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The electronics and entertainment giant Sony Corporation has made its first profit in five years and according to its fiscal report the company saw its sales increase by 4.7%, primarily due to the benefits of folding Sony Mobile, what was Sony Ericsson, completely into the company. This is good news for the Japanese company which in the same period last year made a loss of around $4.6 billion. Although this year’s profits aren’t in the billions, it is just $435 million, its turnaround has been impressive.

Looking just at the mobile segment, Sony reckons that its phone revenues have increased 18%. This substantial rise was partly due to higher unit sales but mainly due the shift in the market from feature phones to smartphones. Since smartphones are more expensive then the total amount of revenue is higher. Looking at just the last three months, Sony’s mobile phone unit saw an 82% jump in revenue, to roughly $3.6 million. Unfortunately overall Sony’s Mobile Products & Communications business, which also includes personal computers, made a loss of just over $1 billion.

Other parts of Sony are also doing well. Its movie business managed to make $509m in profit because of some big box office successes like The Amazing Spider-Man and the 007 blockbuster Skyfall. Similarly Sony Music reported a profit of $396 million. Its gaming unit managed to make a small profit of $18 million but Sony is still struggling after a 12% decrease in sales of its PlayStation range of products.

Sony is confident that it can keep making a profit and its mobile phone division is expected to see significant increases in sales during 2013-2014, primarily due to anticipated sales of its high value-added smartphone models (i.e. its Xperia range). It also hopes to make more money in the PC arena by introducing more high value-added PCs.

Do you think Sony can compete with Samsung and HTC at the high end of the Android smartphone market?

Gary Sims
Gary has been a tech writer for over a decade and specializes in open source systems. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems. He has many years of experience in system design and development as well as system administration, system security and networking protocols. He also knows several programming languages, as he was previously a software engineer for 10 years.
  • MasterMuffin

    Yes they can if they continue making awesome devices like Xperia Z. Waiting for Honami or Totoro (:D) or whatever the name was!

    • LAKAME

      LOL, Totoro :D

      • lenassi

        My Neighbour Totoro
        xD XD

        • LAKAME

          Yup :D
          Totoro is fat I don’t like it :D

          • MasterMuffin

            It’s funny because he’s fat :D

  • Guest

    And they say you can’t make a profit on andriod unless you’re samsung. GJ sony, hope htc can do the same.


      Revenue is up but nowhere does it state profits have increased in their mobile division.

  • Dean

    Upgrade your xperia z & release a goodspec’d & priced mini version

    • Arsenal™

      mini versions will always be”mini” in specs department

  • ryq24

    Improve their marketing. Samsung is very good in that department.


      Samsung spends more money than coca cola on advertising.

      • APai

        and the results are for all to see – they make good products and market it very well – blockbuster results.


          Just funny that people used to claim people only bought Apple products becauseoof their adveryising when they spend 4x less than Samsung.

  • Android helped? Really? No? You’re kidding me? Nokia, you reading this?


      Too busy counting that 250m Microsoft gave them last quarter.

      • It’s funny why they’d go exclusive just because MS gives them cash support. Sounds like a sugar daddy relationship to me.

    • APai

      yeah, selling a dozen windows phone does not make them millions. only nokia fans are buying windows phones – because they are nokia fans. not because they’d want a windows phone!!!

      • horlige

        sad but true.
        I’d buy nokia phones regardless of their OS… :D

        • APai

          I’d buy a nokia android phone without thinking twice!

          • Yeah. Same here. But I guess we’ll have to wait for a very long time for Nexus Lumia.

  • Mlg

    Yes they can, this is just the beginning for the Sony, i look forward to Honami and Togari launched.
    Sony is going to be king of smartphones in the future.

  • Return of the King……welcome back SONY

  • lil bit

    Im gonna continue buying Sony products for now, and add some new also. Not happy with Galaxy Tab2 10.1, will get Xperia Tablet Z.

    Later this year TV upgrade, will be Sony again, with NFC and wifi to use the screen mirroring of my Xperia Z. I am not a big fan of the oversharpening the Bravia Engine does, but all in all i find Sony TVs to be good, the Sharp panels are great, and the mirroring with newer high end Xperia phones is very valuable to me.

    Also buying an Xperia SP or Xperia L for someone else, and Honami of course, there is no reason to not get that one if the rumors are true.

    Upgrading car stereo as well, Sony speakers or amps are out of the question, will go all for American brands here. The main unit was gonna be a Pioneer but Pioneers bias towards apple products is forcing me to get a Sony instead, i am for sure not buying any apple centric products.

    Thats a lot of Sony already.

  • emes921

    Yes. Samsung needs to be knocked down a notch. They are a little too cocky thinking that they can use cheap plastic & people will still by their phones. Competition is always good especially if it from a company that can back up their actions with superior products. Welcome back Sony!

  • Larry

    They need to ditch the C# language requirement for their Playstation certified Android apps. That is, work with a do-no-evil company instead…

  • APai

    sony is not doing enough to market their devices. sony is now in a position where samsung once was! lot of mid range devices for reasonable amount of money, the build is decent too!

    sony sorely lacks in the marketing department. they continue to market it like they do for their TVs and other consumer products. however, sony is not a front runner in the phones – samsung is. so sony should take a leaf out of sammy book and market the phones like there’s no tomorrow.

  • arcwindz

    Improve their update time and people will come by the dozens!

  • Well they certainly can if they keep up the good work just like they’ve been doing so far: BEAUTIFUL smartphones with cutting edge stuff on the inside. I just wish they’d use different names for their smartphones, “P”, “S”, “Z”, “ZL”, “T”, “TX” is starting to get kind of confusing.