Sony Honami benchmarked, has full HD screen and Snapdragon 800

by: Nate SwannerJuly 30, 2013

Sony Honami benchmark

If you’re waiting around for the Sony Honami to show itself, I’m right there with you. What sounds like a monster device could end up being my next smartphone. Then again, Sony hasn’t been great at bringing stellar devices to the US in a timely fashion, so it’s best to be cautiously optimistic.

The Honami may not be much different in that respect, but it has popped up on the benchmarking site GFXBench. Using the build model of C6903, this is believed to be the Honami we’ve all been talking about, unless Sony somehow slipped one past the rumor goalie. A quick rundown shows it clocks in at 2GHz, though the crew at Xperia blog think it will touch the 2.2GHz threshold of the Xperia Z Ultra, which is consistent with what we’ve been hearing.

The Honami is also sporting the Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974), and that slick Adreno 330 for graphics. It’s got Android 4.2.2 as well, which is probably a good compromise for an OEM like Sony with such a thin layer on top of Android.

In maybe the most surprising note on the benchmark is the screen resolution. GFX notes the screen size is 1794 x 1080, meaning we’ve got a full HD screen on the Honami. If Sony gets the colors on this one right, look out. Your Chromacast remote just got a whole lot prettier.

Now that the Honami has hit the FCC, and been benchmarked, let’s hope that rumored launch date of late September holds up. After the Xperia, a great Honami device would be great for Sony.

  • MasterMuffin

    There are so many great devices coming before Nexus 5, must…resist…

    • Jean-Claude

      Just buy the Moto X and you will be fine man…

      • MasterMuffin

        You just had to mention the Moto X. NO. Before anyone comes accusing me of being a “specwhore” something else, that’s not it. I wouldn’t care if Nexus 5 had the exact same specs without the features of Moto X, I’d still get N5. I’ll get so much hate because of this comment, but I’m just sick of the Moto X. NO.

        P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry at you :)

        • Jean-Claude

          Let me tell you what it’s all about, you’re just angry cause they ruined the big wow factor of the Moto X because we know at this moment every single detail of that phone (Moto X here, Moto X there, everyday there is a Moto X leak, even its name is becoming disturbing)… I’m pretty sure this will not happen with the Nexus 5. But a while after the 2 devices get official. It will be a little hard choice picking between the two.

          • retrospooty

            “Let me tell you what it’s all about, you’re just angry cause they ruined the big wow factor of the Moto X because we know at this moment every single detail of that phone”

            I would say the only “wow” factor for the Moto X is for Google and Moto… For nerds like us who enjoy this stuff enough to go to a site like this and post, its not a great high end phone… What it is, is Google’s attempt to bring a good affordable smartphone to the masses. Its a good mid range phone at a great price. Great for business, and great for the smartphone market and Android as a whole, but not great for “Phandroid” type users. ;)

          • Jean-Claude

            Well your comment states that “Phandroid” type users want high-end specs… Which is wrong.
            I’m a Phandroid myself and I love all the high end stuff, but that’s what the Moto X tells us, we don’t need 8-goddamn-cores to have an ultra smooth Android experience. With this affordable phone you will get a great camera (Yes, 10 MP is great and 20 MP feels too much, don’t get me started about 41 MP), a great processor, a great Android experience, and a great looking handsome device. What do you want more? I bet Samsung is testing a 16-core processor right now, why are we under-estimating the power of the Moto X because it has “Mid-range” specs. If it had only one core and runs very smooth I would buy it.

          • retrospooty

            OK, I would guess that most Phandroid users would want something higher end… I totally agree this is a great phone and a great idea, and like I said, its not meant to be the “halo” phone. Its meant to bring a good and affordable smartphone to the masses and I am glad for that. IF this is $299 and an S4, One, LG G2, Note2,3, iPhone etc are over $600 its a massively great phone.

          • sequdaz

            Xiaomi Mi2A is a 350$ Snapdragon 600 phone if you are talking cheap/affordable phone, this Moto X crap is a mid-range over-hyped overpriced piece of sh*t.

            on topic though, this sony honami is pretty much a beast of a phone!

          • retrospooty

            Way too harsh… Like I said, its about bringing a good affordable phone to the masses. People (masses) arent going to buy the Xiaomi worldwide. Is it even for sale outside of China? Do any carriers carry it? Have most people even heard of the company? Try to be realistic man.

          • MasterMuffin

            Thanks for telling me why I’m angry x)

            We know everything about the phone, we knew weeks ago pretty much all and they don’t even try to hide it.So many news and people talking about, it’s like that good joke that is said so many times that you just can’t stand it anymore :'((

          • Render

            I seriously doubt we know everything about the phone…we know everything the Droid line showed, nothing more (besides a pretty camera application). There is bound to be some other surprise Thursday…

          • MasterMuffin

            I don’t even want to know. Yes, I said it and actually feels good to say it!

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I can’t get over that bezel! Like UGH! It’s literally the world’s biggest bezel -.-

    • Clarence Alvarado

      Big bezel on bottom? Or mediocre speaker?

  • Nanda Linn Aung

    sweet stuff…

  • Ruz

    Why cant they improve the overall UI of the android? Its really weird to have those round unsharp icons sitting on the main page

    • Ivan Budiutama

      it’s just a mater of flavor, really. Some people will prefer Xperia UI over Touchwiz UI or Sense UI. That’s why the launcher is there, Nova allows you to change icons individually, that’s why Andorid all about, high customization capability. You can also discard those icons if it really bother you, just put some widget on the homescreen to replace them. I think Xperia Widgets are pretty.

      • Ruz

        true bro. you may be right

  • blowntoaster

    Someone should check if the SoC get’s overclocked on benchmarks….!!!!
    you know, since everyone copies Samsung…because their products are awesome…

  • G2forme

    also good phone ….

    like G2!