Sony reportedly set to launch a 12-inch tablet in 1Q15

by: Robert TriggsOctober 24, 2014

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According to sources in the Taiwanese supply chain, Sony is preparing to enter the ultra-size tablet market, as are a selection of other unspecified mobile vendors. Sony is apparently set to launch a 12-inch tablet in the first quarter of 2015.

Being such a large size, it’s likely that Sony will pack the huge tablet with a high resolution display and will have to accompany that with a beefy processor and other high-end specifications. This will be the case according to the sources, and Sony will be targeting the 12-inch tablet at markets with a high demand for graphics-related applications.

However, this tablet isn’t expected to experience very high demand, as only a limited supply is apparently heading through the supply chain. Instead, Sony could be testing consumer appetites for larger tablets with a smaller roll-out before deciding if it’s a market segment it would like to commit to in the long term.

Sony’s 12-inch tablet will likely be targeted at laptop users looking for something a little more portable. Think Microsoft’s 12-inch Surface Pro 3 or Samsung’s 12.2 inch Galaxy Note PRO. It will be interesting to see how successful Sony’s tablet turns out to be.

  • Saeed Al Dhaheri

    After Selling Vaio Devision they better be starting to position themselves in tablet world, the new era for computing nowadays

  • ben

    shut up and take my money!

  • Craig Dowdall

    I have an Xperia Z2 and an Xperia Tablet Z which I want to upgrade and would love to see a tablet this big

  • isn’t that tablet sexy?

  • Tom

    Can anyone explain to me, why a company that has financial problems in mostly every department (from what i’ve been told) still rolling out new products?? I was under the impression they are struggling. I know SONY PICTURES arent doing so well, and their mobile phone division was in a loss.

    • shhh

      Ask HTC,

      • apolloa

        Well Google has thrown them a bone with tablets hasn’t it. Will be very interesting to see if HTC make their own non Nexus tablets now.

    • Tjaldid

      You got to spend money to make money

    • Making good devices turn the tables around,sulking in a corner makes losses

    • Cole Raney

      So, in your mind the way to combat losing money is to give up? If they make no new products, they surely will lose more money.

  • Hasscdff

    That thing had to pack the Snapdragon 810 And at least 4 GB RAM to compete

  • Tjaldid

    If its aimed at graphics applications then this has to support a Pen, Also it will be interesting if they include that 4K display they are currently making for that size

    • Cole Raney

      A 4K tablet? That would be crazy awesome if it ran well.

      • Tjaldid

        With the S810 and 4GB Ram it ought to run well

  • Arda Akca

    I would preorder it right now. Shame I read it a new z ultra. Hope they release those two together.

  • Will Ś.

    The form factor has been tried and simply didn’t set the world on fire (Galaxy Note 12 & Surface Pro 3).

    • hmm

      Screen size on the note pro is superb. Never seen one on display in any stores I have been in, which surely doesn’t help

    • crutchcorn

      But they have their own support base. I love both products and the form factor as a whole

  • apolloa

    Would be great to see a product like this, running a 64 bit SOC and Lollipop with a decent amount of RAM, which I think will happen as the latest tablet has 3GB RAM.

  • crutchcorn

    I LOVE large form factor tablets with these sizes! I cannot wait to see Sony’s take on it!!! :D

  • jumbo3220

    Xperia Z4 tablet Ultra

    12.1″ JOLED panel (2k)
    snapdragon 810
    4GB RAM
    20.7MP cam 1/2.3 sensor while Z4 flagship smartphone will use the new 2/3 curved sensor
    amped front stereo speakers
    2DAY battery life +JOLED based battery saver options
    PS4 remort play / Dualshock 4 support

  • Otto Andersson

    Tablets need to have bigger counterparts. These will replace clipboards with paper in the future. If they can get it thin and light enough, you’ll see these quickly become the new norm. If android was smart, they would start working on business and productivity software before Microsoft and ios beat them to the punch.

  • Viswanathan P

    what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’d like to know why anyone would want a 12 inch tablet. Even a 10 inch size seems too big to me. i like the Samsung Tab S 8.4 screen and wouldn’t mind a high end 7 inch screen but most tablets at that size are mid range or low range devices. A 7 to 8 inch screen is nice for reading ebooks and looking at news/sports apps. I can also do a bit of work on a tablet with a small screen. Anything much larger is just wasted real estate and inevitably heavier to hold and carry, but I guess some people must like the larger ones. How about a 13 or 14 inch screen anyone?

    • Charles222

      I’ve got a friend who does web development things on a Note Pro 12.2.