Sony dubs the Xperia V as the James Bond phone, debuting soon in Asia

by: Bams SadewoDecember 5, 2012

Meet the Sony Xperia V, otherwise known now as the other James Bond phone. Yes, Sony has decided to wipe clean months of marketing brainwashing by blessing the Xperia V with the “Bond” moniker, at least in Singapore.

Seeing that those gadget-hungry folks in Lion City won’t be getting the Sony Xperia T, we sort of understand why Sony had to choose the next best thing to carry the “James Bond” branding torch. The 4G-enabled Xperia V will be released in Singapore on December 8 for S$698 (US$573), while the 3G variant will come to Malaysia next week and Indonesia early next year.

In other related news, the Sony Xperia V is already available in Sweden, where it can be had unlocked for a rather pricey SEK 5,290 ($800). The phone is expected to land in Russia in mid-December for 24,990 roubles ($810).

In case you’re wondering, the Xperia V will only ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, though an upgrade to Jelly Bean has been scheduled in Q1 2013.

  • aladin

    nou gud ,samsung the best ))

    • Rana

      Good to see supporters of Samsung who cannot spell!

  • Incoming lawsuit from Apple. This phone looks more like the iPhone than any of the Samsung phones that are currently listed in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit. Of course there is prior art that Sony came up with this design before Apple, but since when has prior art stop Apple from suing?

    • MasterMuffin

      You’ve been smoking? :)