SnapPea: Using your phone even without your touching it

by: Dan EvansNovember 20, 2012

Anyone can tell you that smartphones are great. But, smartphones have their limits; some of the most common ones include distance and syncing data with your computer. You’ll need to be very dedicated with the USB cable or cloud services to keep your phone updated with the media on your computer. Even when you have your phone plugged into your computer, having to lean over, pick up the phone, and reply to a friend’s text message can disrupt your concentration.

Developers at Wandou Labs understand your pain; that’s why they’ve created an app that will eliminate the need to tear your attention away from your screen. With SnapPea, you can have everything on your Android device right on your desktop.

SnapPea isn’t a standalone app; it allows you to extend your Android experience to your Windows PC. First, you’ll need to download the Windows counterpart program to your computer and install it. Then, install the SnapPea app from the Google Play Store. Once SnapPea has been set up on your computer and your device, you can connect them.

You can choose how you’d like to connect your device to your computer. If your USB cable is free for use, simply plug your phone to your computer as if you would when you charge. Not only will your device start charging, you can also see any changes on your device’s screen right in the SnapPea program.

Alternatively, if you’re charging your device across the room and you really don’t want to disturb it, you can connect your device to your computer via Wi-Fi. Both the computer and the device need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Enter a code that the SnapPea app gives you into the Connect Phone option in the upper-right corner of the SnapPea program.

Once you’ve established a connection, you can opt for SnapPea to automatically connect your device to your computer every time you launch the SnapPea program on your Windows PC.

Using the SnapPea program, you can view the contents of your phone and backup your data on your computer. Is there a lot of information you want to add on your contacts’ profiles? Edit with your much larger and more convenient keyboard. If a friend texts you, there’s no need to pick up your phone. You’ll be able to see the message on your computer and reply easily.

You can also use SnapPea to view your phone’s images and music and to import new media that you want to carry with you everywhere to your phone. Got music stuck in iTunes? You can import that music to your device, as well. SnapPea also shows you a list of all the programs installed on your device, with an option to uninstall them.

SnapPea also makes downloading and installing apps easy. Instead of punching in an app’s name, you can access sites like 1Mobile Apps, the Google Play Store, iTunes Trailer, and TED Talks via the SnapPea program. Type in an app that you want, sign in using your Google account, and start downloading.

Download the Snappea app from the Google Play Store and its Windows-based counterpart software from the SnapPea website.

  • MasterMuffin

    You can already download apps to your phone from computer, but sounds great still

  • SnapPeaInc

    Aloha Android fans! From the developers of SnapPea: we’re hungry for your feedback. What can we do to make your Android experience even better?
    And Dan, thanks a million for the review! No-touch digital high-five.

    • Erik Amador

      SnapPea’s logo/your avatar seem . . . offensive . . .

    • Dan

      Your logo looks like the Jolly Green Giant’s erect penis.

    • Thomas Kjeldsen

      Glad to see you’ve developed this. Similar functionality has been sitting in box of projects I don’t have time to do myself, but I’ve felt the need.

      Can’t help but wonder why you went with a windows desktop application? A webapp seems the obvious choice, and would allow me to use my linux, chromeos and other android devices. But it’s on the roadmap I guess?

      • SnapPeaInc

        Hi Thomas–
        The short answer is that we saw a demand for a windows desktop application in certain markets (not everyone always has access to a stable internet connection). We are considering development of a web app.
        Thanks for the questions!

    • Shaheen

      No offence, but the idea is very much employed in AirDroid. Can one add a file from PC and it will be available in your smartphone? That would make it unique.

      • Thomas Kjeldsen

        Thanks for pointing this out. This looks to be exactly what I was looking for.

      • SnapPeaInc

        Hi Shaheen,
        AirDroid is a great product. Not sure what you mean here by “add a file from PC and it will be available in your smartphone.”

    • adhy permana

      Hi. I have 2 Google account in my phone. But only one account that snappea recognized. Any advice if I want switch to another account without deleting the one?

    • adhy permana

      Hi. I have 2 Google account in my phone. But only one account that snappea recognized. Any advice if I want switch to another account without deleting the one?

  • Mauricio

    Sounds a lot like Kies Air, though a little more troublesome…

  • Jack

    can i use messaging app like whatsapp in pc when i connect my phone with SnapPea?

  • No love for Mac users?

  • Can I rearrange my icons in android desktop like in pc desktop???? I mean, selecting multiple icons and drag n drop to position.

    Because its really a pain do finger one by one when you have a lot of apps and pages and want to keep everything organized.

  • Need this for the Mac. I have the app and really want to use this but can’t install it on my Macbook. Can anyone help?

  • dud


  • Tarra Madrid

    Hi, I’m a fond user of Snappea app for 3years now. This lately i discovered the following changes in the app:
    1. that the DELETE feature is no longer found in the app page in the Contacts and Messages (please see attached image)
    2. that there are chinese characters in the welcome page
    3. notification box does not show for incoming message even though it is activated in the Notification Settings

    These are all and hoping for your assistance.
    Many thanks and more power to Snappea team!