Snapdragon 800-based Galaxy S4 shows up once again, this time breaking benchmark records

by: Andrew GrushJune 14, 2013

Galaxy S4

Currently the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available with either a Snapdragon 600 or an Exynos 5 chip onboard, but a third processor configuration could soon be available as well.

Last week we reported on the Galaxy S4 SHV-E330S, powered by a Snapdragon 800 and featuring LTE-Advanced support. Now the device has appeared again in AnTuTu, breaking all existing records.

With a score of 31,491, it’s hard not to be impressed by the SHV-E330S. It’s also hard not to be more than a little confused. After all, when the SHV-E330S was first revealed, we posted up an AnTuTu benchmark score that was quite low for the Snapdragon 800, at just 24,179.


Why the big jump now? Honestly, there are many possible reasons.

First, every time you run a benchmark, you are likely to get a slightly different result. The reason for this is that sometimes different resources and background processes may be running that could effect the result.

Additionally, the Snapdragon 800-powered S4 might not have been properly optimized at the time of the first test.

Keep in mind that there is still the possibility that the SHV-E330S is a fake. That said, the same handset number has already passed Wi-Fi and DLNA certification, so it is seemingly more and more likely that the SHV-E330S is real.

The biggest remaining question is where and when the handset might emerge. Currently all evidence points to the Snapdragon 800-powered S4 coming exclusively to Korea, though again – nothing is official until Sammy says it is. If the Snapdragon 800 model of the S4 does make its way outside of Korea, would you be interested in picking it up?

  • Barry J

    If it does make it outside South Korea, would that not be called the Galaxy s4 plus with a slightly bigger screen?

    • Joshua Hill

      I seem to recall you thought this device would use the ‘Mega’ name. Why the change of heart?

  • Piyath Alawatte

    IT’S COMING………………

  • Nikola Gyurov

    No way. Im not bying top-notch hw every 3 months…

  • brararsh

    Why do you use galaxy note 2 image in S4 news?

    • MasterMuffin

      I was wondering the same, whyeee o.O

  • Tom

    No I wouldn’t , I already bought s4 with the exynos octa :-(

    • Anonymousfella

      Me neither!

  • jason ahrendt

    Well samsung always brings out the best to korea with the rest of the world gobsmacked. Think of samsung s3 with 2gb of ram in the early days. This always may suggest that we get this in our s5’s next year, while the koreans will get the more impressed features. Always happens, dont know why, just does.

    Perhaps the competition is too parallel at the moment. All latest phones are the same with the same cpu and graphics etc… just the same phone other than the design and the company.. snap dragon and adreno! So the the S range is not as special as it was when it first leaped its revolution as the others have caught up.

    Also maybe samsung can afford to up its hardware with the market drop to regain some market growth. By upping its power, it will attract better market investment.

    Good move!

    It will make its competitors think, adding pressure. Apple may have their production in role out stages and this will shock them perhaps.

    Its shocking news!

    You said it, it may be fake, but its a good fake story. But fake doesnt make sense because there is too much reality in this move. An 800 would be natural.

    Good report on this!

    So what will the s5 be like when it comes out next year? Will with have a wide and fair distribution or 5 different versions around the world where the koreans lick the cream?

    We should all know sammy’s strats by now :))

    Jason A

    • kascollet

      I don’t understand why a brand as capable as Samsung hasn’t yet invested in its own processor design. They’d better hurry because having to rely on others makes their hardware roughly the same as the others (HTC-Sony-Nokia-Asus, everyone has the Qualcomm platform).
      They surely could make the effort to differentiate their SoCs, designing one that is perfectly suited to their devices.
      Maybe the Exynos 6 line will feature in-house design ?
      For the moment, they depend on Qualcomm, Intel and ARM’s SoCs, and each of them comes with drawbacks (the Krait core is quite old, Intel SoCs have poor GPUs and ARM’s big.LITTLE A15+A7 is not right).

  • Dtect

    Why is it called “SHV-E330S”. Why not GTi9510 or something

    • Paruhang Chamling

      GTixxxx is for devices with Exynos, SHV-Exxxx is for Snapdragon.

  • technology

    The i9500 gets the same result at 2.1Ghz…

  • Jimmy Drew

    Wait for Note 3.

  • Guest

    This phone is only for Korean market

  • Magnetic1

    Let me guess Samsung will only let this 800 equipped S4 phone be available in Greenland. Typically decision making at Samsung. It won’t make any sense.