that they have “something extraordinary” in store for us on February 24th at MWC. While the teaser is pretty much void of details, we still have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

    Thanks to the rumor mill, it seems fairly likely that Sony will unveil a next-gen successor to the Xperia Z1, previously codenamed Sirius. There have also been several recent leaks that point towards a new flagship tablet, the Sony Xperia tablet Z2. Aside from a new flagship tablet and smartphone, we also expect Sony to talk more about its Sony SmartBand fitness tracker, which was first unveiled at CES last month.

    Beyond this? There could also be a few other surprises in store that we’ve yet to hear about. Regardless of what happens, we’ll find out soon enough. Be sure to stay tuned to Android Authority, where we’ll be sure to bring you all the hottest announcements and videos from MWC 2014!


    • Tom

      I recon 4k display

      • MasterMuffin

        Totally plausible

      • M3D1T8R

        They just need to use a better quality 1080 display, not move up to 1440, much less 4k (ha).

    • chaki

      Why so fast? Is there old displays from Z1? :D

    • freedomspopular

      “Something extraordinary is coming.”

      Galaxy S5?

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        To be honest, Sony’s last 2 flagships have been ahead of the competition.

    • Maarten

      Sony has been on the forefront of innovation with their last 2 flagships, the first Full-HD and one of the first snapdragon 800 processors, the ‘best’ Android cameraphone. It could be an improvement on any of those things.

      • madmills92

        The HTC droid DNA was the first full hd phone

        • kula

          Oppo Find 5 was the first.

          • Maarten

            If I look at the release dates, the Droid DNA was actually a full 4 months earlier. But Oppo announced theirs earlier, as far as I gather. Still, the DNA wasn’t universally available. I have the same problem with the Oppo, but living in the Netherlands that’s sadly expectable.

        • Maarten

          True, I should’ve said the first ‘universally’ available full-HD from a mayor brand. Thanks for pointing out my mistake!

    • Kendahl Titcomb

      Looking on the skinomi website they have product now listed for the Sony Xperia Z2.

    • Kendahl Titcomb

      Found product on Skinomi website today with pictures for Sony Xperia Z2

    • MadCowOnAStick

      I think even Huawei’s teaser was better

    • DJ Focus

      Wasn’t the z1 released like 8 months ago?

    • pritish

      My signs point to…XperiaPLAY 2

      • jason nusbaum

        That would be awesome!

    • Ruz

      Ohh yes they are coming up with Windows Phone too.. i had read it somewhere

    • sachi

      Are you guys high ?

      The xperia Z is an embarrassment to smartphone, it’s a smart washed out screen phone.

      Xperia z1 with its terrible viewing angle joins it’s predecessor.

      Sony will have to do the following to qualify to be wonderful :

      1. Take z1
      2. Put a high quality IPS 2k screen.
      3. Put Walkman amplifier to boost the volume levels of otherwise handicapped snapdragon dacs.
      4. Put a decent loudspeaker.
      5. Make video runtime atleast 8 hrs. 6 hrswith Z1 Iis just a blasphemy. U need a hint, install cool tool and check cup clocks peed when videos are played. They are up the roof for a simple video playback on Xperia Z and Z1.

    • Jamie

      Xperia Z2

      • Tjaldid

        Z2 Ultra rather judging by the number of Icons and their size

        • Jamie

          yeah maybe the Z2 ultra will have 1440p display which makes more sense than the z2 having one.

        • Jamie

          another potential theory is that it might be the Z2 design as in shape and size but the actual background is just a place-holder as i found this on a screen protector website, normally they use the phone design but not the correct background.

    • Jamie

      another pic

      • Tjaldid

        concept? I remember though a blurred leaked picture which had almost no bezel on the side like that one.

        • Jamie

          perhaps but i think the software is wrong the screen protector website could be using a place-holder image but ive seen other pics of a white xperia z2 which is the same as this one.

    • alexander vidallo

      Maybe an iris scanner..?


      what the heck sony, LG, Samsung, HTC already set out their 4.4 update.. o crap..