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A new set of images reportedly showing the unannounced Sony Honami have hit the web, and this time around we’re apparently looking at press images for the device.

A couple of different sets of images said to show the Sony Honami (Xperia i1) have surfaced recently, with at least one report claiming that the handset in those pictures is the same one teased by Sony in its July 4 Paris media event invitation.

The device in the official teaser image was initially believed to be the Xperia Z Ultra – this smartphone has been unveiled since that invite was issued – and now it’s said to be the next 5-inch flagship handset from Sony, the Sony Honami.

Sony Honami Press Image leak

The three new images only reveal the front side of the handset, although that seems to be enough to identify the device as the Honami, at least when compared with previous leaks. In case you’ve seen them, you’ll easily recognize the layout button on the right side of the handset which includes the on/off switch, the volume rocker, but also what is believed to be a dedicated camera phone button, placed towards the lower part of the right side.

Furthermore, the fact that a picture of the Eiffel tower is shown on the display of the handset in two of them seems to indicate that the Honami will be a smartphone with a focus on camera features, which is something previous rumors have also claimed.

The Honami is said to offer a Full HD 5-inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 20-megapixel camera, 2.2-megapixel front-facing camera and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

That said, this is still just a leaked set of images, and we won’t be able to tell you whether they’re showing the real deal or not for at least a few more days, as we hope that Sony will properly unveil the device in Paris.

  • isn´t the bezel a bit too thick?

    • jessem1323

      Check out the bezel on the XperiaZ ultra. Sony doesn’t seem to be going for very thin bezels.

      • agree,would really like to see a thin bezel like the S4 and LG Optimus Pro have though

        • jessem1323

          I really love the specs I’m hearing for this device but it is visually unappealing to me. This makes me look forward to the Optimus G2 that much more

          • yes,and another bad thing is the horrible screen protector Sony uses on all its devices,can´t stand that poor thing.Why can´t they just use Gorilla Glass 3 ?

          • Alex

            it says that they are using a special glass for this one, harder than Corning Gorilla glass, forgot the name but i know it has sapphire in the name look it up

          • where did you read that,because latest rumored specs said shatterproof and sapphire glas is maybe more scratch resistand than GG but it is way more like to break,so i don´t really think it will be saphire,don´t even want that,videos show it breaks way easier than GG,and GG3 is already scratch proof enough i think

  • King-Podigy-X

    I hope it comes in white.

  • Rockwell mellow

    It better have a bulk battery

    • Lil bit

      We can be sure it is Triluminous, and we do not yet know how power hungry these displays are. The blue led backlight already saves some energy over white led, and by making the blue subpixel white it will let more pure blue light through, requiring less backlight for a given brightness level. That is, if the quantum dots can provide bright red and green from a less bright backlight.

  • MariaxXT

    bezel are good because when the phone it fall on floor nothing happens to the screen. the s4 has thin bezel and from one fall the screen breaks

  • dflash88


  • Luka Mlinar

    20-megapixel camera? Ok, now this is getting stupid.

    • spade

      It is a good thing, except for thick bezel n thicker body.. Btw, it’s still acceptable if it has good battery life.

    • jessem1323

      If they use a larger sensor to handle the increase in pixels, how is it getting stupid? Sony makes some good P&S cameras. I think this phone will have one of the best smartphone cameras to date.

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    These pics are xperia c