Sony Homani (Xperia Z1) appears in high-quality images

by: Chris SmithAugust 29, 2013

Sony Honami

High-quality images showing the Sony Honami (Xperia Z1) have hit the web, with a week to go until the phone becomes official.

The Honami is expected to be called the Xperia Z1 – at one point the rumored name for it was Xperia i1 – and will be unveiled during a special media event in Berlin, Germany, on September 4.

While not official, the images in the gallery below show a handset that’s very similar to previous Honami leaks and even some of the recent Honami-related teasers – just check our the button layout and ports placement on the sides of the phone, but also the 20.7-megapixel camera on the back.

The images show the white and black versions of the handset, with Sony rumored to also have a purple model in the works.

According to MobiFlip, the units shown in these images are dummy models – therefore not working units – photographed somewhere in China.

We’ll cover the Sony Honami thoroughly for you at IFA 2013 next week but meanwhile, make sure you check out our rumor roundup for this next Sony flagship smartphone.

  • Luka Mlinar

    If it’s not water proof then why cover the USB port?

    • Isa

      It’s waterproof … just look at the first pic of the article showing the device falling into water!

      • Luka Mlinar

        Except you got a hole for a 3.5mm jack on top.

        • mumusen

          Nice observation

        • hbhb

          They made the connection water tight, without a plug to go in it,

        • leo98918

          If you look at their advertising, it clearly says waterproof.
          I know, the headphone jack is still open. Somehow they were able to keep it waterproof without putting some type of cover over the headphone jack. IDK ask Sony. All I know is that its waterproof and I’m getting it!

          • Luka Mlinar

            Luck bastard :D

          • Ivan Myring

            They coated it in something (like liquipel) and made sure the inside of the port was sealed.

        • harrold

          Look at Z Ultra

  • slick8125

    oh boy does that look nice. until it’s announced, i’m going to be completely delusional and hope it will also be released on a US cdma carrier as a part of the new “one sony” vision

  • poop

    Sexy beast. Can’t tell whether I want the white or black one (either way, there’s black on the front).

    • najiy91

      weird half black half white decision for xperias.anyway welcome z1!

      • pauldrew18

        I agree.. The white version should have a white front, not only back.. It ruins the aesthetics of the phone..

  • IncCo

    looks exactly like a Z ?

    • MTF

      that’s why this thing is belong to Z Family :)

  • acey_zero

    Is it just me or does that look like a fingernail slot in the top middle of the backplate???

    • lil bit

      Second Mic, noise cancellation.

  • Dusan

    I’m not really liking those huge ass bezels… well what can I say, I got spoiled after seeing LG G2. Although I prefer Sony over LG, this better have an equally good battery as G2 and be waterproof (most likely) so I would even consider getting it over G2 (Honami camera means nothing to me).

    • 26

      Agree, back body is cool but when seeing the front, i don’t really want to see it again.

      G2 over honami, lets see how much the price difference next.
      I’m pretty sure G2 cost lower than this thing!

      • qubo

        it doesn’t even have an IR blaster. very few features.

        • MTF

          yes it doesn’t have IR Blaster, and yes there’s very few features but this few features will eat a bunch of features of your samsung, why it’ll eat samsung? because Sony thinks wisely, they put some features that is useful not a features that are for gimmicks only..

          • qubo

            no samsung fanboy here. i always aim for a sony device. i’m not saying this to promote other companies. i’m saying this because i want sony to be successful. it can’t compete if it keeps on offering very basic things. i want sony to play the marketing game. waterproofing is not going to be enough now.

            i just don’t understand why they’re keeping those huge bezels if all they’re adding is a bigger battery. they should at least include an IR blaster. it’s not a gimmicky thing. IR controls are very useful. they can be used for home automation. they’ve already upped their marketing game by putting a higher megapixel camera. why can’t they include the IR? they’re certainly simply playing the marketing game with the higher megapixels. do you think the 20mp camera is essential? that’s also just gimmicky. you’re being a hypocrite fanboy. let’s be intelligent sony buyers.

  • qubo

    again ugly wallpaper. pls change that sony. it destroys your triluminos tech. really awful wallpaper. why are you obsessed with those grays near the display’s borders? they emphasize the size of the bezels and the make the display look washed out.

    • MTF

      Hey samsung fanboy, can’t you download wallpaper from playstore? or your own image?

      • qubo

        hey stupid. i want sony to change that because i like that company. i don’t want their device to look inferior to those of others. i’m not being the blind fanboy you are. you have to help the company you like. you can’t be too patronizing. offer useful inputs.

        if you just open your eyes, you can see how that wallpaper makes the display look poor compared to the punchy wallpapers used by other flagships. they should at least remove those gray/highlights near the display’s borders. those grey parts emphasize the thick bezel. why can’t they use the wallpapers from the old xperias? they made the display look way better even with their viewing angle problems.

        they no longer have the viewing angles issue with their device so they should make the most of it by putting a better wallpaper. that wallpaper is what they’re using on their marketing materials. i hate it because people think sony’s displays still suck. if they choose a better wallpaper, people will realize how great sony’s display is.

    • Cao Meo

      I think Xperia’s wall paper is very nice, MotoX’s wallpaper is terrible :(

  • Cao Meo

    Great looking phone, but the price will be very high I guess.

    The sensor is 21MP and hopefully the picture quality can match Lumia 1020

  • dcctv

    sony have shit battrey timing

  • baoyi201

  • andrew

    If you type in Sony Z1 in Google search box you get site after site of Sony’s HD video camera. Marketing confusion? You bet.
    ‘Z Fast’ really would be more appropriate. That is what this baby will be because of the sum total of its parts, including software. If a revised UI is also delivered.
    Carbon body…..please!
    Glass back….pretzel logic.
    Will accept whatever the God-like persons at Sony decide on.

  • 000