Sony Honami (Xperia i1) allegedly shows up in new image

June 26, 2013
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    Sony recently released its long-rumored Sony Xperia Z Ultra, bringing us the biggest, baddest 6+-inch phone the world has ever seen. Sony isn’t done bringing us new goodies just yet, as rumors still suggest that the Sony Honami – aka Sony i1 – will also be arriving sometime in Q3 of this year.

    While we’ve heard quite a bit about the Sony Honami, we’ve yet to see the device, until today. Thanks to Brazilian site Techtudo we finally get to lay our eyes on what is allegedly the Sony Xperia i1.


    In the image, the handset is placed beside the Xperia ZQ (Brazil’s version of the ZL) and the Xperia Z Ultra. As you can see, the phone appears to be a bit larger than the 5-inch ZL, though obviously quite a bit smaller than the Z Ultra. This suggests the phone might be a little bigger than 5-inches, though that seems to go against past rumored specs.

    Then again, Techtudo does note that this is non-final hardware and could be subject to change. We also don’t have any photos of the front, so it’s possible that this prototype is packing just a 5-inch display after all.

    As always, keep in mind that the photo images could be faked and nothing is ‘confirmed’ until Sony says so.

    Outside of a 5(ish) inch display, what else do we know about the Honami i1? Based on previous rumors, the phone is believed to feature a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, a 3,000 mAh battery, NFC, 32GB storage, microSD, 4G LTE, IR tech, Bluetooth 4.0, shatterproof front glass and a 20MP back camera.

    If the specs and features prove real, the Sony Xperia i1 could end up giving us a similar experience to the Z Ultra, albeit in smaller package. If you were impressed by the Z Ultra but not so interested in its massive display, you will certainly want to keep your eye out for more information on this one.


    • spade

      Why so tiny lens?

    • N K

      indeed the lens is too small to be 20MP, earlier I saw a photo of it with a much bigger lens that was in the center, although that could’ve been concept art…

      • Ufupuw

        Lens size is not determined by mega pixel. You can put 100 MP on tiny sensor snd lens size would be the same.

        The lens size however depends on the physical size (surface area) of the sensor. Bigger the sensor (surface area), better the image quality. MP is meaningless

    • SonyFan

      its fake…zoom about 500% in and u will see it

    • Jim

      Fucking Ugly

    • Sony1

      I think this is a refreshed version of the Xperia Z with the Snapdragon 800. It can not be the Honami.

    • Ryanjayce Villanueva

      Sony Honami i1
      Snapdragon 800
      32/64 gb internal memory
      4gb ram
      24MP rear facing camera
      13MP front facing camera
      Ir blaster
      Bluetooth 4.0
      Android 4.2.2
      Water resistant
      Dust resistant
      Shatterproof front glass
      4G LTE
      4,000 mah battery
      Health of meter
      Dual micro SD expansion slot
      Dual sim
      Dual flash
      Made of Aluminum or Polycarbonate with Kevlar

    • Raffael Oliveira Sousa

      Guys I’m Brazillian and I can tell you that almost everything TechTudo say’s it’s bullshit. They are a lot of Apple fanboys who think that mass effect is a FPS. And even Xperia Z didn’t got launched in Brazil yet, so why there would be a honami prototype here?

    • Preetam Nath

      JEEZ, that’s the XPERIA Z (possibly refresh)
      The writer has NO IDEA about Honami

    • Ruzveh

      only 3000mah battery? Peanuts