Sony introduces two battery packs to get you through your day

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 3, 2013

Sony CP-F5

Many modern smartphones have sealed batteries, meaning we can’t readily change them out when they get low. Sony understands the issues this can present, as we’re often left to negotiate being ‘on the go’ and the battery life of our devices. Their answer? Battery packs to power your phones and tablets.

The CP-F5 and CP-F10L, 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh respectively, are being offered up by Sony to help us get through our day. Both are sleek and stylish, and pretty run-of-the-mill as far as battery packs are concerned. They will charge your device in less than two hours, and take about 7 hours to replenish using AC power. The CP-F5 will have one port, while the CP-F10L will have two for charging multiple devices.

Sony says that after 1,000 charges, the Lithium Ion batteries will retain 90% of their capacity. Both battery packs are aluminum, and have similar power outputs (CP-F5 gives you 1.5A, while the CP-F10L will charge at 1.8A per port).

The devices are currently available in India, at Sony stores and other major electronics retailers. The CP-F5 will run about $42, while the CP-F10L will set you back $72 or so. At that price, with the sleek modern style Sony brings to the table, we’d love to see these in stores and online soon.

Sony CP-F10L

  • Kile

    Clearly the z1 won’t have a removable battery then. Note 3 it is.

    Pulling the battery is helpful when the phone crashes, spare batteries are cheaper and smaller than a portable charger and your main device will degrade after a year so your forced to buy something again with Sony.

    • FL Guy

      Also, built in batteries wear out and/or fail. Not as quickly as they once did, but still, removable battery is a must have feature for many high end phone users.

      • lil bit

        I prefer power bank even if the phone has removable battery.

    • lil bit

      Buy again with Sony? My Sony portable power bank works with any phone, of course.

      Pulling the battery? Why would anyone want to do that when power + vol.up is so much easier?

      Portable power banks are superior to spare battery in that you dont have to wait till the battery is dry, you can top it up whenever during the day, at convenient times, and it’s not like we need a full charge usually. Uninterrupted operation as well, that’s a huge advantage. And you dont need to open the phone. And very important, its universal, can use it to charge your Bluetooth headset, smartwatch, your other cellphones, and it’s still there the day you change your phone. Power banks are better in everything except size. Not like you will bring it everywhere anyway, I only bring mine if I know it’s gonna be a long day away from wall and car chargers.

      • SContrerasMer

        the thing with the sealed batteries are failures, if a removable battery gets damaged there’s no big deal replacing it, just getting the batery
        if a sealed battery is danaged the repair is a little bit harder,(Really easy with iphones 4/s- 5, just getting the peantalobe screwdriver) unless you have an HTC One, that phone is really hard to repair

      • Wade06

        Easier? Really?

        Changing a battery literally take less than 30 seconds and your back at 100% an on your way.

        Using these you would need to keep it plugged in for 2-3 hours to get back to 100%…. plus these look bigger than the actual phone is, you still need to cart the cable with you and they aren’t real cheap.

    • dfsef

      i think the new xperias have hard reset buttons tucked under one of those flaps

  • Ade

    Have a One X with HTC Battery bank. Who needs removable battery, right? ME! MHL connection draws battery very fast and if I plug in the power cable, the phone gets really hot and it damages the battery.

  • Jason Bailey

    I wonder if they are capable of charging sony devices via the magnetic charging cable?

  • Timmy

    Wrong solution to the problem…make a better battery in your phone so these kinds of things aren’t even needed…otherwise, make the battery removable.

    • stitch

      not everyone wants a heavy device.. and non-removable is to make it thin and water-tight. if u need more juice, just carry one of these around..

      • SContrerasMer

        the S4 active, well that thing is not thing, but is water.resistant and has a remobable battery

    • APai

      while what you say is treue, no one really has technology to pack a 5000mah battery in a sleek form factor

  • APai

    the pricing is quite decent! not too expensive

  • g2525

    The CP-F10L have been on the market for over 6 months now..

  • EliasAlucard

    The main issue with non-removable battery is that the battery life deteriorates after a couple of years, which means that you won’t be able to use your smartphone after a while. This means, smartphones and tablets with non-removable batteries, are not future proof. The general idea of course, is proprietary vendor lock-in, and a renewal model where you, the customer, are more or less forced to buy a new device, instead of buying a device once and use it for a very long time. Android OEMs have gotten this iDiotic idea from Apple (Apple popularised it with hardware makers). It’s good for their business of course, but it’s bad for us as consumers.

    The reason why Sony isn’t selling as good as it should be, is that their high end flagships are still packed with non-removable batteries. Other than that, Sony is doing pretty much everything right with the Xperia Z/Z1 (there are some other minor issues of course, but non-removable batteries is a serious issue for consumers). In Sony’s case, it’s somewhat understandable because of the water proofing, but water proofing can still be done with removable batteries (Samsung did it, and Sony Ericsson did it too with the Xperia active).

    When Android was newer, back then, pretty much every Android device had removable batteries and micro-SD slot. Android OEMs need to go back to this model, it was much better; more open and free. Unfortunately, Android OEMs have taken after a very negative trend which was started by Apple with the iPhone.

    As for the battery packs, they’re awesome, but all Android devices should have removable batteries and micro-SD slots. And there are many battery packs like these anyway (just search at Amazon, Newegg etc.), and they happen to have solar cells and up to 30,000 mAh, which is a superior solution. I hope Sony releases battery packs with much higher capacity and solar cells, because that’s much better for the environment and it’s the future: renewable energy.

  • Ciaran Welch

    Bought one of these a month ago, two weeks later charge port pushed on, warranty void
    money wasted.