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We’ve heard plenty about the upcoming Sony Honami in the past few weeks. In fact, right before last month ended, we got a glimpse of what it actually looks like, when its first purported press images went online — and subsequently spread across the Internet. But surely there is more to it than what has already been revealed, right?

Indeed, there is. A recently leaked system dump has now made it possible for the handset’s first screenshots to appear. It also gives added confirmation to some of the rumored features, like the beastly camera and the updated UI.

The Sony Honami will apparently come with a brand new user interface, including an updated launcher, a new app drawer, and even a few new apps (such as a new Walkman app). There’s also a new version of Small Apps, which allows users to run multiple apps on the screen at the same time.

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The changes to the software are of course not just superficial. There’s a new virtual keyboard, that might also have a few new features itself. And as mentioned earlier, there’s a new Walkman app which helps fulfill a long-time dream of many Sony users: Music Unlimited integration.

Honami SS3
Here is the new Walkman app in action, showing “Unlimited Music Streaming” at the very top as one of the options.

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The Sony Honami is one of the most hotly-anticipated Android phones from Sony this year. And part of the reason why is because it has been rumored to wield a 20-megapixel camera that is capable of recording 4K video (4000×2000 pixel resolution). This is confirmed with a read-through of the phone’s build.prop, which also identifies a few other highlight features.

Above, you can see something else that the camera will offer: Augmented Reality. That dinosaur clipart up there shows just one of several Augmented Reality modes, which can be activated with the use of the camera. We still aren’t certain when exactly the Sony Honami is going to drop, but it’s looking more and more like something that’s worthy of waiting out for, that’s for sure.

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      • Ben Jacobs

        lol on 2nd screen shot

  • King-Podigy-X

    Phone of the Year 2013

    • Luka Mlinar

      Ill wait until i see the Nexus 5 before i make hat call TVM :)

    • nameofthewind

      this literally killed samsung’s s-pen :))

  • CiMO

    As long as Sony keep those on screen buttons, I won’t buy even if they put a V16 engine with a 1000 hp. I really hate on screen buttons.

    • CiMO

      *put .. in it

      • That’s what I said before I got an Xperia SP. You will be stuck with Samsung forever…
        Capacitive buttons on HTC are worse. Seriously I don’t need a bar as a menu button.

        • CiMO

          I have been pretty happy with Samsung so far. I love their ERGONOMIC plastic handsets as well as the Amoled not to mention the hardware.

  • lil bit

    I’m in.

    • lil bit

      Already transferred money to a savings account, for this and a Sony Smartwatch 2! Someone is eagerly waiting to adopt my Xperia Z, then everything is ready for the arrival of Honami. I hope for August availability, but if I have to wait longer I find comfort in that the Z is still an amazing phone, still loving it.

  • Ron

    I hope they had new battery tech on it or it would die after a few taps.

    • lil bit

      Triluminous saves battery, the blue led backlight is more efficient than phosphor covered white led used on current Xperia displays. Around 2500 mah will do just fine for me, if it’s 3000 then that’s great, unless it gets too fat and heavy.

  • technology

    4k? It’ll it take 4 times the place the FHD video takes. So unless it comes with 128GB Flash memory + 128GB microSD card expansion it’ll can’t be used more than for a few minutes.

    • lil bit

      32gb will do just fine. Then add a 64gb card. For most recording I use 720p anyway, 4k will be recorded mostly for testing purposes, and bragging rights.

      I will be disappointed if this is 16gb internal. So far 16gb hasn’t been a big problem on my Z, but it was a problem when I had Note 2, because of the big file size of 1080p videos on that one. Xperias compress the video files more.

      • I think you can save videos to SD card?

        • lil bit

          I dont know if SD card will be fast enough for 4k. Some 1080p videos are already pushing microsd cards close to their max writing speed, and since 4k has 4 times the resolution it could push a class 10 card over the limit, especially if a background app makes read or write requests to the sd card (and they often will if you set lots of apps to use sd card, like you will on phones with 4 to 8GB internal)

          But yeah, i guess 16GB plus card will be ok 99% of the time, but for me its kinda like using summer tires in winter, its usually ok but sometimes its a problem. Bottom line, 32 is better.

    • Daniel DS

      Normal users don’t capture more than a few minutes of video every now and then, you aren’t going to shoot full length movies with this thing so 32 gb will do.

  • Nitinart Nunthong

    10 seconds 4K video(at 30 FPS) is about 2.4GB. a storage will be fulled so fast.

    • Eastern37

      This won’t be capturing footage at the same data rate a normal 4k camera would so I would be expecting much less than that.

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    Does Honami come with OIS?

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    Sony are over taking Sammy with this.

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      yeah, in my dreams :D

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    Hope it will not be a dissapoinment, just like every other sony phone before it.

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    Samsung must be pressured with Note 3, theres still hope. Sammy please make the note 3 awesome. =P

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