SEGA to release original Sonic the Hedgehog game for Android soon

March 27, 2013

sonic-the-hedgehogRetro gaming is going strong in 2013. Recently Namco made Pac-Man free after 33 years and now SEGA has announced at the 2013¬†Game Developers Conference that it will be releasing the¬†original¬†Sonic the Hedgehog¬†game for Android.¬†The game isn’t just a simple port but a complete re-work of the 90’s classic including¬†Time Attack modes and a remastered soundtrack.

For those of you not¬†familiar¬†with Sonic the Hedgehog, and I find it hard to believe that there is anyone out there who isn’t, it is a 2D side¬†scrolling¬†platform game where you play the central character Sonic, who is of course a hedgehog. It is a classic¬†platform¬†game but with the added¬†excitement¬†of¬†Sonic’s¬†ability to run very fast and use things like¬†springs, slopes, and loop-de-loops to get through each level.

Although there are already some Sonic the Hedgehog games for Android like Sonic CD and Sonic Episode 4, the original game has never been released. And as with many franchises it is the original version that is often seen as the best!

The Android version will support widescreen formats and also promises very fast¬†frame rates,¬†something¬†that is¬†essential¬†for a game like Sonic for it to maintain its feeling of breakneck speeds!¬†There are¬†rumors¬†that SEGA will be using¬†Christian Whitehead’s¬†Retro Engine Software Development Kit (RSDK) as he recently Tweeted that he was creating a special build which would be used at GDC 2013. Christian’s engine was first used by SEGA to publish Sonic CD for Android. It also¬†featured widescreen support, and remastered dual Japanese and US soundtracks.

SEGA are planning to release the game soon, maybe even in April, with a price tag of $2.99.


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