Sony Honami teaser image posted ahead of official announcement

by: Chris SmithAugust 22, 2013


The Sony Honami Android flagship smartphone will be announced on September 4, a few days before IFA 2013 starts, but Sony has already posted a teaser image showing a part of the handset.

We’re looking at the power button that’s placed on the side of the device, just like on other mobile devices from the company, including flagships like the Xperia Z, Xperia Tablet Z and Xperia Z Ultra.

The short tweet seems to confirm that the image indeed shows the Honami. First of all, Sony says it’s “the smartphone everyone’s been talking about,” and hints that the phone won’t be long now. Secondly, it uses the “#bestofSony” hashtag.

The hashtag is of particular interest as it sort of echoes the One Sony plan that Sony CEO Kaz Hirai detailed in April 2012. The Honami is expected to offer the best of what Sony has to offer, when it comes to display, camera quality, and other Sony technologies.

While Sony is just getting started teasing the Honami, we will remind you that we’ve already seen a variety of leaks showing the handset in the wild, right alongside plenty of rumors detailing its specs and features.

We’ll also notice that Sony is directly taking on Samsung on September 4, with both companies unveiling new high-end products on the same date – the Honami and Galaxy Note 3, respectively.

  • is the volume rocker above or beneath the power button, not sure

    • Toinou

      Looking at the direction of the power logo on the picture and on my Xperia Z, I’d say the volume rocker is beneath the power button.

      • oh, that´s too bad

        • lil bit

          Did you try or assume? Xperia Z uses this button placement and I like it, wouldn’t want the volume rocker anywhere else.

          • no tried it, didn´t really like it ,to close to power button. The lumia series has the perfect layout for those buttons, the ZL has the next best one

  • ARES

    What’s with the Power button?

    why is it always about the Power Button?
    same teaser for Xperia Z

    • Varun Bansal

      Becoz it’s the most ignored yet most important thing in smartphone :)))

  • Jonez7

    I am starting to like honami already before its launch! Its gonna be one hell of a epic phone! Might prefer it to note 3.

  • charlie brown

    i love everything about this phone except for the huge bezel

    • Mastermind


  • Ryan Castle

    LG G2 or this? So hard to decide…

  • RahulMacwan

    It looks like a very slim phone

  • najiy91

    sony you lie to me!u said xperia z was the best of sony!arghhh damn it! -frustrated xperia z user…

  • LoveIsLove

    It makes me confuse what should i buy :( Z Ultra or Honami… i love Z Ultra but i will love it more if it has higher battery.

  • Kandino

    Does anyone know how the audio quality will be like?