What to expect from smartphone hardware in late 2014 and into 2015

by: Robert TriggsJuly 18, 2014
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Smartwatches, software, and Android L may have been grabbing all the headlines recently, but smartphone hardware is also poised for its own shakeup in the not-too-distant future.

Handset manufacturers have been attempting to keep stagnation at bay with water resistance devices, new build materials, and various gimmicks this generation, but late-2014 and 2015 flagships could take us back to a more traditional hardware arms race.

Snapdragon 808 and 810 – ARMv8, 4K video, and faster data

We’ll start with something quite close on the calendar, the next generation of mobile processors.

One complaint that can be leveled at the current generation of flagship devices is that they haven’t given us any major boosts in processing performance. In terms of CPU processing power, nothing changed from the Snapdragon 800 to 801, and even the Snapdragon 805, which is starting to appear in a small number of high-end smartphones, only offers up a slight boost in graphics performance.

One complaint that can be levelled at the current generation of flagship devices is that they haven’t given us any major boosts in processing performance

Fortunately, the drought in Android CPU advancements is coming to an end, as the new Cortex-A50 range and ARMv8 architecture is almost upon us. Some of the first fully integrated SoCs to utilize this new CPU core technology will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 and 810 SoCs, which will arrive towards the end of the year. As with this generation, we can expect a large number of next-gen flagship phones to make exclusive use of Qualcomm’s processors.

qualcomm snapdragon 810 2

The new Snapdragon processors will be dropping Qualcomm’s modified Krait architecture to make way for ARM’s big.LITTLE technology and ARMv8 architecture, which is likely destined to arrive on tablets first. If you want to learn about what to expect from ARM’s new processor designs, we’ll have a more indepth look soon. The Snapdragon 808 will be a six core beast, with dual-core Cortex A57’s for high end performance and four lower power Cortex A53 cores for improved energy efficiency. The chip will also come with an Adreno 418 GPU, which falls just behind the Adreno 420 graphics chip found in the Snapdragon 805.

The Snapdragon 810 is an even more powerful piece of kit, with four Cortex-A57 cores and four Cortex-A53 cores running in a big.LITTLE configuration. The 810 will also feature a beefed up GPU, the Adreno 430. Performance and energy efficiency will also receive another boost as Qualcomm moves production over to the smaller 20nm manufacturing process. This is notable considering Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors have been stuck on 28nm for a number of years.

Qualcomm is not just known for providing high performance processors, the company sees such wide adoption of its SoCs because it provides integrated solutions for modems and digital signal processing, which is useful for image and video processing. With the Snapdragon 808 and 810, Qualcomm will be bringing over its new CAT 6 LTE-A compatible modem to the new chip designs, which will allow for theoretical peak data speeds of 300 Mbps, through 3x20MHz carrier aggregation. This technology has already found its way into the Snapdragon 805-powered Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A, and should be heading to the next generation of flagship smartphones too.

snapdragon carrier aggregation

Qualcomm is already prepared for even faster data speeds, and has already rolled out its latest technology in South Korean handsets.

Speaking of data speeds, Qualcomm is also planning to offer high speeds gigabit wireless speeds over short distances in the Snapdragon 810, which will be powered by WiGig 60GHz wireless technology.

Compared with the current generations Snapdragon 801 processors, the 808 and 810 provide a noticeable step forward in many different ways

Compared with the current generations Snapdragon 801 processors, the 808 and 810 also bring new support for higher resolution content. Ultra high resolution video content will continue to be supported with the H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC) formats, and 4K capture has been added with the H.264 format. These SoCs can also output content to 4K displays too, so you can play back your UHD content easily, if you have a compatible TV.

Camera support also increases up to 55 megapixels, thanks to the first 14-bit camera dual image signal processors (ISP) for smartphones. This is a big improvement compared with the 21 megapixel limit found on the Snapdragon 801, which Sony has been pushing up against for a while.

snapdragon 4k resolution

We can expect better support for 4K content playback and creation with future smartphones and tablets.

Not only will the new Snapdragon 808 and 810 bring another hop forward in terms of performance, but these chips will open the door for manufacturers to provide supped up data speeds, higher resolution image sensors, and will allow them to push the boundaries of high resolution content. There’s plenty to look forward to here.

Better Battery life at last?

Swanky new processors are all well and good, but battery life is probably the biggest complaint to be had with modern smartphones, as you are lucky to get more than a days’ worth of use out of a flagship on a single charge. Capacity is the real crux of the issue, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to squeeze more capacity out of the same materials, in the limited amount of space that there is to spare in a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 jet black battery aa 1

Research is being conducted into new materials, but it’s a slow and steady process. One of the most promising pieces of research has been conducted at Northwestern University. Researchers have developed a lithium-ion electrode that will apparently allow conventional Li-ion batteries to hold a charge 10 times greater than current batteries. The design uses a compressed silicon and graphene sandwich layer to avoid contractions and expansions during charging, which result in battery fragmentation and reduce the charge held.

the groundwork is being laid for a future where battery life is much better, though this revolution could still be many years away

Highly conductive materials, like graphene, are also being used to try and improve the charging speed of our devices, via the user of supercapacitors. Supercapacitor technology has some potential, but so far they have only ever found use in heavy electrical applications. The upsides of supercapacitors include faster recharge times, improved temperature performance, long life times, and the potential for 2-4 times the energy density of the best Li-ion batteries current available.


Supercapacitor power is closing in on traditional batteries, but medium term energy output remains subpar. Source: ExtremeTech

The typical cycle life of Li-ion battery is somewhere between 400-1200 load cycles, while supercapacitor can reach 500,000 load cycles. This means supercapacitor batteries could last a lot longer before charging starts to degrade.

The problem is that, at the moment, the technology sits somewhere between traditional capacitors and batteries, offering up discharge times that are too quick for most consumer grade electronics, and a capacity that is not up to scratch with modern Li-ion batteries. Unfortunately, supercapacitor sales are only expected to reach 10% of Li-ion sales in the next ten years, and the technology is still a long way from reaching the required energy density to act as a viable alternative for smartphones.

Capacitors vs Batteries

Capacitors can charge efficiently and have a long life cycle, but discharge too quickly to be useful and are rather expensive. However, a hybrid technology might offer a decent compromise. Source: Tecate Group

Te good news is that efforts are being made to combine the best of both worlds, allowing for super-fast charging times and acceptable battery life. Eesha Khare, a Harvard student, has already demonstrated a working supercapacitor battery built from carbon fibre and metal oxides, which retrains the capacitors’ quick charging attributes, while managing to maintain its charge. But again, we are in for a bit of a wait before such a technology would make it to the smartphone market.

Other weird and wonderful explorations into improving mobile battery life include sand (or silicon) replacements for graphite anodes in Li-on batteries, which could extend battery life by up to three days. Microsoft also recently talked about its plans for multi-sized batteries to look after more and less performing tasks, which can improve battery life up to 50 percent in its prototype. Perhaps the most sci-fi sounding idea yet is the prospect of solar charging displays, but sadly this technology, if it ever comes to market, only looks to be able to extend battery life by 20 percent, providing that you’re somewhere that the sun is shining.

Sadly, battery capacity doesn’t look like it will be taking any major steps forward over the next year. On the bright side, the groundwork is being laid for a future where battery life is much better, though this revolution could still be many years away.

More efficient components

It doesn’t look like we’ll have a reprieve from being shackled to the wall charger anytime soon, but hardware developers are attempting to find ways around the issue. If batteries are struggling to pack in more juice, then other hardware developers are going to have to find ways to make their technologies more efficient.

Kaneka LCD panel filmMobile displays are the most power consuming components in modern smartphones, especially as flagship devices start making the move towards 2K display resolutions and 600 plus PPI. More pixels require more power, but a lot of effort is also being spent to try and offset this power drain.

Developments in both LCD and OLED technologies look to be leading towards more power efficient displays, with some technologies claiming up to 50 percent energy savings over existing displays, thanks to a new film layer for LCD displays.

For OLED panels, currently only about a quarter of the energy supplied to the LED is converted into light. However, research conducted at the University of Bonn has found that replacing the expensive platinum OLED layers with a new organic layer will reduce the amount of energy wasted as heat, generating more light and improving efficiency.

LCD vs MEMS shutter

Research into entirely new display technologies is also being conducted, which will both compete with and work alongside existing LCD and AMOLED displays. IGZO, and other up-and-coming, backplane technologies are aiming to offer the necessary brightness, and therefore power consumption, of mobile displays, while allowing OEMS to continue to push the pixel count higher.

Qualcomm’s and Sharp’s investments into MEMS display technology are looking to become more commonplace in the mobile market towards the end of 2014 and into 2015. Sharp has already shown off the technology working in a 7 inch tablet. MEMS’ benefits include lower power consumption, due to fewer backlight components and more light reaches the surface of the display, compared with LCD, as there are no filter layers in the way. Instead, MEMS uses tiny mechanical switches to filter different coloured light.

Research into entirely new display technologies is also being conducted, which will both compete with and work alongside existing LCD and AMOLED displays

Displays aren’t the only big power drainers though, and we have already mentioned Qualcomm’s new processors. However, one feature, which some other manufacturers are already using, is the more energy efficient big.LITTLE processor layout, which combined with ARM’s new energy efficient Cortex-A53 processor, could offer up more efficient SoC packages than this generation.

Cortex A50 performance chart

As a solution for high performance CPU power consumption, fully heterogeneous big.LITTLE designs, combined with new energy efficiency CPU cores, should help to reduce power consumption for basic tasks, only drawing the maximum power when you really need it.

Advancements in GPU compute, which will also be making its way to devices in the next year, should help to further optimise processors for the most suitable tasks, further improving processing efficiency.

Maximize your memory

With the 64-bit Android L set to arrive later in the year, we can’t ignore one of the other hardware benefits that a 64-bit address brings, and that’s larger maximum memory capacity. More than a year ago, SK Hynix announced its work on 8Gb (1GB) LPDDR3 memory modules, and Samsung has since announced its own 8Gb module based on faster LPDDR4. LPDDR4 also promises a 50 percent performance boost in a package that is 40 percent more energy efficient. By combining four of these modules, smartphones will be able to reach the 4GB mark.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC card

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 already has 3GB of memory, and it’s not much of a stretch, or expense, to add another GB or more when the time comes. ARM itself has acknowledged that we’re approaching the time of 4GB memory smartphones and tablets.

Storage space also looks set to continually creep up over the coming years. Although Google doesn’t seem to be a fan of the SD card, some OEMs continue to include expandable storage with their handsets and tablets, and MicroSD card capacity has recently reached the 128GB mark. Processors which now support eMMC 5.0 will also help to speed up memory interface speeds, reaching peaks of 400MB/s compared with eMMC 4.5’s speeds of 200MB/s.


The next year of smartphone technology has a lot to offer us, although mostly we can expect continued, subtle improvements to hardware rather than off-the-wall innovations that will shake up the market. That being said, 2014/2015 flagships could offer up more of a generational leap than the 2013/2014 batch, with better graphics power, higher resolution displays and more efficient technologies bringing improvements across the board.

There are plenty of other technologies being worked on as well, although the time these technologies might take to make it to market is a little out of the scope of this article. For a glimpse at what smartphones could look like in two or three years’ time, we could also see optical zoom smartphones become the norm, flexible display technology continues to move forward, and we might eventually all be using our smartphones as 3D scanners too.

What technologies are you most looking forward to over the next 12 months, and will any of them be influencing your future purchases?

  • MasterMuffin

    That battery part made me sad :/ Curved and flexible displays are something I’m looking forward to. They’re gimmicks for now, but when the technology advances…

    “Te good news” :)

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  • joseph carmine nero

    For me 2014 was not as quite as i expected until now.hoping for awesome second half

    • pheonix31121

      2014 has been the least productive year because i think that devices have reached their peak with the current tech. Its also a transitional stage for the tech. 2015 will be a good year. Especially what qualcomm has in store i have my hopes high. Competition is what makes inventors move their bums.

  • renz

    mediatek will start challenging Qualcomm on the high end.

    • Mike Reid


      • renz

        well usually mediatek only play on the low end like using A7 cores. but their upcoming chip will use 4 A57 + 4 A53 instead of the usual 8 low performance core they use in the past. such config will go head to head with snapdragon 810 which also going by the same config. and mediatek boast their chip scored 47k in antutu just recently.

        • Richard Riker

          first they should start to build good working drivers/kernels. The ones from the MTs that you can find at the moment are somewhat bad build that only one half of features really works how it should. And the 808 and 810 will only be the beginning. I’m sure Qualcomm is already working on a successor to Krait because the 64-bit processors you can find at the moment are just slightly modifies “stock” ARM cores.

          • renz

            that’s the problem with mediatek and china based SoC.

      • Tjaldid
  • Nacos

    One of the best technical articles I’ve read lately. Well documented and to the point. Congrats!

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  • Clarence Alvarado

    – JDI’s true Full HD OLED display with WhiteMagic
    – Sony’s EXMOR 1/1.5″ curved CMOS sensor for mobile

  • George

    I’m still at Snapdragon 600 and thinking of keeping my S4 for another year.
    F me right?

    • Harry Morgan

      Same situation here. I think I’m gonna jump on the first Snapdragon 805 phone I’ll see or 810.

      • George

        Thinking of doing the same.
        I’d say it’s pretty good idea.

  • rebirthofcool

    aside from aesthetics like the iphones wish to achieve, there should always be a balance between performance and all day battery life while utilizing the full features of the phone as advertised

  • Jeremiah Hawkins

    Ugh. I still am going to go for the Note 4, and I know it isn’t going to have anything better than a 805 (already in production for September release). These processors look nice though.

    • dogulas

      I was so set on the G3 but now I am waiting for a reason to move past it because of how hot it apparently gets and the unecessary screen. If the Note 4 is too enormous though, the G3 could still be the one.

      • tobyrare

        I’m waiting for the LG G3 Prime which should have the Snapdragon 805 and is rumored to land in about 3 months:


        The 805 is a much better choice for the Quad HD display than the 801 because of the Adreno 420 GPU, and will hopefully have built-in support for faster network speeds via Cat.6 LTE-A. I’m still on my launch day HTC EVO LTE (basically a One X) and it’s getting a bit long in the tooth with the S4 and Adreno 225.

        There should be a lot of interesting options this fall with this new LG G3 Prime, the Galaxy S5 Prime, the possible HTC One M8 Prime, and the Note 4 – all rumored to contain the 805. It might be worth waiting for the 808/810 next year, but I need a new phone now and the 805 seems like a VERY capable SOC. Personally, I’d rather get one of these devices this fall, and then wait for Qualcomm’s custom 64-bit chips and buy whatever is best sometime in 2016.

  • Balraj

    Why no topic of reducing smartphone heating or overheating issues
    If oems can solve that… It would be awesome :D

    • dogulas

      That falls under the more efficient components category. As efficiency increases, energy lost to heat production will be reduced.

    • bluesky

      heat comes mostly from cpu. oem deals that by making smaller cpu fabrication and lower wattage, thus less heat. less power drawn from battery, less battery overheat.

  • tiger

    Qualcomm…over a year behind Apple. Sad but true.

    • Richard Riker

      who cares, the A7 is now just as fast as a Snapdragon 800, even less in some graphic categories. So you can imagine that this plus will get lose if Qualcomm starts with their ARMv8 SoCs and even more if they have a successor to the Krait design with 64 bits. And no, it’s close to one year since the A7 launched, not two years.

      • tiger

        Let me guess…the Physics test? Lol. CPU? Not even in the same ballpark…S800 is way behind.

        Remember, the above mentioned Qualcomm ARMv8 are NOT custom cores. Custom Krait ARMv8 cores will come MID-2015. A7 is all custom; A7 is NOT a generic ARMv8 core.

        So, yes, Qualcomm is 1.5 to maybe 2 years behind Apple. This September, Apple is coming out with A8, 2nd generation CUSTOM chip. By the time QC comes out with ARMv8 Krait, Apple is nearly releasing A9 (3rd gen).

        S801 is already having hiccups with custom skins on Galaxy S5 and LG G3 due to animations from OEM skins. In other words, 801 (more so 800) are near their limits in real-life performance. What do you think will happen next year when APPS (high end games or demanding photo editing apps) transition over to Android L with 64-bit support?? ARMv7 chips that are borderline already are going to suffer greatly. Lag, stutter, crashes galore.

        A7? Well, A7 has more than enough power to run the iPad Air smoothly (big quality bright screen)…on ARMv8/64bit optimized apps TODAY. Future proof. And with METAL coming out (and SWIFT) specifically aiming at A7, A7 will continue its smooth top end performance for MANY YEARS TO COME. Android likes to talk about how many months before support ends…Apple talks YEARS.

        Do you remember this? http://www.phonearena.com/news/MediaTek-puts-octa-core-chip-against-quad-cores-shows-its-extra-oomph-in-Gamelofts-Modern-Combat-5_id49723

        Those effects have been on Modern Combats before…on iPhone 4S! Pretty interesting, huh? Now, you add in METAL…and all major graphics engines are committed to Metal for Apple products…you can see where i am going with this, right?

        iPhone 5s will be a powerful device well beyond 15-18 months that Google promises Nexus devices. For those of you with Samsung, HTC, LG…well, it is more like 12-15 months. With 5s and Metal, i would bet that it will be fine for 3-5 years at least. Huge difference.

        • Richard Riker

          You prove that you don’t understand anything you write. Snapdragon 800 way behind A7…in your dreams!
          Saying because Samsung and LG have hicups the SoC is bad and on his limits? You idiot! The only thing that’s bad is the way too overbloated Skin of Samsung and LG. No SoC will be able to handle them. If a stronger SoC is implemented, they just bloat up their skins. Or why would you think a Moto G with Snapdragon 400 and almost Stock Android is running smoother than any Samsung device will ever? Because of the dumbasses at Samsung! Just change the Launcher for example to Nova, you should see it’s buttersmooth.
          lag, stutter and crashes because Android can compile everything 64-bit compatible? You have never understand how Android works! If the apps aren’t written by complete incompetente assholes, everything will work just fine.
          Saying iOS is smooth because of the so much better A7? Just compare Android and iOS: iOS no widgets to render, every app is compiled only for a few devices, Apple can perfecte the system on the very low variety of different hardware sets. Android: many difficult things to render, many widgets, Apps are made to work on almost every device (a few hundrets highly different hardware sets), Android has to run on lowest end devices the same as on highest end devices.
          And with the change from Dalvik to ART, the most common reason of stuttering will disappear: on Dalvik, the Apps are compiled when they are needed and only the parts that are needed. If not yet compiled parts are requested, the system first has to compile it which can take a little moment which is noticeable as a hiccup. In ART the Apps are compiled completely by installing, the garbage collector makes less pause and works faster so framedrops kann be avoided, every animation is on full 60 fps. And 15-18 month at Google is over, the Nexus 7 2012 will get L with a very high chance. Saying that L will be released about October, it will be about 27 month of support. And because Google is backporting features and – in a near future – bugfixes at least to Android 4.0 and if possible back to Android 2.3, it will be a Support of 46 month, near 4 years.

          So if you are such an never-thinking Apple lover, what the hell are you doing here?

          • tiger

            Galaxy Nexus will get L? Oh wait, never mind…it did not even get JB. Google, itself, CLEARLY stated 15-18 month window. Not me. You can say what you want…15-18 months is straight from the horse’s mouth.

            How much did Moto dumb down its thin skin for S400?

            You’re blaming Android faults on Android’s greatest claim? You know…marketshare…so, in your eyes, because Android has to be on everything, then that is an excuse? Hmmmm….

            Want to bet? Newer phones next year will be running ARMv8 chips. You think that high end games, photo editing apps, etc. won’t take advantage of that? And what happens when they do? Your apps that you run on 801, 805 will be 2nd rate. You will lose out on some features or enhancements. That is happening as we speak on iOS (b/w 5s and 5C/5). Who do you think developers will aim at? The folks who buys high end phones next year or the low end crowd? Think about that.

            ART can be done on current NEXUS, no? ART comes with its own hiccups…i like that you totally ignored that in your post above! Lol. Blind.

            Think of it this way…again…everything Apple does now and that includes their newest METAL graphics standard is FULLY 100% compatible with A7. In other words, all future games are smooth and beautiful on 5s for YEARS TO COME. Can you say that about your Nexus 5? Nexus 7? If you say yes, then you’re just lying to yourself.

          • Richard Riker

            the GNexus hasn’t got KitKat, yes, and it will never again will get an official update. Google needs new drivers, but TexasInstruments, producer of GNex’ SoC is out of that business and current drivers graphical performance are really bad.

            Moto hasn’t dumb down it’s skin, it doesn’t use any, it uses the one from Google.

            And even the most sony devices (since Xperia Z) are performing way better than any Samsung because Sony uses a slightly changed but good optimized skin.

            And no, the game developers will all in all not adopt the new features like tesselation that quick or at least just device specific because it takes some time until a sufficient number of devices has such a SoC build in.

            Really, you are referring to KitKat-ART? It’s just a shitty beta, the L-Dalvik is already way different than the one from KK and is still not final. In the month since the release of KK there where about daily, sometimes whery massive changes to the AOSP part for ART so the final one will behave way different because it will be the only runtime. Even the compatibility problem from KK-ART will be disappeard because ART will be downward compatible to Dalvik.

            Wow, Apple was able to make an API compatible with one, self-developed SoC. Google has to work with dozens of way different SoCs in terms of power and quality of the drivers (see Mediatek), from NVIDIA to MediaTek, from Exynos over the Huawei-ones to Qualcomm.

            Yes, they will be smooth because they are optimized just for a hand full of not-that-different devices…untill an update in two to three years which slows everything down like it has done with almost every Update.

          • tiger

            Slow down after SEVERAL years is still better than no support after 15 months, no?

            I see that you’re making excuses again….

          • Richard Riker

            the thing is when you are on iOS you NEED updates to be able to run ALL apps you want, on Android, most Apps are compatible way down to 4.0, many down to 2.3 or even 2.2/2.1, so you don’t need updates that much. And security bugs aren’t that often in Android, the most are caused by Samsungs big dumb ass. And I already wrote, they will be backported to Android 4.0 or 2.3 in the next month via Google Play-Services, because about 93% of all devices running some sort of Android (and get count by Google) are running the newest Version of them.

            iOS has so many security vulnerabilitys in each version (and mostly the same, like bugs with lock screen) that you really need them, because otherwise every iOS device would be way more vulnerable to malware than Android 2.x if Apple wouldn’t support their devices that long.

          • tiger

            Huh? You android talking about security??? Dude, what are you smoking?! You are barking up the wrong tree! Lol. Stupid and ignorant.

            Hey, you better encrypt your phone! Or else, people can see your pornographic selfies!
            Android Device Manager…best friend to a thief!! You can’t ask for a better tool for a thief!

          • Richard Riker

            Yes…now you’re completely gone crazy. How can you tell such lies and belief them? Android is the most secure system that is used by a countable number of users. If there would be the possibility to install apps from outside the playstore (and because of that to trick dumb users exact the same ways like under Windows for about 10 years) there wouldn’t be much possibility to get malware on Android. And don’t belief anything a profit orientatet AV-maker writes. They count everything that doesn’t fit into their minds as a virus, just bekause it shows to much adds or ask for rights they don’t need at the first look, only with a deeper look into the app. Real malware only exist in form of Zeus-derivates and equals and even them aren’t wide spread. Make your own mind and don’t trust everything you read somewhere!

          • tiger

            Like this: http://bgr.com/2013/12/06/flashlight-app-sharing-data-illegally-ftc/

            Top rated on Play Store…and 100% scam…and also sharing your personal data! PLAY STORE “legit” app. Even recommended by Google Play Store! LOL.

            Cisco report? Again, logically, why would 99% of scams and malware be aimed at Android if it was so secure?? Think about it.

            Android Device Manager…allows you to ERASE your phone for the thief…he does not even have to do it himself! Good job Google! And then he can hook it up and look at all your personal “deleted” information! Good job Google. But don’t worry, Google has muscled Samsung out of KNOX so that L can be more secure in the future! Sad.

            Which OS is #1 among enterprises? Android? Hmmm, no. Apple. And now with IBM partnership, iOS is the most secure OS…and most widely used among people that needed it. And remember, if IBM is very close to Android and Linux. So, for them to pick iOS shows something, right? Use that brain of yours to think it thru.

          • tiger

            but, still think that Qualcomm is less than a year behind Apple??

            Still think that your S800 Krait is competitive with Apple Cyclone cores?

            So, you think that WITHOUT encryption, a person cannot read your deleted files and info???

          • tiger

            99% of malware at Android. Why do you think that is so? Because Android is so secure??? Think about that logic before commenting.

          • tiger

            Hey, 99.999% of Android are currently exposed to the latest OpenSSL bug…ouch!

          • Richard Riker

            No, only Android 4.1 and 4.1.1 are vulnerable. Every other one don’t use this funktion.

          • tiger

            Check again. Latest OpenSSL is wide open to anyone not on latest Kitkat version.

          • tiger
          • tiger

            Any questions kiddo?

          • Betty Ann Altman

            So, by your post, it would appear that you are an applehead?! Yes…No?! If yes, then I would question why you are on an android board. The only answer is…to troll…YES?! no?…….

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            My Galaxy nexus ran Jelly bean 1, 2 was available, but my carrier got in the way, so I unlocked it, rooted it, but I bricked it, GNex got JB3 in the end, but not Kit Kat.

          • tiger

            So, are you vulnerable to OPENSSL bugs? Note the plurality. In addition to Heartbleed, there is a brand new OpenSSL bug that came out within last 2-3 weeks. ONLY 4.4.2 are protected…the rest? Screwed.

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            My Nex 5, 10 running 4.4.4, there were issues with Bluetooth, video, so I factory reset both devices. There is a release 2 of 4.4.4 going out, had sound problems with the Nexus 4, on the original 4.4.2, sorted by google listen update. Got that on discount because N5 was coming, $360 for 16 GB, sold for $200, so $470 N5, for 32 GB, only really cost me $270.

          • tiger
          • tiger
          • Betty Ann Altman

            Boy, you know, I had to go back and re-read what you’d written…because I could have sworn by reading MOST of what you’d written, is that you were an applehead! Although, it appears that you are, indeed, and androidphite (my made up word, btw). But your last sentence brought it all home, and with that in mind, I went back to the beginning and re-read it again (lol)…it does seem to read as though you are an androidphite?!

            Yes, I’m willing to concede that Samsung spread their resources too thin…however, I feel that they have, and continue to nip at (and overtake) apple on several fronts. If you are indeed an androidphite, then here’s to hoping that Samsung has gotten their ducks in a row and their focus, focused (again, lol…grammatically, I know that this is not correct!)

        • stucrmnx120fshwf

          It is true that Apple is a big competitor to Android, with their huge capital reserves, they have beaten us in the past to beyond FHD. To 64 bit, their locked down nature is actually a big advantage, rapid updates, set hardware as devices become more complicated. That’s why I like Nexus, for the above reasons, Apple can get away with charging higher prices for lower hardware specs, low RAM, highly priced flash. Don’t get me wrong, the iPad mini 2, has good resolution, thinness, but at a third more costly than a for instance 32 GB, LTE, 2 GB of RAM Nexus 7 FHD 2013, it’s a big ask. Good article, looking forward to 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM, UHD 6″ phablets, with a couple of hundred GPUs, 128 GB of flash, next year, Tango has some of these characteristics. To attract high end, not commodity customers, we both must offer generational, not incremental changes. Commodity isn’t so bad for the googameistro, but it is death for the OEMs, Apple needs Samsung, for 14 nm chip fabrication. Don’t know why App and Sam aren’t buying up ARM, AMD, Nvidia, etc. prices are low, hardware is their bread and butter.

          • tiger

            I had Nexus 7 2012…what a POS! Literally! Had to send it back to ASUS twice! Was about to be sent back a 3rd time, but Fedex lost it! That was when i decided to spend big on iPad Air…wow! Just wow. And now, i just got iPad mini (non Retina) for $200 at Target recently. Nexus just sucked donkey balls for us…crashed constantly…battery life sucked…display had ghosting…and charging port broke.

            The problem with NEXUS is that there are ALWAYS comers cut to keep price low! I hate that! Nexus 5 sounded great on paper…until you use the camera or put on headphones.

            For me, i want something that works day in and day out and does what i ask. I rather PAY for QUALITY rather than suffer because of my cheapness. I used to be all Android…had Note 2 and Nexus 7…i started out Android too. But, little things here there everywhere bothered me to no end.

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            The original iPad mini specs are awful, but at $200, even I would be tempted, bought a Nexus 10 for $300. N10 response to iPad resolution, iPad mini response to Amazon fire, Nexus 7, upcoming iPhone phablet response to Android phablets. Fierce competition keeps us honest, but I abandoned windows because of unreliability, projects butter and svelte increased reliability and speed. If Android reliability goes down, not up, I will abandon Android for Apple. Loved my Nexus 7 HD 32 GB original, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 HD 16 GB, 5 FHD 32 GB,7 FHD 32 GB, 10 QHD only 16 GB. iPad mini is tempting, but for a spec addict, something like the shield tablet, with 192 GPUs, and LTE, FHD, for $300, is a siren song, drawing me in. Better not for a while though, my UHD TV set me back $600 AU, down to $400 US now, Apple TV for $109, might be in my short term price range. While I wait for UHD in my hand, I got a UHD Android TV box, for $133 worked for a while, but cheap thing that it was, broke down soon, still proved it could be done, worth it for the price.

          • tiger

            Agreed with you.

          • districtjack

            I’m replying to you on my 2012 nexus7. It is a great device. I’ve been waiting for it to die so I can get a new one but it just keeps going and going. I use it an average of 12hrs a day. You complain too much.

          • tiger

            Asus folks will disagree with you since they had to replace display, charger, and something else (internal) on those 2 trips back.

            Complain? No I am just not a blinded ignorant fool like some folks. Just saying….

          • Bob Marley

            My Nexus 7 and Nexus 5 run perfectly without any bugs. On the other hand, my iPad 4 was an absolute mess with iOS 7 and the bugs only got fixed with iOS 7.1. This was released in March 2014, six months after iOS 7, the latest version, was officially released to the public.

          • tiger

            Hmmm. BS. Really? Nexus perfect? Hmm, 4.4 updates have not been kind to Nexus tablets. Dude, don’t lie.

          • Bob Marley

            I bought my Nexus 7 in January, over a month after the KitKat update was released. Either way, I switched immediately to a custom ROM and it as been smooth sailing since my purchase.

          • tiger


    • Jerry Rich

      What are you smoking? The 808 and 810 should be out by Q2 2015. The 810 will blow the A8 out of the water. Meanwhile the Apple fanboys better hope that the company making the A8 doesn’t have a hiccup. BTW that company is Samsung.

      • tiger

        What are YOU smoking? What makes you think 810 is better than even A7?

        Links for YOUR education:

        1. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7910/apples-cyclone-microarchitecture-detailed?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews

        2. http://cryptomaths.com/2014/04/29/benchmarking-symmetric-crypto-on-the-apple-a7/

        A7 CPU cores are more advance than generic ARM cores. Apple went CUSTOM to avoid pitfalls (inefficiencies) of generic ARM design cores. A7 CPU cores are DESKTOP quality. ARM generics are NOT.

        Actually, historically, who do you think has more hiccups in chip design? Apple or Qualcomm? Remember, the severely debilitating heat issue with Snapdragon S4 Pro? What did Qualcomm have to do? They had to rush to the design lab to redesign the cores within days of S4 Pro release! Shitty design = shitty chip. Look at how overlapping Qualcomm is rushing out chips these days…800…within 3 months, 801…within 3 months, 805…and now 808 and 810. Do you see it? Qualcomm is shitting on you BLIND IGNORANT ANDROID fools! Each of those chips are showing hiccups because they can BARELY run the respective Android devices…thus, needing so many upgrades in so little time!! THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE RESPONDING.

        Samsung or TSMC will produce A8 and beyond…Samsung may be bad with phones, but they do an excellent job with chip manufacturing. Doesn’t Qualcomm also use them to make chips??

        So, take the blinders off dumbass, EDUCATED YOURSELF. THINK different.

        • Bob Marley

          A7 Cyclone cores may be individually more powerful than Snapdragon’s Krait 400 or ARM’s v8. However, because Android devices can afford to have quad core CPUs without the limitations that iPhones suffer regarding battery life and thermal constraints, the performance virtually balances out. Furthermore, the Tegra K1 destroys the A7 and Snapdragon CPUs in graphics performance.

          • tiger

            Wrong. Thermal constraints? The ONLY time you read about a phone that needs to be cooled down for max performance is one with Qualcomm chips in it!!! See Anandtech reviews of Nexus devices!

            All have limits otherwise, but iphone is no different than any other.

            99% of apps need max two cores at any one time. Most just need ONE. Quad and 8 cores are PURE marketing and/or making up for deficiencies on core design.

            K1 is out? Where? I sure hope K1 is competitive bc it has to battle with A8 chip! In fact, I would bet that you will see a device with A8 BEFORE you see K1 in an actual device.

            Even then NVIDIA is pulling out of smartphones bc they are simply non-competitive. Lost cause. Failure even before release. This is fact. Nvidia can only sell chips in their own device. No one else wants it.

          • Bob Marley

            Thermal constraints are due to the laws of physics. Android devices are larger and so have more thermal headroom when compared to iPhones. Why else do you think that tablets can have their CPUs clocked higher than smartphones (iPad Air vs iPhone 5S)? 99% of apps need max two cores at any one time? Cite that please. Games use multiple cores because it is a far more efficient use of resources. Also, running two cores at higher frequencies vs. four cores at lower frequencies results in increased heat generation and battery use. Read Anandtech’s review of the Moto X. The Nvidia Shield Tablet is coming out this week with the Tegra K1. Its benchmarks put ALL other mobile devices to shame.

          • tiger

            Hmmm…A7 runs on a modern ARMv8 architecture (intro in late 2012). 1.3 Ghz.

            Snapdragons run on ARMv7, which is over 20 (TWENTY) years old. They usually run at 2.2-2.6 Ghz.

            Are you ignorant or just born that way?

            Last I checked, not many Android phones the size of iPad Air! Lol. Ignorant argument. Again show me proof that iphone thermals are less than ANY Android PHONE.

            Nividia shield is relevant? No. Nividia is in a phone? Show me.

          • Bob Marley

            You cannot extrapolate the clock speeds of completely different CPUs and say that this proves thermal throttling untrue. Larger devices have more space for heat to dissipate, period. Even many “small” Android devices are larger than the iPhone 5S and as a result, have more headway for thermal throttling. Also, the name is Nvidia not Nividia. I was under the impression that we were discussing CPU architectures not the form factor of a device. The Tegra K1 is a CPU that blows away all current generation SoCs. That’s why I mentioned it. Certain phones have Nvidia Tegra chips (Xiaomi Mi3, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Motorola Atrix, etc.)

          • tiger

            Show me this thermal constraints. PROVE IT. Nexus 4 & 5 needed freezer to get max performance. Iphone does not.

            Iphone can run at max speed just as long as any phone. You prob have seen this but let me quote Anandtech:

            “You can see the 5s throttles back its CPU frequency to about 1GHz after the 2 minute mark. The crazy thing is that until that point the 5s manages to run at full frequency without so much as a hiccup for two full minutes, running an incredibly power hungry task. Given that most iOS apps aren’t this power intensive for such a sustained period of time, iPhone 5s users should almost always see the A7 running at a full 1.3GHz. Pretty crazy.”

            Should we compare apples to apples? Why are you comparing a tablet that is not even out to a phone that came our 10 months ago??

            Would it be more fair to compare to A8 ??????

          • Bob Marley

            The Nexus 4 and 5 were clocked much higher than the iPhone and were also budget devices. As such, they were limited by their build material and architecture. However, their size did provide them with some headroom over the iPhone. The fact that larger devices have more potential for thermal dissipation is supported by the laws of physics. If there is more space for heat to dissipate, then the CPU and other sensitive components of a device are not subject to as much heat as when the space is smaller. This is why the iPad Air is clocked higher than the iPhone 5s. The A8 is not even out yet so according to your logic, this would be unfair for the K1 then. This quote is from several lines above where you quoted, “The third, and likely biggest change impacting the iPad Air’s implementation of the A7 is the additional thermal headroom afforded by the larger chassis.” The Physics test in 3DMark is an example of this. The multithreaded component of Geekbench also shows this to a degree. No phone has the Nvidia K1 yet just as no phone has the Apple A8 or the Snapdragon 810 and 808 yet. However, the Nvidia Shield tablet is an example of a device that sports the Tegra K1, a SoC that crushes all other devices in benchmarks. It is due to be released by the end of the month. Also, insulting me doesn’t make you sound intelligent. On the contrary, it makes you appear quite immature and childish.

          • tiger

            3dmark physics is NOTHING about thermal constraints!! Wtf?! Seriously?! Did you pull that out of your ass?! You think that I don’t know about that?!

            Remind me. Are there any phones the size of iPad Air?

            iPad mini retina got same scores as 5s. That is closer to Android phones, no???

            Your argument smacks of ignorance. Not insult. Truth.

            Again, K1 is not out. You’re comparing to a chip 10 months out. That’s weak argument at best. And let’s not forget that K1 will NOT be any known phone. It is even worst than prior nividia chips!

          • Bob Marley

            Of course the 3DMark physics test is not an example of thermal constraints. I’m not sure where you got that impression. I just stated that its an example of the A7 falling behind most Quad and Octa Core CPUs. The iPad Mini Retina got the same scores as the 5S presumably because Apple did not clock its CPU higher and did not alter its thermal throttle behavior. Octane Scores are a poor way to measure CPU performance because they are heavily reliant on the browser and other optimizations present in the rendering engine. The K1 is not out but it will be out in a week; lets continue our argument then. I don’t care if the K1 will not be in any phones; its an example of a chip that is far superior to any Apple design. If the K1’s cost is manageable, phone makers will likely use it over the Snapdragon 805 in devices later this year. iPhone users will always see the A7 running at 1.3 Ghz and I will always see the Snapdragon 800 in my Nexus 5 run at 1.5 Ghz. This is not a huge accomplishment. I provided my quote in order to prove to you that larger devices have more thermal headroom and that even YOUR favorite source agrees with that fact.

          • tiger

            Let’s make an honest bet. PayPal account. $25. I say K1 will NOT be on any PHONE from significant Android OEMs: LG, Samsung, HTC, and Sony in 6 months.

            You say that K1 will. Ok. Put up your money.

            Btw, I will remember 6 months from now.

            Btw, your N5 is not at 1.5ghz.

            K1 should be better given that it came out 10 months LATE!

          • tiger

            It is funny…that ONE sub-benchmark is the one that Android yell the loudest! Ignore everything else!


          • Bob Marley

            I’m not betting on something as uncertain and out of my control as that. My Nexus 5 is underclocked 1.5 GHz and can remain consistently at that frequency for longer than the 5S can at 1.3 GHz. Geekbench also shows Android’s superiority. Any graphics benchmark with the Snapdragon 805 will also demonstrate higher results than the Apple A7. Also, the Tegra 4 outperforms the Apple A7 in both Kracken and Octane, not that it means anything.

          • tiger

            Ahhh that tells everything. Chickenshit.

            I am happy that your N5 can run at 1.5ghz. Point? It is prob slow as hell.

            You do realize that A7 is ARMv8, right? How can you even compare?! Are you an idiot?!

            805? Let’s wait till it comes to an actual phone that can be tested by authoritative sites.

            But yeah your chickenshit-ness means much more. Good job in getting your ass owned!

          • Bob Marley

            The 805 is in the LG G3 LTE-A, Galaxy S5 LTE-A and the Oppo Find 7.

          • tiger

            Where can I buy one today?

          • tiger

            Stupid. I am still laughing AT you for making that dumbass argument that your N5 can run at 1.5 Ghz longer!! Total dumbass. They don’t even share the same chip architecture!!!

            Dude, really?! Are you this ignorant?! I thought Android folks were tech savvy? What an embarrassment!

          • Bob Marley

            Exactly! The Nexus 5 is running on an older and more antiquated instruction set. The iPhone 5S is running on a newer, more efficient architecture. The 5S also has fewer cores to deal with. The Nexus 5 is also made of plastic while the 5S is made of aluminum; plastic devices don’t conduct heat and have a tendency to throttle easily. The fact that the Nexus 5 can run at a higher clock speed for longer shows the effect that the size of the device has on thermal headroom.

          • tiger

            Faster, longer? Anandtech has to place in freezer to even get it to run! Lol.

            I am happy that your N5 runs at 1.5. Shitty performance to make up for bad chip design.

            5s does NOT need to run fast to get better performance. Who knows what 5s can do? You are assuming that 5s small size limits it. Yet you just wrote about 5s aluminum chassis. Are sure 5s cannot go faster? But then again Apple is so far ahead of everyone that it does not need to. Smart design. Smart engineering. Better performance.

            End of story. About that bet…still coward about it? $25.

          • Bob Marley

            My Nexus 5 runs at 1.5 GHz without any noticeable hit in performance. What the 5S CAN do doesn’t matter. The 5S runs at 1.3 GHz, not any faster and that is NEVER going to change. Apple is not a company that limits performance because they are ahead of others. They don’t rest on their laurels. If anything, they would love to brag about how far ahead they are in their CPU design. It’s more than likely that Apple has squeezed every last ounce of speed out of the 5S and don’t want to push it more at the risk of instability, excess heat or battery life. The iPhone already has poor battery life when compared to Android phones and pushing the CPU clock speed anymore would have taken its toll on the battery. Now you’re simply commenting just to keep the argument going and not bringing up any valid points because I have rebutted all of them.

          • tiger

            Really? That is BS! They have bragged about it thru reality. 5s A7 is a beast! Faster, more powerful than everything else. And with METAL being designed around it, there is simply nothing else more powerful nor as future proof.

            Why would Apple want to push 5s? It is already CLASS-LEADING. You can lower your GHz on your 20-year old processor all you want, but that only puts you further down the shit hole. You see the difference here? I don’t need to do jack to my 5s YET i am getting top notch performance and no trips to the freezer!! You need to throttle with your shitty N5 just to get half decent battery life and avoid overheating.

            Freezer and Nexus should be a commercial from now on…what better way to test your freezer than to see how well your Nexus performs after putting it in!!!! LOL

            What poor battery life? Compared to who? Your Nexus? That’s the biggest joke yet from you! BTW, i am very familiar with N5…please don’t embarrass yourself more.

            What exactly have you rebutted other than getting OWNED on an Android website?! Lol. Rebutted? Is that your thinking thru all this?

            Your arguments rots of ignorance and stupidity IMHO.


          • Bob Marley

            The only thing you have done is insulted me and brought up redundant arguments. I get better battery out of my underclocked Nexus 5 than you do out of your 5S. The 5S has poor battery life when compared to Android phones such as the LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3. Also, you might want to improve the grammar in your responses.

          • tiger

            I love it. You don’t mention your Android device (N5) in battery. LG G2 and S5 are good on battery; shit in other aspects. But for YOUR phone, you have to throttle the crap out of it to get borderline battery life! That is pure stupid. Amazing that N5 is Google grand phone design.

            I doubt that your CRIPPLED limped Nexus 5 can match my 5s in anything on your best day! Crippled and limped. Like their owners! Lol

          • Bob Marley

            All phones are good in certain areas and bad in others. The 5S is awful in terms of screen size, resolution and speaker quality. Its battery life is also bad. However, it has a good camera and is quite fast. The Nexus 5 has a good screen size, resolution and is also fast. The camera is average and the battery life is somewhat mediocre. The speaker quality is awful as well. However, it offers a value that is unmatched by any device except the One Plus One. Your analogy is plain wrong.

          • tiger

            N5 good: big screen and price. That’s about it. It is cheap for a reason. Display has poor outside visibility (brightness lackluster and poor contrast). Piss poor camera…ranked among the WORST in 2013, bar none. Piss poor audio quality from both speaker AND when you hook up your headphones…both of which rank dead last among all. But then again, that is why it is cheap, right? Oh yeah, battery life sucks…but you knew that already bc it forces you to under clock the crap out of it! Oh yeah, overheating issue…wow, ok, never mind, take price out of the GOOD column.

            5s…really, the ONLY weakness is the screen size…that’s about it. Battery life is good enough for one day easily. Good enough for me. Otherwise, it is class leading in everything else, probably second to just Nokia 1020 camera. Display is beautiful and very readable outside…something that you have to experience yourself to know…since yours is unreadable.

            My analogy is 100% accurate…you limped your N5 just to prevent battery drain and overheating. THAT is exactly what LIMP HOME MODE for a transmission does! Lol

          • Bob Marley

            The Nexus 5 display is more than bright enough for use in sunlight for me. It is also sharper than the iPhone and displays true HD resolution. I can easily tune the display with Franco Kernel and with my custom settings, it has a perfect 2.2 gamma. The Nexus 5 camera is actually quite good. Watch the video I have linked below. It goes toe to toe with the iPhone. Both phones have abysmal speakers. Hooking up headphones on the Nexus 5 is quite good. In fact, I can use an equalizer and boost the treble or bass or create a virtual surround sound effect. I can get through the day without underclocking the Nexus 5 and can easily manage for a couple of days while it is underclocked. My Nexus 5 never overheats; I don’t know where you got that from.


          • tiger
          • Bob Marley

            I’ve used the Nexus 5 with headphones and stereo Bluetooth speakers. Haven’t noticed any imbalance. It was probably fixed with a software update.

          • tiger

            No. You don’t know much, do you? Dumbass.

          • tiger

            Let’s make an honest bet. PayPal account. $25. I say K1 will NOT be on any PHONE from significant Android OEMs: LG, Samsung, HTC, and Sony in 6 months. HELL, I WILL THROW IN 4 MORE MONTHS…A TOTAL OF 10 MONTHS!!!!

            You say that K1 will. Ok. Put up your money.

            Btw, I will remember 6 months from now.

          • tiger

            You like my analogy? It perfectly describes your dumbass arguments!

            High Ghz must mean better thermal capacity!!!! N5 better thermal than iPad Air!

            Stupid and just stupid. I wonder what you do for a living. I cringe at that!

          • tiger

            Here’s a analogy:

            You are like a broken down Chevy with transmission in LIMP-HOME MODE and going 20 mph on a 75mph highway…and then shouting to everyone that zooms by that you’re getting almost as good fuel economy!

            Get it?

            Here another one for your mind to ponder…you say that your N5 can run 2.2 GHz…thus, your thermal threshold is better because of sheer size, right??

            Well, the iPad Air runs only at 1.4 GHz…and that is max for sure based on what you know about Apple products, right? Because, you’re top engineer at Apple! Does that mean that your N5 has better thermal capacity than even an iPad Air??? Well, Air has aluminum chassis and is 3-4 x bigger than your Nexus. Wow, your N5 (even after removing from freezer) is one “cool” machine!

            Your N5 has better thermal capacity than iPhone 5s AND the huge iPad Air…just because your N5 runs at higher Ghz?? THAT is your argument? Like i said above…your arguments are ignorant and stupid.

            This makes sense to you?????? Dumbass.

          • Bob Marley

            The Nexus 5 does not have better thermal capacity than the iPhone 5S just because it is clocked higher. Being larger, heat has greater volume to dissipate in the Nexus 5 and this results in more passive cooling.

            Also, for an average car, fuel economy at 20 MPH is greater than fuel economy at 75 MPH.

            Source: http://www.mpgforspeed.com/

          • tiger

            No but you used your higher Ghz as PROOF!! Lol. Don’t change your “fine” argument now! Lol. Stupid.

            Lol at that link. Glad you like being limped. And as expected, you miss my point. Hell you did not just miss the boat, you miss the freaking highway exit to the dock!!

          • Bob Marley

            Any more baseless arguments you want to start?

          • tiger

            PUT MONEY WHERE YOU MOUTH IS. $25 bet.

          • tiger

            But nexus 5 bigger??? Your theory states that. Bigger is better. Idiot.

            Does G3 get higher Octane scores than 5s??????? G3 big, no? It is premium too!

          • tiger

            As PHONES go, Anandtech is very impress with POWER and DURATION at max performance of 5s. END OF STORY.

            You making an argument is damn stupid. Again:

            “You can see the 5s throttles back its CPU frequency to about 1GHz after the 2 minute mark. The crazy thing is that until that point the 5s manages to run at full frequency without so much as a hiccup for two full minutes, running an incredibly power hungry task. Given that most iOS apps aren’t this power intensive for such a sustained period of time, iPhone 5s users should almost always see the A7 running at a full 1.3GHz. Pretty crazy.”

          • tiger

            Which of the phone you listed has K1??????????

            None. Don’t bullshit dude.

            Show me where the DUAL 1.3 Ghz cores of A7 suffers in CPU computation vs the quads and Octas.

            SHOW or STFU.

          • tiger

            iPad mini Retina is clocked the same as iPhone 5s. FYI.

    • SvitaLampadine

      Google is NOT the only ‘user’ of Qualcomm technology, you have at least Microsoft and RIM. A very important argument comes with this fact: Qualcomm architecture has to remain generic and not custom because it is meant to be used from who ever want to use it for whatever purpose. So talking about ‘custom’ only state the old well known argument against Apple.. aka CLOSED ENVIRONMENT. Is this a good or bad thing? you decide, keeping in mind it is a personal choice that can be shared only between you and all the people that made your same decision.. so.. my dear fanboy.. shut the hell up!

      oh.. and one other thing. Tell us when iOS will be implemented in devices from other manufacturers, giving us choice and letting us at least try to evolve our ways of life with our own decisions.

      • tiger

        huh? Please don’t post anymore. KRAIT is a CUSTOM Qualcomm core based on ARMv7 architecture from ARM. Custom just means that it is created by Qualcomm using their own design/mods of the architecture. In other words, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, 800, 801, 805, etc have KRAIT cores.

        Apple A7 CPU cores are custom, Cyclone is the name. Cyclone is based on ARMv8 architecture from ARM.

        These custom cores have NOTHING to do what Google being open OS or Apple being closed OS.

        In other words, you don’t know anything. STFU.

        What choice does Android give you? Based on my perspective, no one Android device has everything i want. One Android may have this, but miss on that. For example, Galaxy S5 has good camera, water resist, and removable back, but shitty OS (TouchWiz). Nexus has best software, but shitty camera, audio codec/amp, and battery life. HTC One M8 has great audio stuff, good screen, good software, and good materials, but shitty camera, bigger than needed, and unknown future. LG G3 has good screen and camera, but relatively shitty processor (801 not strong enough), weird buttons, and poor outside viewing. You get my point.

        I started out Android…and was Android even last year with Note 2. Yes, choice is the magic word in Android land. But, the choices suck. None of OEM can put together an enticing package. They just don’t get it. Look at the “minis” of the phones i mentioned…all demand top dollar yet have shitty package. Android OEMs do not get it.

        Apple provided me with the best compromise. Screen is small…but that’s about it. I am willing to pay for quality. Everything outside of screen size is top notch. I got the 64GB model to avoid the shortcomings of storage and i much prefer internal storage to relying on SD cards. Audio quality (via headphones), camera, outside viewing, smoothness, processor power, and FUTURE PROOF are top end with iPhone 5s. THAT is why i jumped, despite having invested heavily into Google Play Store.

        Evolve our ways of life? Give me better choices with fewer compromises!

        • SvitaLampadine

          ok.. I’ll explain slowly for you to understand properly.
          Wasn’t talking about ‘custom’ referring to architectural differences from ARM.. I was talking about customized architecture for a specific OS. That is one of the main reason for a ‘closed environment’ (and yes.. I wrote environment.. not just OS my friend). You know.. I cannot really dumb down this concept more than this.. I hope this time you’ll understand..

          what choice android gives me? haha.. based on MY perspective, witch is actually involving a start-up for a domotic project, I only have Android as a choice because, you know, if I had to do it with iOS I’d be forced to develop greatly to adapt a Linux based OS to manage those devices and be capable to interact with Apple devices. Between Android and Android Wear all this comes NATIVELY!

          You blame Android for the poor design of the devices you tried.. now ask yourself.. is it really an Android problem? or is a manufacturer problem? You decided what YOUR compromises were and migrated to iPhone.. OK than, nothing to say, but those are not my compromises.

          You blame Android smartphones for not being Future Proof.. tell that to a friend of mine that owns an iPhone 4 and cannot have Siri. HTC M8 has an ‘unknown future’.. still HTC declared 2 years upgrades.. not enough? really? In what world do you live? In 2 years every technological toy you posses will be inevitably OLD!

          You proved to be a good fanboy, now go on http://www.apple.com and live happly ever after.. we have constructive articles to read!

          • tiger

            Huh?! Do you know what custom is?! What are you smoking?! Don’t backtrack now! Lol. Idiot.

            Your start-up is much different than everyone else. Enterprises favor iOS by a long shot. You may need to think about it. Security. Integration. All favor iOS.

            Stupid compromises is the state of Android. Android prides itself on diversity and it fails on that point. You can’t separate one from the other and just blame OEMs. That would be ignorant, no?

            Iphone 4 came out how long ago? Siri requires Audience chip which 4s and beyond has. Hardware limitation. You bringing that up shows your ignorance. But iphone 4 got the latest OS.

            NOW, let’s examine Android. Galaxy Nexus owners were denied Kitkat bc google will NOT support a phone beyond 15-18 months. From horse’s mouth!

            Please don’t bring up support…that is a huge weak spot for android!

            HTC can promise the moon but will they deliver is another question! Didn’t they flat out abandon htc one plus owner or something last yr? Lol. And that was the flagship the yr before!!! Ouch!!!

            Anything else? 4s will get ios8. Are there any Android phone from that yr getting updated to Android L or even Kitkat???

            How about the latest OpenSSL bug for phones not on 4.4.4????? Google or OEMs addressing that?? Never?

          • SvitaLampadine

            backtrack? HAHAHA.. ok.. There’s no hope for you dude! I explained you what I meant and you still wanna have your reason.. XD. ok than.. we are doing it point to point.

            ‘Enterprises favor iOS by a long shot. You may need to think about it’
            ..and you directly have some experience with that? Because I have. You talk pasting articles..

            ‘Stupid compromises is the state of Android. Android prides itself on diversity and it fails on that point. You can’t separate one from the other and just blame OEMs. That would be ignorant, no?’
            If a camera is faulty or a customized interface design is poor.. you blame the OS? really? have you ever had any kind of familiarity with programming? that is very amusing!!

            ‘But iphone 4 got the latest OS.’
            yes.. without some functions.. that it’s called compromise! The same you can have using third party apps or Customs ROM on Android older devices..

            ‘NOW, let’s examine Android. Galaxy Nexus owners were denied Kitkat bc google will NOT support a phone beyond 15-18 months. From horse’s mouth!
            Please don’t bring up support…that is a huge weak spot for android!’
            I believe someone explained that to you.. third party drivers not developed. It’s sad.. but when you involve the entire world in manufacturing instead of close yourself in your walls.. it simply can happen.

            ‘HTC can promise the moon but will they deliver is another question! Didn’t they flat out abandon htc one plus owner or something last yr? Lol. And that was the flagship the yr before!!! Ouch!!!’
            before declaring the 2 years support.. yes. before declaring android L for One M7.. yes. before having Nvidia decide not to develop further drivers for that specific Tegra 3 SoC of the One X+.. inform yourself..

            ‘How about the latest OpenSSL bug for phones not on 4.4.4????? Google or OEMs addressing that?? Never?’
            ..and finally the masterpiece. Have you ever studied something called ‘software engineering’ at university? because if you had, by now you should have known that softwares without bugs are not existent.
            oh and.. just to remain on the ‘inform yourself’ thing.. HTC released 2.18.401.3 for his One X+ (the so called abandoned device that happens to be my second smarthphone XD) to fix the heartbleed bug.. my blinded ignorant friend!

            you are just a too easy target.. I’m having fun even if it rains!!! XD

            Too bad you wrote the word ‘Idiot’. that tells me you are 9 or 10.. and I don’t have time for kids now.. go play on a highway or near a well

          • tiger

            Again, HTC can promise a lot…their future is unknown. That is fact. How do you equate PROMISE with FACT is beyond me. Go back to school? History is a good lesson. History of HTC promises does not equate to FACT. Will history repeat itself?

            And remember, if HTC lags behind Android release by 4-6 months (which is the case currently), then their 2-yr support is really NOT impressive. You do understand that, right?

            Heartbleed? Are we on that ancient thing? Oh no, i was talking about this: CVE-2014-0224

            Google it. 99% of Android is at risk. Anything not on 4.4.4 is at risk. This is beyond Heartbleed bug.

            Hmmm, for a person who has studied software engineering, you are badly ignorant.

            Thanks for playing…ignorance runs deep with you….

          • SvitaLampadine

            ah.. this one: http://www.entrust.com/get-support/openssl-security-vulnerability/ (you love pasting.. hope you’ll be happy if I paste something myself for you).

            Now take a pair of glasses or a person that can read for you and read carefully this 4 lines:

            ‘Please note that such updates are not required to ensure secure communication between IdentityGuard Mobile and Transaction Component; it suffices to ensure that the web server in front of Transaction Component (if any) is not vulnerable.’

            as always.. you do not inform yourself.. you speak only because, for an error, someone gave you the voice.. bye bye :)

          • tiger

            Weird…how Cyanmod and Google BOTH rushed out to patch it……………just saying….

  • Aar0nC

    I guess i’ll keep on to my Nexus 4 a little longer until the Galaxy S6 then… hopefully it comes with the 810 or 808 processor and all the extra goodies, and no 4k or 2k display.

  • hoggleboggle

    The good thing about these improvements in battery tech should be backwards compatible, particularly useful for phones with user replaceable batteries.

  • Will S.

    I’m really not expecting much in terms of hardware other than stuff getting faster and bigger…

  • Jervis Dabreo

    Great read. The future looks good for techies.

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  • Andrew T Roach

    Generic ARM cores in Qualcomm offerings is very disappointing when you consider that Chinese SoC vendors will be using the same cores and may even beat them to market. Apple and Intel are both pushing more ambitious designs right now.

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  • Amiro

    “Arrive by end of the year” doesn’t mean we would actually be able to buy Snapdragon 808/810 phones by The end of this year, right?

  • Alienjazz

    Ummmmm….can I expect samsung to put more than 16gb of storage in their next “flagship” device???

  • SvitaLampadine

    Why not talking about MediaTek, Apple A8, Samsung Exynos, Intel ‘whatever’ or Snapdragon 410 for that matter? I tough the article’s title was ‘What to expect from smatphone hardware’ ..not only Qualcomm flagships… :-/

  • bethcwhitehorn

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  • darwisbong

    great articel, thanks for share this
    jam tangan pria

  • jay

    We gonna see something good with the note 3. That is for sure. Think first phone which will take advantage from the 64 bit processor

  • maggiejcarter

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  • ANON

    Good shit.

  • Fase Aarf

    I believe that they forgot to mention one thing on this article.We may see UHD on smartphones next year according to Samsung’s Analyst Day.Not that it is something important.Just saying…..

  • Betty Ann Altman

    Gee, ya know, I expected to be reading things from ACTUAL android users responses to this article…NOT a bunch of appleheads! (my made up word for the technology impotent people who ‘follow’ instead of leading! lol) Wading through all the applehead responses (read: in any other forum would be called TROLLS!), made me totally abandon this article! I’m not wading through a hundred+ posts in order to read a few FACTUALLY correct posts from android users!