Several Sony 2013 phones leak, including flagship Xperia C650X “Odin”

by: AdrianOctober 8, 2012

What could Odin, the ruler of Asgard, have to do with Sony, the Japan-based multinational conglomerate known to us Android geeks for the Xperia line of smartphones? That’s the million dollar question we’re all asking ourselves after hearing that Sony’s 2013 flagship phone could be codenamed “Odin”.

Also known as the C6502, C6503 and C6506 right now, this handheld is wrapped in total and utter mystery for the time being, with the only details known about it being that it will be launched sometime next year and that it runs Android 4.1.1.

It runs as in a pre-release prototype of the phone runs Jelly Bean, because we’re betting that if Sony will really want to make an impression with “Odin” it is going to equip it with Android 4.2, the just about confirmed next version of our favorite mobile OS.

Without even a shred of evidence on the super-phone’s spec sheet, we can only speculate as to what that codename might mean. Sure, it doesn’t have to mean something, but with Thor: The Dark World being scheduled for a November 2013 release, we can’t help but suspect there might be a connection between Sony and Hollywood once again.

Odin, as you comic book geeks know very well, is Thor’s father, and with Sony sponsoring the James Bond franchise, a partnership with Marvel’s Avengers franchise seems like the logical next step.

An XperiaBlog commenter going by the name of “Pear” has an even wilder theory on the codename, speculating that Sony’s phone might come with a supercamera and Cybershot capabilities (C as in Cybershot and Odin, the one eyed god as in supercamera). Wild, but not at all illogical, don’t you think?

Enough with the wild-goose chase, because there is one other future Sony phone leaked. The C1604 (also known as the C1605) will however be a much less luxurious device than the “Odin”, being powered by an outdated single-core 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7227A CPU and an Adreno 200 GPU. That combo hasn’t exactly fared well in a leaked NenaMark 2 benchmark, but hopefully the pricing will make up for the lack of performance.

The device will run Android 4.0.4 ICS on launch (no word on a date), which sounds decent enough, but the 480 x 320 pixels resolution display just about seals this guy as an Xperia tipo/miro lookalike/successor.

The C150X is a third Sony handheld tracked in user agent strings and, like the Odin, is wrapped in complete mystery. Still, based on its codename, this should be another entry-level phone similar to the existent tipo and miro and probably powered by the same Snapdragon S4 Play chipset as the C160X.

Who’s looking forward to Sony’s 2013 Android phones? Could Odin be the “hero” device the company needs so desperately to challenge the likes of Samsung or HTC?

  • Cougar Pines

    What could Odin,
    the ruler of Asgard, have to do with Sony, the Japan-based
    multinational conglomerate known to us Android geeks for the Xperia line
    of smartphones?

    A jab at Sony’s ex-Partner, SWEDISH Ericsson?

    • MasterMuffin

      Odin is actually norwegian…

      • Odderen

        nope. he is part of the norse mythology…

        • MasterMuffin

          I know,norse mythology consists the myths and legends of skandinavia, but the odin/thor etc. Thing is more norwegian, in soviet russia- I mean, sweden (:D) they have their own stuff (or that’s what I thought)

          • Odin

            Odin exists in both Scandinavian and Germanic mythology. Odin as well as Thor for that matter have Japanese counterparts in old Japanese mythology.

          • MasterMuffin

            I believe in you ’cause your name is odin so you probablyknow best :D

      • mrband

        In fact he is Asgardian… :p

        • MasterMuffin

          :D true dat

  • Dimitri

    ODIN means ONE in Russian language

    • ninja

      So HTC came up with odin 1st.

  • mkr

    xenon flash, call buttons and qwerty keyboards and i want it