Sony IFA conference set for September 4th

by: Robert TriggsAugust 14, 2013

Sony IFA conference 2013Sony initially teased the unveiling of its new i1 handset last week, which hinted at a September 4th date for the announcement. Well it looks as if Sony has a fair bit more planned for that date, as the company has officially announced that it will be holding its IFA conference in Berlin on September 4th.

Sony will be showing off all sorts of technology at the event, from TVs to laptops, but most importantly for us, we’ll finally have our first official look at Sony’s next flagship i1/Honami.  Sony could also demo some more of the upcoming Xperia Z Ultra, which is scheduled to ship out in the UK just a couple of days after the IFA conference. There’s also the possibility that the company might show off some more of its “Sony Lens G” too, so there’s plenty to look forward to in three weeks’ time.

Not to mention that Samsung is also holding its own “Unpacked” event on the same day, where we’re expecting to see lots of official details about the Galaxy Note 3. It looks like September is shaping up to be a great month for Android smartphones, so stay tuned for some big news.

  • S.L Jones

    Great month indeed… It’s either this phone or the G2, and possibly the Nexus 5 if it’s based on the G2… might buy the Nexus 5 outright as I did the 4, and get either the Sony i1 or LG G2 on contract… still gotta buy the Nexus 7 (2013) and the Nexus 10 (hopefully made by Asus, as I am generally against all things Samsung)… Google is taking all of my money this year the bastards! :)

    • Luka

      Where do you work because I want a job there :D

      • S.L Jones

        Lol I earn a modest living at best, but I came across a great article on some tech site that stated my condition, and that is, ppl have vices, spend their extra money on diff things, some ppl buy expensive clothes, some jewelry, designer bags, mod cars etc, I choose to spend mine on tech, I have no major expenses outside of rent, no kids, so I buy tech… We all have our spending vices lol

        • Luka

          I get that!

  • End in sight

    This is a great Fall to be alive. Gawd, it’s like an Indian lunch buffet of “devices”!

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone started renting these things out? That way you could use one for a month, swap it out, and then keep switching.

  • AndroidXperiaroid

    Hope sony xperia honami won’t go far from the price range of sony xperia z ultra :( i am choosing with this two devices.

  • Jaun Lombard

    LG is also going to have its conference on the 4th of September…going
    to be interesting. I think the Sony Honami will be the best phone on the
    market this year…it will be between the G2, Sony and Note 3…G2=
    good phone, Sony=Same spec as G2 but better camera, Note 3= Same spec as
    G2 but stylus. I will go for the looks and camera of the Sony over the
    Note 3 and G2!

  • songti