Some Nexus 7 (2013) units still have touchscreen issues after the JSS15Q update

by: Chris SmithAugust 31, 2013

Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 (2013) tablet experienced some annoying bugs after its launch, including GPS issues and touchscreen problems, both acknowledged by Google and supposed to have been fixed by a recent software update.

However, it looks like the touchscreen issues are still there for some new Nexus 7 buyers, even after the JSS15Q update is applied (see video below).

Android Police speculates that some of these Nexus 7 units that still present touchscreen glitches may have been calibrated incorrectly – but such a problem could be solved via a second software update.

However, even if a second software update is released, it may not completely fix the issue in case Asus used various touchscreen digitizer types when manufacturing the tablet.

Another explanation offered for the problems is a grounding issue, which can’t be fixed with a simple software update:

[quote qtext=”The origin of this theory comes from a specific symptom where the tablet doesn’t experience any problem while being held or connected to a charger, but erratic behavior and ghost touches start occurring while resting on a flat surface. Again, these are only educated guesses and have not been validated by Google or any third party.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Paul Wilcox from Google’s Product Support forum has confirmed that the company is still looking into these remaining touchscreen issues, so we’ll probably learn more details about it in the future.

Meanwhile, in case your new Nexus 7 still behaves erratically, you can always have it replaced.

Have you had any Nexus 7 issues? Did the touchscreen issues persist after the JSS15Q update?

  • notpoliticalyet

    No issues on flat surface here. Google keyboard freezes up sometimes.

  • Mrkud

    Otg does not work in my case. What about you people?

  • Androidslikebiscuits

    Happens to me on my original nexus7

  • lesportif

    Got mine today (32 GB). Worked flawlessly before JSS15Q and stills does after the update. Seems like I’m luckier than I was with my ex N4 !

  • jeddo45

    Its something that Asus tablets always have problems with. My TF300 had that issue, and I had to send it in about 6 times for them to finally fix it.

  • Austin

    I have a lot of problems with the Google Keyboard freezing and lagging and not being responsive every now and then on my New Nexus 7

    • Олег Александров

      this is not only google keyboard problem. i use swiftkey and it freezes a lot too.. i would say once per 1-2 hours.. but anyway i totaly love this tablet.

      • dJay

        Welcome to the world of automatic garbage collection. The salvation to all programmer incompetence…

  • Lodovik

    My Nexus 7 2012 still has this issue. I exchanged it two times for other problems (screen separation and overheating) and all 3 tablets did exhibit this problem. Asus doesn’t seem to know how to properly install digitizers…

  • Chris Aguilar

    My Nexus (2012) which has seen heavy daily use for over a year now, including on a flat surface, has never exhibited this issue.

    • OMGgary

      This particular problem only affects the 2013 Nexus 7, released in the past month.
      I’ve the 2012 model as well, and will probably stick with it for now until they sort out these bugs in the newer model. Been thinking of maybe trying to get a hold of the phone, Nexus 5 or whatever they call it, as a Christmas present to myself this year, and leaving the tablet alone until the spring.

  • arrow2010

    No problems with my Nexus 7(2013), although I haven’t done a pinch-to-zoom lately…

  • SKerr

    After the JSS15Q update my N7 2013 does not seem to respond to touch inputs every time. Often have to touch two or three times. I didn’t experience this prior to the update.

    • handsome0boy

      Did u have the 16 or 32 Gb model?

      • SKerr

        The 32 Gb.

        • NeV3rKilL

          Same here, with 32Gb too.

          • David Vetter

            Same here; 32Gb. Really poor stuff.

    • Alan Riley

      I have the same issue with my 32Gb

    • Dan

      Same here. Before the patch the screen was too sensitive and getting ghost touches. Now it’s the opposite – sometimes it doesn’t register touches. I’ve noticed if I quickly press the power button off and on again it starts working ok. Also, I’ve noticed it will sometimes ignore a single finger touch to scroll, but two fingers next to each other will scroll the screen fine.

  • AsakuraZero

    yeah my N7FHD had a pseudo perfect calibration on the J update, when i got the Q OTA my touchscreen went to hell, but thats the ONLY complain on my first batch N7

    GOogle srly love to screw up their touch drivers

  • Thanawat Luangsukrerk

    My nexus7 2013 can’t use HDMI out to my TV

    • Piyush

      man its a 230$ great device , but still so many people complaint.

      • Guest

        Lol, you must drive a Volkswagen ;-)

    • macguy

      I had 5 defective Nexus 7 units that would not output video via slimport hdmi / USB adapter.
      Finally the last one worked flawlessly and still does. Best buy tested each one in store & damaged out all the bad ones.
      Asus should go under

      • Midnight Runner

        This is the sort of retarded answer you would expect from someone with the username ‘macguy’ What about Apple should they go under for constantly producing poor quality units? Maybe Windows for O/S that don’t work to everyones spec. There are always going to be haters.. 5 defective units.. then its obviously a batch problem.. use your head next time you post.. instead of looking like an uneducated twat.

        • staraffinity

          So, are you saying Apple is constantly producing poor quality units?

          I’d say this Nexus 7 (2013) problem is worse than anything I’ve heard about Apple devices. Seems quite common too. I just today had my Nexus 7 stop responding to any touch input. It was still running and I could use the volume buttons and power button on the side, but no touch was dead. Had to force restart it to fix it. Will see how long until it happens next time. :(

          • Asdf

            Remember when you couldn’t hold your iPhone in your hand and get a signal?

          • staraffinity

            You’re exaggerating. The signal went down if you covered a certain spot on the side of the phone. While I agree that is bad it’s not a problem if you have a case or hold the phone in you’re right hand (not left), because then it’s unlikely that you cover that area.

            Anyway, I agree it was bad (and it was re-designed on the iPhone 4S), but that is a long way from concluding ”Apple constantly produces poor quality units”. I’d say they mostly produce good quality units, but occasionally make mistakes.

  • Austin Peachey

    I got the new Nexus 7 a few days after the release, and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever, before or after the update.

    • Man

      so… you’re very lucky!

    • Jeffrey Patrick

      Mostly the July and August model

  • dpskfromWA

    Such a shame, as the 2013 Nexus 7 is quite a nice design. I returned mine after one week due to the touchscreen issues.

  • Ray

    My nexus 7 2013 went faulty after less than 24 hours use! A flickering ghost of the top part of the screen in the bottom right quarter, blinking over the keypad area. Very disappointing, hope a replacement comes quick!

  • mej174

    happen to my gen 1 nexus 7 before the JSS15Q update, alls good after update here.

  • ColinStevens

    No problems at all with 2012 or 2013 Nexus models.

    I’m sure this is the case for most people and that those who say they have problems ‘shout loudest’

  • Theodrake

    Just before reading this article was using FB app. As I set my N7 down it started scrolling through pictures. Just kept hoping until I touched the screen.

  • holbrook22

    I bought my new Nexus 7 2 on August 1. It worked flawlessly until I ran an Android update, after which I encountered the “keyboard problem”. It became very frustrating writing anything on the tablet. I knew I was not alone after following all the news on the web about the problem.
    I called Google Play and they had me do a factory reset which didn’t help and I was told that Google was working on the problem.
    Last week I called Asus and they told me to send my tablet to their repair center in Texas and they would repair it. I didn’t believe him since I hadn’t read of that being a way to resole the problem.
    I then called Google Play again and they told me to install the update which I did and that fixed the problem. I have not experienced any double or triple letters or phantom hits since the update.
    To me the new Nexus 7 is almost perfect. I purchased the 2012 Nexus 7 shortly after it became available and now my wife is using that one.

  • tom

    I got my tablet during the early release and have had no problem since then. This tablet is great and I feel bad for people with a ruined experience :(

  • bonz

    Works just fine for me as I tend to be rather fat fingered so I pay attention to what I touch. Aim better!

  • MisterC

    I lucked out I guess, didn’t notice issues before the update and I just tested after the update and could not duplicate the dead zones/phantom fingers problem.

    Tested up to 10 points and it seemed solid.

  • rusty

    Yes’ I have had the same glitch for moths now. Mine is the first gen nexus 7 and I have the same ghosting. How do I go about getting a replacment?

  • Jon

    It seems that the phantom taps started after the fix, so I need an update to fix the update. But my original problem with my nexus 7 was that it got stuck on the nexus logo when booting up about a week after I purchased it. The only fix I have found for that was to restore to factory settings, losing all my data, and not turning it off.

  • Tomen8r

    I had zero issues UNTIL I downloaded/installed the 15Q update. Installing the fix broke my Nexus 7 2013. Ironic. My only option for a fix is to roll back to the previous build.

  • Erroll Go

    My nexus 7 now briefly stops for about 1-2 second after the JSS15Q update ( you cannot move anything for about 2 sec. and it will be okay again after)
    I know this because i play 2fuse and you press the tab the whole minute you are playing it, but my nexus stops and doesnt register my touch for 2 second and it will be okay again. Annoying

  • rahman hakim

    I am from Indonesia, my hand carry from US 16gb new nexus 7 still have problem on touchscreen easily reconized when I use swipe keyboard feature,,,,,, be careful when you buy product from Google guys,,,,

  • ROZ m

    MAJOR PROBLEMS…and others having the same. after updates from google, 32gb tablet got caught in a LOOP at logon. got tablet on wed. first time, sunday nite after several updates. got working after 4 hours on phone with both google & asus. then it happened 3 days later on wed. then on friday. on friday, i returned it. VERY FRUSTRATED. waited a long time for this tablet…and it was a total bust.
    others are reporting problems with gps, holding onto wifi.

  • porvort .

    I found the screen protector to be the culprit. Interestingly the flat surface touch issues went away instantly after i took it off

  • Jay

    The only issue I seem to have on my Nexus 2013 is wonky multitouch. It will register for pinch to zoom 80% of the time but when I try to turn a map in Maps it gets weird and only registers about 20% of the time. It will also miss about 1 out of 10 single taps as well.

  • Adam Hunter

    Same problem. If I have the charger plugged in, there is no problem at all. If I unplug it, sometimes it happens. Fortunately, my device do it rarely, but when it does, it’s very annoying. Switching off and on the display permanently fixes the issue.
    I didn’t have the problem after gaming of while gaming. I tried out Max Payne Mobile and Real Racing 3 and they’re working well. But usually problems starts using Sketchbook Pro. And after using it, the problem still there. Plugging in the charger fixes it while it’s plugged in.

    Mine is a 32GB version anyway.

  • Reg

    I bought a new Nexus 7 (2013) and had two types of problem. The first was that, when using the on screen keyboard, characters would repeat themselves several times uncontrollably. The second problem was that, when using the Chrome browser with several tabs up, the tabs would not respond to the touch.

  • eilyn

    I have bought the nexus 7 2013 thinking its a better tablet but I HATE IT!!!! The touchscreen just keeps freezing up. My low tech Samsung galaxy mini android 2.3 GPS is better. Why did I listen to the worthless raving reviews. I have tried to return it but the problem is intermittent. Unless it is really broken then they would replace it. I might just get a hammer and smash it!!!

  • It’s happened to me a few times, but it’s too late for me to have this tablet replaced. I’ve had my Nexus 7 since December.

  • Dave

    Just got my nexus 7 2013 and I’m having issues where the left side of the touch screen (near the camera in landscape mode) gets quite hot when I’m playing a hardware intensive game (XCom) and loses sensitivity. I can deal with it provided its a general problem and not a fault with my device. Has anyone else had similar problems?

  • Ion

    Touchscreen issues of nexus 7 were solved with android 6.0 :)